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  • Kitimat votes no to Northern Gateway pipeline [View news story]
    Heres the sad part on any OIL/Nat Gas Exports,WHY.? It's in Limited Supply,by shipping it overseas to grow Asian economies,your then reinforcing the need for more of a Limited supply,as you help them grow.China can certainly afford to,drill for their own.They already are buying Iron Ore companies/Materials,they bought out a Canadian Nat Gas producer.Just like the TRP pipeline through USA makes abslolutely NO sense.Shipping a Limited commodity overseas,when your importing oil from Arabs? And trying to keep growing consumption/Inflation in USA at all costs to keep some " Growth" mandate going,by socializing millions on Food Stamps,2 1/2 years of Unemployment benefits and Socialistically Raising the minimum wage,and AFC act crap., you then want to EXPORT OIL/Nat Gas.? You people in Government are Clueless,your socialism agenda is Failing and going to Cause alot more people to suffer than if you'd allowed Capitalism to Determine wages,Costs/Healthcare and Home Loan prices ala Buying FNM, which has yet to be Sold = more Socialising of the housing market.Or Bailing out GM/AIG etc etc...crap.And allowed Prices to come down.Sorry but until you get the government/Democrats out of the buisness of Socialising everything,America/Canada need all the OIL/Nat Gas they have,and will have for many years to come.FACT !!!!Oh and All the "Pollution" created since your helping them grow/Pollute more,does that matter at all to you people?@ Democrats @ Hypocrites,supposedly your for Green things,Flip- Flop.Happy Trails
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  • Obama takes aim at oil industry in targeting methane emissions [View news story]
    Laughable Democrats,Typically hypocritcal as usual.Which is worse Larger population because your SOCIALIZING 50-75 MILLION FACT.!!!! or Methane which supports the larger population,more TAXES to get more Votes to socialize more people and Raise the minimum Wage to get more VOTES/ TAXES to Support more Socialist programs to create more POLLUTION.!! Yeah ok,your Politics/Socialism, don't help/Work on a Real world Basis, a Capitalistic country aka USA.Where by if you Allow Buisness to determine Wages/Healthcare/Housing costs/FNM ownership, costs and an Interest RATE that was Semi normal @ 3% your need to BULLY the OIL/Methane issue would be MOOT since there would be Slow/No Growth..omg run but sustainability based on some Realistic WAGES/Interest rates/Housing prices and less/No Socialism of 50 Million people which would create LESS ENERGY use/Need and thus less that something you Democrats can understand = FACTS.!!!!!By Socializing 50-75 Million etc... your creating the Problem not helping solve it.= Hypocrites.
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  • FTC says Blue Rhino, AmeriGas colluded on propane tanks [View news story]
    Sad when the Government doesn't Allow a Company to decide what's BEST for the Company,Collusion.? People Donot have to BUY it,as long as it wasn't marketed as 17 pounds and only Selling 15,Collusion,to what Make a Profit vs the Over Regulating being done.Not sure of the FACTS on how they were labeled, marketed etc.But FTC, typical government intervention to show they have a need for themselves,4 years ago this happened and now the charges,whew that's fast,Inept more like it.Create a crisis/problem to justify a job.Sad there's more prosecution over a Business Earning what it can charge on a product,thats called CAPITALISM.!! Price gouge at the PUMPS.etc... Really?? Show me where in the Constitution it says you have a Right to GAS,Food, OIL,Clothing,Healthcare, etc.,Housing at some " Government mandated " Affordable cost/Price.Typical of How Socialists think and believe.Have a nice day.
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  • Detailed Case To Short The S&P 500: This Time Isn't Different [View article]
    Really a new American Majority,Wishful thinking !!!!The Socialists,your choice, aren't a Majority in the USA,your mistaking Us with Europe but there is some guy in the White house who act's like a Dictator suppressing a Minority " Whites" and All peoples Rights.!! As for the S&P Fall which is what this Topic was about,use the DailyFX RISK Scenario and see we are barely into the bottom Half of "RISK OFF".Can the S&P go up sure,are you hedging as it does?Or Allowing some predisposed mutual fund Diversification lull you into a False sense of security,before losing 40% in 2009.? You got Health insurance,Car Insurance,LIFE/HOME/pr... But none for your Biggest Investment/Portfolio or retirement FUND.? Does that sound like a Good plan or a bad one?
    oh S&P 500 first Top.? Nov 26,2014 1949.69, Followed by an A,B,C,then it's All OVER !!Exact Top when done,Determined by pullback from that one.Used the Previous Tops and July 11,QE Channel as my basis.Happy Trails
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  • Expected Weak Shipping Markets May Present A Buying Opportunity For Shares Of DryShips [View article]
    I'll give you a few ideas,go where you may.DRYS was Below $2.50 for 1 1/2 years.@ May 2012-Sept 2013.The BDI and Iron ore/Coal/Grains scenario is Valid.Throw in a Chart of ORIG,over DRYS,Not much help for DRYS 1,2,5 years from it and to me any income for ORIG should help them on their own business but my Gut says,DRYS mng mgt will bleed it to help DRYS with DEBT,thus diluting ORIG Value in a Tough Offshore market vs, DO,ESV,NOV...etc.
    Technically DRYS broke it's 50,100 DMA's Headed to 200DMA does it stop there,pause maybe go up a little into a Falling Wedge from TWO previous tops..hmmm.Looking at previous support,not DAY Trader/ Speculator produced to me is around $2.25 - $2.50.Add in GNK/EXM and others comingout of Bankruptcy or going in and Scrap YARD Rates that will Fall with the Author's thesis of Iron ore/Steel Demand,or Older ships Scrapping, ETC and to me you Do have a Valid scenario for $2.50,will it take 6-9 months or so,my guess,as the Overall sector/BDI, influenced by a Variety of Factors/Ending of QE in USA/Rising Interest Rates/DEBT Levels of USA/Europe etc.,mostly negative, and BDI/Drys,has yet to Fully account for a Slowing Global growth story,Ukraine/ Russia ,a pullback of the [ BDI/DRYS] to some previous level with ALL those factors seems inevitable.Just my take on a very complex problem for DRYS,the BDI and anyone wishing to Invest in that Sector.
    As of this writing the US has a Bill to allow Selling offshore of NAT GAS,to offset the Ukraine/Russia issue.A better play to me is TGP,nat gas or Tnk,for oil,or others whom do have decent dividends, less DEBT and better management.
    LNG TNK $3.39.Happy Trails
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  • Rosneft CEO warns pro-sanction countries Russia can take business elsewhere [View news story]
    You expect the Socialist..etc Socialsts in charge of USA to do something? or Hillary who left Us Soldiers to DIE in Bengazhi,yet to answer for that!! Do anything....seriously.?Go buy some Vodka and side with Diageo....over the whiskey problem vs Jack" Made in America"'ll get more mileage for your Lobbying Bucks,though the Politicians voted otherwise there.Putin moves a Pawn and captures a country,obamma creates AFC,supports Illegal Immigrant Criminals,NSA Spying,IRS Spying,Firing Generals in the Military,Creates Perverted/Gay Unions ,passesout phones/Gas and wants to raise the Minimum wage and Demoralizes the USA...what REAL Americans want this Socialist to do is leave/Retire/Quit... REAL Americans aren't Socialists.And agree,allow the people to Decide what the people want.But I do find it interesting on the conspiracy theory side,How if 90% of the people vote to Secceed..did a Non -Russian group overthrow the government.?hmmm no Theatrics there...Putin moves an Iron horse around to back up his pawn move,great showmanship and play.
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  • Hercules Offshore: An Update On Why The Pullback In This $4 Stock Is A Major Buying Opportunity [View article]
    Hey a " Heads-Up" on the Bonds issuance,from Moody's website @ HERO.

    Rating Action:
    Moody's rates Hercules Offshore unsecured notes B3
    Global Credit Research - 12 Mar 2014

    Proposed $300 million of new notes rated

    New York, March 12, 2014 -- Moody's Investors Service (Moody's) assigned a B3 rating to Hercules Offshore, Inc's (Hercules) proposed $300 million senior unsecured notes due 2022. Net proceeds from this offering will be used to repay the 7.125% senior secured notes due April 2017. Hercules's other ratings and negative outlook remain unchanged.

    "Moody's views this transaction as a straightforward refinancing of more expensive debt," stated Michael Somogyi, Moody's Vice President -- Senior Analyst. "Hercules's leverage profile remains elevated, however, following the debt-financed acquisition of Discovery Offshore S.A. (unrated)."


    ..Issuer: Hercules Offshore, Inc.

    ...$300 million Senior Unsecured Regular Bond/Debenture, Assigned B3

    ...$300 million Senior Unsecured Regular Bond/Debenture, Assigned LGD4, 58%

    ...Existing Senior Unsecured Regular Bonds/Debentures, revised to LGD4, 58%


    The senior unsecured notes are rated B3, one notch beneath the Corporate Family Rating (CFR) of B2, despite the much smaller potential priority claim of its $150 million secured revolving credit facility to the company's assets. We believe that the B3 rating is more appropriate for the senior unsecured notes that the rating suggested by Moody's Loss Given Default Methodology.

    The B2 CFR is supported by improving cash flows driven by continued robust operator activity in the shallow-water Gulf of Mexico and international offshore markets. Improved economics from liquids-rich wells has bolstered operator activity continues to support high dayrates and extended contract durations. The robust market conditions support positive cash flow generation, which we expect to continue for at least for the next 18 to 24 months as contracts are renewed with high day-rates and extended terms.

    Hercules has contracted the two high specification jackup rigs that it had acquired from Discovery in 2013. In November 2013, Hercules Triumph began working in the India Ocean with Cairn India Limited for a contracted dayrate of about $215,000 for a term of seven months. The company contracted Hercules Resilience to work in Vietnam for a dayrate of $161-$163 million for a term of 45 days that will span through mid-April, while it waits for site approvals for its next job in West Africa. Additionally, Hercules was able to secure five-year contract extensions on its Hercules 261 and Hercules 262 with Saudi Aramco. The extensions are priced at over 50% higher than current dayrates and will comments in late 2014.

    Hercules's Speculative Grade Liquidity (SGL) rating of SGL-2 reflects good liquidity through 2015. Hercules had a cash balance of just under $200 million and $138.6 million of availability on its $150 million revolving bank credit facility as of December 31, 2013. In July, the company amended its credit agreement to increase the borrowing base to $150 million and extend the maturity to July 2018. Access under the amended revolving credit facility will be predicated on remaining in compliance with a maximum 3.5x senior secured bank debt to consolidated EBITDA leverage ratio covenant.

    The rating outlook is negative. We will stabilize the outlook once there is a clearer visibility towards the leverage trending downwards and towards the two high specification jackups -- Triumph and Resilience -- being contracted out for longer terms. A positive ratings action could be considered if Hercules's ratio of total debt to EBITDA is sustained below 2.5x while maintaining good liquidity. Should leverage be sustained in excess of 5.0x or liquidity deteriorate, the ratings could be considered for downgrade.

    The principal methodology used in this rating was the Global Oilfield Services Rating Methodology published in December 2009. Other methodologies used include Loss Given Default for Speculative-Grade Non-Financial Companies in the U.S., Canada and EMEA published in June 2009. Please see the Credit Policy page on for a copy of these methodologies.

    Hercules Offshore, Inc. is headquartered in Houston, TX and is a provider of offshore contract drilling and liftboat services with operations principally in the shallow water Gulf of Mexico and in a number of international locations."

    I am Long Hero @ $4.55.from previous/Recent investment.The stock to me, is waiting on the "RATES/per moodys" for the Two mentionted Jack-ups,Triumph/Resil... OIL might have found a floor also.And an Assigned B3 rating maynot have been what Institutions wanted to see.
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  • Government moves to protect students from overwhelming debt [View news story]
    And the need to stick their noses in this is because.?They are going to unwind FNM/FRE finally so the current administration needs to find something to Overregulate/Over TAX and not allow Capitalism/Companies to determine Default rates whereby the buisness would find a way to deal with all the RED Tape and issues with Defaults.Then people wonder why theres a lack of education and jobs,perfect example of how this administrations approach is hurting those, the sad part 51% of the people Voted for this type of Government vs Capitalism.Or voted for the Social issues,however limited and weren't ready for the overall way people like this " Organize" things and then wonder why the AFC is creating PT jobs,why theres 11 Million IllegalImmigrant Criminals still here, Taking Jobs using food stamps/Healthcare given drivers licsenses.And the kicker raising the minimum wage under the guise it's not enough,YET the Federal reserve's mandate of Trying to keep Inflation going assures it never will be but does this administration push that FACT.? of course not they need the Votes to keep all of "Socializing" going.As for the Extension of Unemployment benefits,the Senate passed,sorry more of the same...why doesn't the SENATE help Deport 11 Million Immigrants which would create jobs for AMERICANS vs hiding from that issue,ah Votes and giving away money to supposedly Help people, thats not helping people when you don't RESOLVE to Solve the Real Problem, the Deportation of the 11 Million Illegal Immigrant Criminals.!!!Happy Trails
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  • Vale Stares At $1 Billion Investment Loss If Guinea Panel Recommendation Implemented [View article]
    HMMM if you missed it " HDY news,check that.Theres an SEC/FED probe of HDY/Guinea, which also mentions this area, Simandou,as also being under investigation,for mineral/iron ore wrong doings..If you read into it,it's like someone pissed someone off and now these investigations going on HDY/Vale etc.HDY was supposed to start have drilling April 1st,with Tullow, called a Force Majeure as of today on that project,Off-Shore Guinea.Might be similar fate for Vale here.?And my " Guess" of $10.50-$12.00 bottom on Vale From a Technical perspective might not be far off.Check the HDY post here/or others listed about this,huge issue.Happy Trails
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  • Obamacare - millions could buy catastrophic coverage for an extra two years [View news story]
    Jake ,obumma is socializing people and you don't seem to care,so your a Socialist my guess.Saying it's Republicans Fault..really.? how many people jake on Food stamps/extended unemployment,Now with AFC hiring is PT vs FT jobs, because of Democrats socializing them,Extending unemployment benefits,yup more socializing..hmm Illegal Immigrants 11 million Criminals Jake,they use healthcare,Democrats don't deport them and actually give them drivers license in california so they can get to work.Oh and the Minimum Wage liberal bleeding heart effort to raise for votes,yup more Socialism Jake,Yeah Jake splatter some BS about people,Republicans/Tea... who are actually part of the solution,defund obummacare vs part of that problem" Socialism",illegally change it to suit obumma's socialist agenda.More people Jake means higher prices/costs..and Jake is penalzing someone for not having Healthcare to subsidize someone else not abit nuts ,even to you....?I am sorry if my FACTS seem abit confusing,stop buying into the Liberal socialist agenda and Act like an American and vote like one.!!Happy Trails
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  • Vale's Q4 loss more than doubles but core results solid, shares +0.6% AH [View news story]
    Follow on to my lower price Comment,from today 3/11/2014.I am not sure how that " Settlement" will be paid back,I'm thinking installments over some period of time,thus that affects things with Vale.As I mentioned,waitign 30 days or so to see where IRON ORE prices went ala china/some global weakness,which then affects Vale bottomline,BHP..etc and payback of said DEBT.

    Off of Seeking alpha 7:20am," SPY" notes.

    Futures flat along with most global markets
    Stock index futures are flat, taking a cue from most major global markets which are little-changed. The 10-year Treasury yield is up one basis point at 2.78% and gold is up 0.5% to $1,348 per ounce.

    Addressing the slowdown in China and Monday's troubling plunge in iron ore prices was BHP's iron ore chief Jimmy Wilson: "You have this credit issue in China, you have reasonably high iron ore stocks, traders have a view that prices are going to go down, so they do everything they can to hold back ... That’s why these fluctuations tend to amplify.”
    If you Click on the Troubling plunge you find this....

    Iron ore plunge hits Brazil
    Mar 10 2014, 10:45 ET
    The 8.3% dive in the price of iron ore to $104.70 per ton is the 2nd largest one-day decline on record, and came following weekend data showing an 18.1% Y/Y slump in Chinese exports in February (a gain of 7.5% was expected). While miners like BHP and RIO remain optimistic about supply/demand dynamics (though dour on price prospects), Goldman - picking one analyst team - sees the market moving into surplus in H2 and prices falling below $100 per ton.
    The Shanghai Composite fell 2.9% overnight and Brazil's Bovespa is down 2% in the early-going. Australia (EWA) declined 0.9% and the aussie (FXA) is off 0.6% to $0.9017.
    The steelmaking ingredient is off 22% YTD and at its lowest price since October 2012.
    In the meantime, the rumors are flying, including speculation a mill in China's Shanxi province defaulted on Friday and shut five to six furnaces. There's also chatter about banks looking to call in 20% of loans to private steel companies

    That to me says,Wait to BUY,$13 maynot be near-term bottom,my "guess" between $10.50 - $12.Say what you want but that calling in 20% of loans part says to me others may Default/or not BUY too much iron ore to stockpile vs Cash to spend.Add in a still unresolved Ukraine/Russia,and some other areas of Global weakness vs strong growth as we've seen recently.And until Vale can give "FIRM" Guidance on their own monetary DEBT payment schedule,including this newer $104-$100 Iron ore price scenario,do you BUY now or Wait.?
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  • Teekay Tankers: An Explosive Growth Story That Is Set To Sail [View article]
    Howdy Dave
    Just like to Add,that " TNK" does not do LNG shipments,they have a sister company under the TK umbrella that handles that side of things , TGP.
    Quote for today, 3/4/14 , off yahoo.
    Teekay LNG Partners LP. (TGP)

    41.63 0.12(0.29%) 4:04PM EST
    Prev Close:
    1y Target Est:
    Earnings Date:
    May 5 - May 9 (Est.)
    Day's Range:
    41.30 - 41.88
    52wk Range:
    38.12 - 45.42
    Avg Vol (3m):
    Market Cap:
    P/E (ttm):
    EPS (ttm):
    Div & Yield:
    2.77 (6.60%)
    Mar 4, 2014. 05:08 PM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • Is The New S&P 500 Record High Sustainable? [View article]
    Your ending was the beginning of the Answer.....
    "Thank you, Federal Reserve System!

    How long can this financial circulation keep going on? That, of course, is the question.
    You put it mildly " Financial Circulation"..hmmm = Ponzi scheme...

    The Federal Reserve is
    1] Printing Money
    2] to buy MBS
    3] of.......? which is the crux of the whole Reason for the Crisis...... FNM/FRE

    I'd said this for years once QE,crap started.
    Now they prints as much money as they the Democrats keep raising
    the DEBT ceiling,or strong arm Republicans to do so....etc.

    They then buy MBS of FNM/FRE,and next do so more discreetly/other ways ala tapering..
    And ,the crucial part,Keep interest rates at 0%...

    All the while suing..JPM/GS/BAC ala country wide... And others whom they also strong armed into buying certain companies of the MBS culpability etc which the Federal Reserve,allowed to happen in the first place," Housing Bubbles' Irrational exuberance...Eh Mr Green Span...
    So they,the FED/Government, have this situation where they Got the Dividends,ILLEGALLY now to go to the Gov,which is starting to Decrease,if you read that 10-k.!! At the same time all the News/Tapering crisis media/Financial frenzy reached it's boiling point they had to do something,because just MEDIA Bashing the BANKS doesn't work now, because as your article points out,they kept the bulk of the Money,that they could during these past few years,which Smart people who actually Follow this and understand such things look for...hmm WHY ?
    Well a variety of reasons which your responders can/have input, with a multitude of answers,but the bottomline ,to me,was two fold.
    1] The Stock market,increase it's ,supposed Value/Dividends,For High TAX Revenues.
    2] The Housing market,increase it's supposed Value,for HIGHER TAX Revenues.!!
    And now add in the Media frenzy for a Minimum wage Hike,which due to the Federal reserves " Dual Mandate" Jobs/Inflation is a joke....= Votes,Higher TAX Revenues.!!
    Due to the Inflation mandate,of the FED.The minimum wage has been increased a multitude of times,yet those wages donot cover the cost of Living increase due to the inherent inflation they are achieving,though claiming they aren't,the supposed ,Socialist,yup thats what it is,need to raise it to pander to the lower end workers gets it pushed as if it will do anything.The only thing it does is create More TAX Revenues for a Bloated Government that Can't /Doesn't want to reign in spending,Ala raise the DEBT limit to keep the whole, over-Leveraged Stock/Housing market going.So of course the Banks keep the bulk of their money,since eventually,my Guess = once FNM/FRE are sold or Semi-privatized etc,then the FED WILL Raise interest rates,not before.

    If the Wages and now HEALTHCARE ala AFC crap,were actually based on what this country was founded upon which is ,Capitalism, where by the business sets prices/Wages/Determines Healthcare availability/co pay etc vs what we have now,Obamma then the need for a TEA-Party wouldn't exist.

    We can extol the FED/ Virtues? of Devaluing the Dollar,so the S&P,which gets 40% of profits from Europe gains from that idea...
    Or Oil based in Dollars,goes up to suit the inflation agenda and line the Oil companies with extra profits = Government getting more TAX revenues from Business,Consumers/IRA... mentioned OIL as it's a Big part of S&P Index.

    But Globally there is a big push/pull going on over just that,who's currency or perceived Interest Rate Hike is coming sooner vs later .If you follow the "Forex Markets" and to me more AVG investors should,then you'd see the Euro vs Dollar or Currency , conundrum facing the Big Banks and the FED is going on daily.

    I'll add this in,with AFC business are starting to hire less FT and more PT workers,how many remains to be seen,go with End of March when sign-ups " Supposed to be done" unless the dictator,oops President uses his pen again and unconstitutionally changes that part.That amount of more PT vs FT affects.???

    Mutual funds/Banks, as less FT worker funded Company plans = less during the month that will be they really invest your money? since 90% of company plans offer nothing more than plain Vanilla mutual funds with no " Insurance/Downside/ Hedge protection"...guess thats a story for another day but that number,is as yet talked about and will be.

    So yeah Markets can remain Irrational,Overbought, overleveraged a Long time..weeks,months,years and the Forex Market is indicating we are really only at the Start of Real Money,seeing that and acting upon that.And Bonds whether Gov,State or Business as of yet,aren't in crisis mode due to all the Extra Liquidity that the BANKS,absorbed but the DEBT are sitting in Treasuries across the USA,globe.
    What Sparks the Big Experimental " Unwind".....
    1] Russia/Ukraine.?
    2] PIGS.Portugal,Italy,Spain Greece..Etc....Brazil.??
    3] No budget USA..? Interest rate Hikes.?
    4] Selling FNM/FRE.?
    5] China territorial disputes at sea...?
    6] Ending of QE..Replaced by..?

    Bottom line,you got Health insurance.? Car insurance? Home/Renters.? Life Insurance.? if lucky you do.But your Retirement Money,that will sustain you ,hopefully for years if you have any...has None.? REALLY.?

    The Vix/VXZ are at really low levels comparatively speaking vs what is perceived to be an overbought market's,an uninsured/hedged portfolio ,like in 1987/ 2009 etc loses ,25-40% or more of Value and yet few people are ready for that,now that's Smart.?
    With the availability today of Hedging alternatives today/Options/puts ,UUP,VXZ....ETF's to lessen or Capture that Volatility or spread out Risk more, people need to try and secure what they have worked years and lifetimes to Achieve.Thank you for allowing me space to comment.
    I did go Long VXZ/UUP Friday,small positions, but simple hedge to my perception of the aforementioned scenario's.
    Mar 1, 2014. 09:57 PM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • Teekay Tankers: An Explosive Growth Story That Is Set To Sail [View article]
    Thanks good article.I been a follower of TK,for years as well as BDI..etc.Even got my DAD in OMM @ $5.00...prior to TK buying them out at $27.50.? So Waited until the Earnings release,read it and got in @$3.39,it made $4.70 close today.I do see the numbers you put forth $1.00/share earnings..hmm..and overall Stock appreciation seems to fit for the most part.On conference Call they mentioned the Closing of some Asia Refineries ,who/Where.?and the Bolt on of TIL adding to Earnings but to be whispered..etc offline.Like you mentioned the price they give/get for that does matter but is a nice addition to their Core and free's up TK.

    Though to me the TRP pipeline,if done ,will be needed to help offset production declines from MLP's from Tx,LA,okla etc.. for margins to be maintained on Tankers,past 2015/2016,as that chart shows the Near-Term Shortage of them supports.With many Large oils,like Exxon, saying they cutting back on Exploration to focus on DEBT,I don't believe there will be BDI, DRY/OIL rates like in past,so the prudent companies will benefit from smart management of their Charter mixes,Spot/Time.Thank you for your time,comments and insight into TNK,TK.

    For a good site on BDI,I use

    Where a post from the " Daily Snippet", FEB ,26,2014 shows

    "Handysize rates from ECSA for local trades are still holding to around US$ 11,500-12,000 daily. Supras have been taken at US$ 11,500 from Santos via Red Sea to Port Said. Clouds have emerged on the once blue-skied Supramax market in the East. The insane and fast upward rally has come to a halt. Owners now exercise restraint by reducing their ideas. For Indo to India, owners are rating US$ 14,000, a far cry from the US$ 18,500 daily reported on a 61,000 dwt last week, let alone the recently rumoured fixture of US$ 12,500." Happy Trails.
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  • Vale's Q4 loss more than doubles but core results solid, shares +0.6% AH [View news story]
    Howdy no position in Vale no will I initiate one next 72 hours.I did go over the a after hours numbers/Report and did some technical checking.Upon seeing some postings here this morning did a news search,here from yesterday's Buisness recorder site,gives serious numbers,facts as to WHY a Drop in iron ore in china is taking place as we speak with a mention of Vale,BHP,RTP.Link.

    It shows iron ore is heading down and why,seriously down not really, but $10-15/TN ,which given the tonnage needed to be more/profitable makes a difference in the Earnings,Bottomline,Stock prices for Valuation purposes,should one choose to do so. a Few excerpts shows,"Tuesday, 25 February 2014 13:10
    Posted by Shoaib-ur-Rehman Siddiqui

    1] SINGAPORE: Iron ore sagged to its lowest level since July, hammered by sliding steel prices in top consumer China where mills are either seeking deeper discounts on spot ore cargoes or staying away from the market in anticipation of further price declines.

    2] Spot iron ore, China's top import commodity by volume, has fallen nearly 11 percent this year, potentially cutting profit margins of global miners Vale, Rio Tinto and BHP Billiton , which consider the raw material their biggest business.

    3] Iron ore for immediate delivery to China <.IO62-CNI=SI> slid 2 percent to $119.90 a tonne on Monday, its lowest since July 2, according to data provider Steel Index.

    Weaker steel prices, lending curbs, plentiful supply of iron ore in the spot market and huge stockpiles at home have combined to drag down prices, said an iron ore trader in China's eastern Shandong province who sees the price falling further to either $115 or $110

    4] Vale sold a cargo of 64.22-percent grade Brazilian Carajas iron ore fines at $127 a tonne at a tender on Monday, down more than $4 from the sale of a similar grade last week, traders said.

    Ok if your still reading great,to me the article points they have an oversupply of steel factories,hmmm so why if that's the case is Iron Ore then going down.?

    A check on Iron ore pricing,long Term,shows it's at a median of High/low past
    Great site for variety of Commodities/overall but not too technical..etc.

    So the Idea that VALE currently is BUY.? I'll respectfully disagree,the 200,100 currently @ $13.75, w/50DMA just overhead,with two previous bottoms for possible support/ of those @$13.Trendline est..3 months from now.With the Falling Trendline above,is it on the "C" move now into that trend guess YES,with the Facts I put forth in the opening, it makes sense,Falling Iron ore prices = Downward Trend/stock price to some point.So if you BUY now,to me you "might" make money long-term but if you wait 1 month or so,see where the Technicals and IRON ORE Settles,you'd get a Better ROI of your own Money.

    I'll add this, UUP and Mexico OIL Exploration and BDI/Dry Bulk index.

    BDI great site here.
    Currently FLAT/Down a little,though has rebounded from lows.

    The UUP,quick check on that show it goes up some,Vale goes down some,is the Currency market technical's positive/Negative for VALE when your investing there?

    Currently to me the Dollar,though a little weak,is rebounding where as EUR/possible interest rate cuts,dropped a lot yesterday,see next weeks news on that.But will that Spur more Demand as the G-20 seeks @ 2% Inflation,amid unrest/high unemployment in..whew.. Ukraine,Turkey,Syria,A... alone ITALY/Greece.?

    Then as a Kicker, VALE ,needs to payoff the Brazilian government.You Crunch those numbers and give a Timeline for payback...but figure in @10% less /TN Iron ore shipped,pls...for foreseeable Future,3-6 months.?

    Have a great day,thanks for your time and I'm sure a few comments.Happy Trails
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