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  • Nokia's About To Have A Blockbuster Week [View article]
    Considering that NSN is a major source of income for Nokia, and is, of course well versed in European standards, I would expect the 925 to be built around the European/Worldwide standards. We should know well before launch as I'm sure all of Europe and that region will be bombarding Nokia with that very question.
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  • Nokia's About To Have A Blockbuster Week [View article]
    @wrscom, dwdallam and Abu
    The "Supply Issues" that are of concern come down to just a couple things. First off, Nokia had a lot of it's manufacturing in Europe until 2012 or so. Labor there is not only expensive, but in some countries, if you lay someone off, you have to pay them for something like 2 more years while they retrain. That makes it almost as expensive to cut workforce as to keep it. Still Nokia was burning cash, and moved most production ti India and other Asian countries. A large plant in Vietnam is supposed to begin production this year. Unfortunately, most of these plants are for "Feature Phones". and the components for the High End phones have to be bought from like Nvidia and others. Mr Elop, having a huge fear of sinking too much of Nokia's dwindling cash into unsold inventory, vastly under-produced the 920 and lost huge numbers of sales due to that. One report stated that one vendor in China ordered 90k 920's to be sold before Chinese New year, and only got 30k. Now the Vietnamese plant is reportedly behind schedule.
    The bottom line is that in most investor's opinions, Nokia's "Supply Issues" were largely self-inflicted. Last week the 521 was released on Home Shopping Network, and was sold out within a day. WalMart got a shipment of the 521, and was sold out within 1 hour. Now we are wondering if A) Supplies of the 521 have been replenished, and B) Most importantly, will Nokia deliver enough 925's and 928's to meet demand, or will Mr Elop's conservative strategy play out again, to the destruction of Nokia as a going concern.
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  • Forum On Nokia, Covering NSN, HERE, IP, And General Discussion. [View instapost]
    Nice rebound today, Even the "Cramer Curse" can't keep Nokia down for long.
    Any updates on Wal Mart Availability yet? I have been in too much pain to get out and shop the 2 here.
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  • Intel: What's Going On With Haswell? [View article]
    OK I looked at all of February, All transactions since 4/16 Filing, and from 4/25 when the bottom fell out of share keeping. From 4/25 on, no awarded shares were kept., and 152204 other shares were unloaded. Shares listed as Awarded include Options Exercised.
    Feb 2013
    Awarded 1151553 Sold 567461 Kept 504092 or 43.77%
    Since 4/16
    Awarded 419986 Sold 407924 Kept 12026 or 2.86%
    Since 4/25/13 152504 more shares were sold by insiders than were awarded. or 2.5 times as many.
    Awarded 236098 Sold 388602 Reduction (152504)
    This is not exactly a vote of confidence by the Insiders in my Opinion.
    May 15 07:55 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Intel Won't Build Apple's Chips; It Still Makes No Sense [View article]
    Apparently you are not as techy as your name. To put it simply, Servers require a completely different chip than the tiny, power efficient needs of the little hand-held toys. A top line server chip with heat sink and attendant connections is larger than any smartphone ever built.
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  • Intel Won't Build Apple's Chips; It Still Makes No Sense [View article]
    And there lies the Rub. AAPL is accustomed to being the one setting the terms of the contracts, and that is why China Mobile doesn't feature iPnones. Will Apple swallow it's hubris? Or will it take a chance on spreading orders across the spectrum of foundries in the hopes that together, they can make enough chips at Apple's offered price. There are quite a few underutilized "Previous Generation" Fabs that might be upgradeable to possibly help Apple. "MAYBE"
    AAPL has a huge amount of hubris to swallow to play in Intel's gameroom.
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  • Intel Won't Build Apple's Chips; It Still Makes No Sense [View article]
    Scuse me, but I thought your argument Ashraf was that INTC is the lowest cost/chip builder, and thus could sell chips to AAPL at sub TSMC prices and still hit their 60% margins.
    Assuming that Intel is using 450mm wafers, and putting more transistors/sq mm vs TSMC likely still using 300mm wafers, just what would be a "Best Guess" production cost of comparable (relatively) of INTC chips vs TSMC chips.
    That is the whole point of "Better for Cheaper" isn't it?
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  • Intel Won't Build Apple's Chips; It Still Makes No Sense [View article]
    I don't see the R&D required to be the issue. For a contract of that size, it isn't like either company lacks the cash to do the R&D. The big hangup is more likely to be the conflicting Egos of both enterprises. Intel doesn't "emulate" ARM, it runs it as easily as the other OS's, as I believe others here have posted that Intel's chips are largely OS agnostic. You Tech-knowledgable people correct me if I am wrong please.
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  • Intel Won't Build Apple's Chips; It Still Makes No Sense [View article]
    "Apple buying Intel is an absolute fairy tale."
    Completely agree but not on DOJ objections!
    Why would the DOJ object? (I don't pretend to know anything about the EU) Apple is strictly a design and marketing organization. They have neither FABS nor significant assembly lines, Something that INTC has in Quantity. Yes there is design overlap, but nothing to raise red flags when QCOM and BRCM dominate the market.
    The tax issue is extremely valid though, and assuming a 120B market cap on INTC, it would probably cost at least that much just to get controlling interest in INTC, as the Selling price would be FAR above the trading price. AAPL would have to repatriate almost their entire hoard to buy even say 40% of INTC. Almost all of INTC's plants and equipment are in the US, so AAPL can't even buy a few FABS without repatriating money.

    What supports the author's premise more than anything else, is that Intel would never agree to the onerous conditions that Apple loves so much. They squeeze their Suppliers and Carriers blind. Sprint had to "Take or Pay" a huge commitment in order to get the iPhone on their shelves, China Mobile would not buckle in to Apple, Sharp almost went bankrupt over their Apple contract, and just a few days ago I read about a Chinese company who expected their margin to increase to .08% from .03% on a better deal from Apple, compared to Apples ~> 30-40% margins. (I won't bother getting exact on AAPL's margins, they are not secret.
    Intel has no reason to give Apple the sweetheart deals that they likely got from TSMC, as INTC likes to be the one doing the pushing.
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  • Intel: What's Going On With Haswell? [View article]
    If you are following insider trading in (INTC), you might draw a different, far less enthusiastic conclusion. Up until the end of Q1, the people being compensated in shares were selling only about 50% of the shares awarded. Since the Q1 filings, the insiders have been selling virtually all the awarded shares, and some have even reduced total holdings. This to me paints a more sinister picture of Haswell. It probably does meet the power consumption specs, but the throughput might well disappoint. I will look again at the stats, and see if I can put them up in a useful format here.
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  • Forum On Nokia, Covering NSN, HERE, IP, And General Discussion. [View instapost]
    What I did was dump some Intel stock that was up a bunch, and I had just collected the dividend on. That put me completely in the green for the year, and I'm playing with "House Money" for a month or 2 until some CD's expire. I have to watch my tax situation, so even if Nokia went to zero, I am "Tax Positive". It's complex, but that is what Tax Lawyers get paid for. I can't exactly use Turbo Tax with incomes from like 7 states. I have a friend who is mad at me ATM. I talked him into incorporating, but he cheaped out after that and didn't use a professional to manage his Corporate filings. He just got a letter last week demanding filings from every Q since mid 2006, and a 9k tax bill from the state he incorporated in, although he didn't earn any income within that state. If you incorporate in a jurisdiction, you always have to file at least "something" to the entity. You can show a loss and not owe, but you HAVE to file, or dissolve. That is US law anyway to my understanding. This is NOT TAX Advice! I know little about tax law, and pay a bundle to people who do, to keep me right!
    Once those CD's open up, I'll have more "Mad Money" to play with., not to mention that I just paid off my last car, and very soon my house.
    I have to keep my retirement money separate from my "Hobby Money" that I use for stocks. Under my contract, I cannot even show $1 of "Earned income", it all has to be passive.
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  • Who Will End Up Staying With The Windows Phone? [View article]
    If there is the potential to involve shareholders, while I don't have enough shares to be a pimple in a proxy fight, I can still add my voice to the Uproar. I like to think that Verizon is far better managed than AT&T, so if there is a shortage of inventory, or lack of advertising, we'll know the origination is Elop and not Verizon. None of the 92x series are more than minor differences apart. Not like sticking a different CPU or the 42mp camera would be. If we see serious shortages without MAJOR sales numbers, then it's time to call in the Lawyers.
    BTW, Exactly when will the 928 and the 925 go on sale? Have they said yet?
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  • Forum On Nokia, Covering NSN, HERE, IP, And General Discussion. [View instapost]
    OK I was right. The Cramer Curse hit bigtime today. I knew I should have taken some profits yesterday :(
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  • Intel: Sell The Ticks, Buy The Tocks [View article]
    Partially long INTC. Took about half my position off today, I think this runup is a tad long in the tooth for Intel. It will be a while before the Market is confident that Intel can continue a steady climb. I love the company, but the Market doesn't always.
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  • Nokia's About To Have A Blockbuster Week [View article]
    I am still waiting to see if Elop's pathological fear of inventory rears it's head again. Nokia is a lot better at developing products than delivering them. Elop's "Out-of-Stock" tactic killed the 920. We'll see if he kills Nokia once these phones hit or mishit the market. I have little confidence in him anymore.
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