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  • Silver Wheaton Meets a Lot of Buffett's Core Criteria  [View article]
    This article couldn't be further from the truth, but, thanks for the input. Buffett doesn't touch commodity companies with a ten foot pole. Buffett hates commodity companies with a passion, silver after all is a commodity. Every dog has its day and today is silver's. That said I am long some silver. Buffett hates commodity companies because commodity companies fight with each other for the lowest goods price to market. Buffett likes companies with strong intrinsic values that other companies cannot duplicate. Think sees candy or coke. SLW sells something that a thousand other producers can bring to market. Buffett also hates monster industrials that have huge depreciating costs (think big machinery that constantly needs to be replaced using operating earnings). Buffett likes toll bridges which are companies that deliver something no one else can duplicate therefore can control the pricing. I am not saying SLW is a bad company, let's just temper the Buffett references when we're talking commodity spec.
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  • FHFA Friday: Potential Lawsuit Tanks Banks  [View article]
    QE3 Uh Oh, isn't that treasonous? Looks like McJobs Perry should head out dodge city and round up a posse;}
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  • Why TIPS Are Likely to Be a Bad Bet  [View article]
    I completely agree with your thoughts OT, definitely a lousy themed investment. However, the only caveat I would offer is that the market determines the price of the TIP which makes it good in my opinion for some "less aggressive" speculation. In light of recent developments ie 20 minutes ago and the fact that many institutions and err "sovereign" entities are sold hook, line, and sinker on ratings agencies which have been a deeply ensconced part of our society post depression. Bearing that in my mind I would believe there are people who would love to buy gold, but, alas it doesn't come with a big 3 rating so tips are a bet in that direction that also satisfies the bureaucrats holding the leash as well. 912810qf8's 02/11-99.97 07/11-117.50+interest= >18% in <6mo. My 912810pz5's of a couple years ago are hanging in as well.
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  • Tablet computers may be a fad and the iPad (AAPL) may have a dim future, Microsoft's (MSFT) chief of research and strategy tells an Australian audience, the Sydney Morning Herald reports. “I don’t know whether the big screen tablet pad category is going to remain with us or not,” Craig Mundie says.   [View news story]
    msft should go into the buggy whip business, dead money and dead ideas personified.
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  • Events in the Middle East and Japan could push oil to $200, warns Russian finance minister Alexei Kudrin. Japan will be importing significantly more oil, and Saudi Arabia's military intervention in Bahrain may provoke a response from Iran. "Much worse headlines can easily be imagined," says an RBS analyst.   [View news story]
    I would take this headline with a grain of iodized salt.
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  • Whitney Tilson: Why We Covered Our Netflix Short  [View article]
    Well put Mr. Tilson.

    Classy and professional as always

    thank you for the read.
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  • Whitney Tilson confirms that he's giving up on his Netflix (NFLX) short position, citing a strong quarter that weakened his investment thesis, a survey that showed high customer satisfaction with Netflix's streaming service, and Reed Hastings' revealing letter which led Tilson to question his assumptions. Tilson had hinted at such a change of heart in a recent letter to investors.   [View news story]
    David White making small fortunes out of big ones LMAO. Whoops, time to watch now, gotta go. SVOSAVVY out.
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  • Are Analysts Right About Berkshire's Valuation and the Possibility of a Dividend?  [View article]
    imo I agree with above poster about a dividend. Buffett believes in taking in dividends not paying them out. Given anyone else but Buffett I would disagree with that strategy. However, it is my take that Buffett is the ultimate bargain hunter, therefore, I would rest easy with Buffett holding my accretion were I a berk holder. That said it is my take that Buffett has made an "all in" bet on future inflation and should we see that future berk will be a big winner. Buffett has seen inflation before and knows how to handle it. I would evidence this through his recent behaviour which is: borrowing strong dollar today to buy undervalued railroad today, netting him big discounted future cash flows from said asset and paying that borrowed money back in the future with weakened dollars. A second example is his bond movements, from what I understand he is nearly "all in" short term maturities thus shielding him from extreme par buying power deterioration at rollover time. Public issues are getting very expensive here, Klarman is giving money back for lack of opportunities from what I understand. I would look for Buffett to hunt in the private market if he mimics past behavior when stocks get overheated. Just my uneducated opinion.
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  • A Glance in the Rear View Mirror, and Peering Through the Windshield  [View instapost]

    Congratulations on a fine year. I am in the same camp as far as div reinvestment for now. Imho definitely time to start squirreling away a little dry powder. Long: ed pvx ge intc- - Ag chf cad TIPS. Bullish on fnfg but liquidated position for other opportunities.
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  • Tinsel Tuesday: Market Decorations Make Us Merry  [View article]
    IMO two words sum up the retail side: best buy
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  • Netflix CEO Reed Hastings Responds to Whitney Tilson: Cover Your Short Position. Now.  [View article]
    Mr. Hastings,

    Congratulations on building such a fine company. The service for the money is amazing. I am one of those evangelic customers. I thoroughly enjoyed reading Mr Tilson's thesis and your rebuttal. Mr Tilson issued an open invitation for dialogue and it was totally warranted in my opinion that you issue a response. Both of you ooze class and lead from the front in terms of corporate chivalry.

    I am one of the cheapest cheapskates going. Seldom do I smile when money leaves my pocket, but, in this case it does because I feel satisfied. Honestly, I think your service is the smartest 10 bucks a month I spend. It's not smart on my part as a consumer to say this, but, I think you are in a fine position to raise your prices without severely impacting your churn. You raised from 8.99 to 9.99 and I don't think it will hurt you one bit. Honestly, I think you could get away with the 9.99 going to 12.99. Your "cigar butt" approach to obtaining streaming content is a winning formula in my opinion.

    That said, I firmly believe the stock is richly valued here. No position on the stock just a happy customer. I am only an average joe and amateur hobbyist investor, but, generally when I short a stock I look for a lousy company delivering poor service that is poorly managed of which there is no shortage of on the open market. That is not Netflix.

    Best Regards,
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  • Today was the "worst day of the Obama presidency" - the tax deal unraveling, his political capital spent, upstaged by a former president and by the Senate's farthest-left Democrat. Joe Weisenthal says this may mark the day Obama "officially became a lame duck."   [View news story]
    I'll buy an Obama leap call or sell a leap put on this news.
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  • DryShips: A Hidden Gem  [View article]
    Yeah my linguistics are a little rusty, but, I think economou is greek for criminal.
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  • Investing in Silver in 2011  [View article]
    Nice focus on the "junk". imo "junk" is a great versatile way to go. If eagles are your speed I have heard Blanchard & Co has pretty reasonable prices.
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  • Why It's a Good Time to Short Netflix  [View article]
    Your credentials and jargon are impressive and most definitely put me in my place. Obama aside, the consumer is a powerful force that guides the invisible hand. Cable "lite" packages coming out now, that is a 'tell' cable is worried imho.

    "I would point out that I mentioned at least two possibilities for speed improvements in the comment just above yours.. One of them was a wireless system. Neither will likely occur within the next year." David White

    This consumer shift that I speak of is a "years" story not a "year" story. I leave you now, bon soir et bon chance.
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