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  • Intel: How Safe Is The Dividend? [View article]
    Intel has only 2 14nm FABS nearing completion (Arizona and Oregon), and the 3rd in Ireland has been announced but to my knowledge, construction has not started.
    CapEx also includes the 450mm Wafer plants. I did not see them broken out from the other CapEx.
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  • I'll Buy Nokia If The Company Dumps Windows And Elop [View article]
    Heloise, I doubt that you are older than many here, much less most. I can remember the bug in DOS 2.5 where you couldn't have more than 256 entries in the Root Directory. Windows was indeed modeled after Apple's GUI, but what was relevant was that Apple of that era died and was reborn in the mid 90's when MSFT injected money into it, and didn't "Steal" anything, but bought it. The new Apple has only a passing interest in PC's or even laptops. All their money comes from Pods, Pads and Phones. Nokia had to go with MSFT because previous management had burned all their cash, and Nokia needed MSFT's money, OS, App Writers, and money, and money. They have started back to success by being an alternate to Apple and Blackberry's closed systems, and Android's eminently hackable systems. The Register reports that over 90% of Malware is written for Android right now. Nokia has, with Win8, complete compatibility with Windows Office, as well as other Win programs. They are still plagued by over reduction in manufacturing ability, which probably cost them a million 920 sales. Elop is far from perfect, but had Nokia gone Android when Elop arrived, they would be just another asterisk in phone history. They have climbed from 3.17 to 3.66 this week alone, so it may well hit $6 by 2014. Fact is that when it comes to Patents, both Apple and Samsung have to pay Nokia between 5-20 $ per phone sold depending on how many of Nokia's patents they use.
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  • Forum On Nokia, Covering NSN, HERE, IP, And General Discussion. [View instapost]
    Short interest on $NOK on NYSE back up to 7.02%
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  • Is Nokia's AGM An Insidious Form Of Market Manipulation? [View article]
    Mr K
    Good time to sell EA, as it went down a lot after hours because they lost so many WoW subscribers. 1.6 Million in fact. At about $14/month each, that is 38m a month in lost revenue. There is a snowball effect there as well, as a Gamer when I was younger, I know a little about Gamers. They form "Guilds" or kind of informal groups. When a few find a game that they like better, soon the whole group migrates out. Add to this, there are many players hired by Chinese or Indian companies who only play to generate "Game Money" that can be sold on websites for real world money. As the player base goes down, demand for these players diminishes.
    As for AAPL, there are a lot of rumors about low end Apple Phones about to be released, but I seriously doubt that Apple can compete in the Low End against all the $20 phones out there.
    I would like to have bought some BBRY at below $10 but now I think there will be a lot of manipulation there. The Shorters are leaving Nokia for now, and are going to hit BBRY I believe.
    I still think Nokia can easily be a $5 stock if they can build enough phones to meet demand.
    May 10 11:37 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Elop's Nokia, A Portfolio Crusher? [View article]
    While I have watched Nokia for years, I never thought to go long until around Nov 2012 when I realized that they were truly committed to a 3rd ecosystem, that being Windows, and Win 8 was going to be a reality. I never thought much about their win7 phones, as the SP wasn't reflecting well on their acceptance. Looking back yesterday, I got in at 2.699. Since then I have gotten in and (partially) out as the situation dictated. My only serious mistake was in not holding back after the "Sold Out" sign turned into "We can't build more" I am back to profitable average at ~$3.7 or so, but I am watching this 521 deal very closely. If the "Sold Out" sign again turns into "Supply Constraints", then I will know Elop is untrainable. I still plan on buying a 928, but it may not be as a Nokia Shareholder. (the 521 "sellout" may be survivable, but a 928 debacle like the 920 will bury Nokia)
    May 10 10:55 PM | 2 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • The Fate That Awaits BlackBerry [View article]
    This next week should be very telling as the "Days to Cover" column implies that the average shorts have until next Friday to bring the price down. I'm not saying that they cannot, as BBRY's Market Cap is small enough to be manipulable should enough players participate. The big question is, do the Longs have enough interest to support against all the stock that will be for sale next week? My guess is no, with the caveat that BBRY price should recover the following Monday. If I owned $BBRY, I would not set a very tight stop limit on it, as, like many Tech stocks, the Beta is just too high, and you could get sold off on a 2-3 day pressure. IMO AAPL, NOK, and BBRY are speculative right now. Any of the 3 could move on any given piece of news. Good luck all.
    May 10 10:21 PM | 3 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • The Fate That Awaits BlackBerry [View article]
    I agree Frank, I am long $NOK and own no $BBRY, but wish no ill will on Blackberry. I may even go long on a BBRY dip. Nokia is working hard to reestablish their place, and IMO Samsung/Google should be the ones in both our bullseyes. ($AAPL is probably already highly vulnerable) . IMO $BBRY's main strength is their security, and unless that comes into question, $BBRY should have a very good 2h 2013.
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  • The Fate That Awaits BlackBerry [View article]
    I agree TS, as that is how the shorts exited $NOK. With the announcement that the "Q10" had passed the DoD security tests earlier in the week, it will take a major stumble by BBRY Management to give the shorts hope.
    May 10 09:44 PM | 3 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • The Fate That Awaits BlackBerry [View article]
    Good data Seppo, but like the author said, one would expect a bigger price jump on that much covering. That said, the price has gone up gradually almost every day in May from ~$3.15 to $3.66 US today, so the shorts are covering more gradually rather than a huge pop.
    $BBRY is indeed interesting, as the shorts must feel they can bring $BBRY down in the coming weeks, rather than having to cover. As I look at 1 listing of today's expiring shorts, $15.5 Strike BBRY shorts lost $0.26 to .01 on a volume of 6,581 contracts. I'm no expert on Options, but it looks to me like a lot of "Shorts" ate their shorts today on $BBRY. and appear to be set up for a wild battle next week between the Shorts and the Longs over next Friday's price. Is there any news expected from Blackberry that might give the shorts hope? Or should we expect a very large volume of $BBRY traded next week?
    May 10 09:39 PM | 3 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Intel's Server Market Share To Decline As Competition Heats Up [View article]
    "The processors include TSMC’s finFET technology that are said to be higher performing and more energy-efficient than the current chips"
    By Who? Reference please.
    "TSMC’s technology, when combined with the ARMv8 64-bit design, is expected to challenge Intel in the server and PC markets. "
    By Who? Reference please.
    I should never have clicked on this once I saw the Author. There is no new information, no references, no list of the "Top 100" nor by what standards.
    OK First penny is my bad, you won't get a second. It's such a shame that SA's editorial standards have sunk so low as to allow this type of garbage to be posted. Is SA that desperate for authors? ? ?
    May 10 08:31 PM | 2 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Why BHP Billiton Should Demerge Its Operation From China [View article]
    Do you see any concern in China over N Korea's "Sabre Rattling"? I myself don't, but I don't have any contacts with any Chinese. IMO China cannot afford to get involved in either side of the issues.
    May 8 01:51 AM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Is Nokia's AGM An Insidious Form Of Market Manipulation? [View article]
    Aye, I too have been in and out a few times on Nokia, selling when it got high, and buying back in on dips. but since Jan, there have not been many opportunities to sell, but I have been averaging down, so if it even breaks $4.00 US, I'll be well into profit, and that isn't counting the profits I took in 2012.
    Like I said in my Instablog, if you watch Tech stocks daily, it can drive you crazy. I've only been watching it closely this week to see if they get the 521's into the WalMart Supply line. Their "Supply Issues" are the only thing about Nokia that worries me. They have great phones, and great opportunities, but they can only blow so many opportunities before I go somewhere else for my stress fix.
    May 8 01:37 AM | 2 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Forum On Nokia's Mobile Devices [View instapost]
    Thank you Seppo and Doggie. While I just complain, you guys are out there digging up facts.
    I did do some digging about R&D spending that I think I posted on the other Forum. I'll look and post it somewhere if I haven't yet.
    May 8 01:26 AM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • How Apple Let Its Shareholders Down [View article]
    Lets take a quick look at some numbers and see what we learn. Q1 2013
    $AAPL Market Cap 430.5B R&D 1119 Admin Selling and General 2672 Ratio .419
    $INTC Market Cap 120B R&D 2527 A,S. & G 1947 Ratio 1.298
    $NOK Market cap 13B R&D 1011 A,S &G 805 Ratio 1.256
    Anyone besides me see a problem with priorities here?
    You can do all the taxation tricks you want, but when your R&D is not producing anything, having all that cash in the bank will be a nice gift to your Admin and BOD as they vote each other Phat checks.
    May 7 11:51 PM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • Nokia (NOK) roundup: 1) Bloomberg reports Verizon is "set to unveil a plan next month" for the anticipated Lumia 928, which (in-line with past reports) is said to feature a 4.5" display, metal body (likely aluminum), 8MP camera, and wireless charging support. As would-be Verizon Galaxy S IV buyers can vouch, Verizon often takes longer to test/qualify new phones than rivals. 2) A Dutch court has granted Nokia an injunction for HTC's flagship One smartphone, declaring the phone's microphone chips (supplied by STM) use Nokia's IP. [View news story]
    Maybe the Hype over the incoming 928 will hide the apparent shortages of the 521 for a few days. I may buy the 928, but not buying any more $NOK until I see "Supply Issues" solved. Yeah I'm a broken record with my whining about Management, but this Much Advertised Viet Nam plant is way behind schedule for starting production from what my Vietnamese friends say (I have buddies from VN that married VN ladies during and after the War. Us VN Vets have our own networks.)(BTW I just got promoted to Adjutant of our local MOPH Chapter)
    May 7 10:18 PM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment