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    I am surprised with your prediction - as it would seem counter-intuitive to me that the oil price per barrel would drop - given the following world events : disclosure by the Saudis that they actually have far less oil than was originally cited years ago to OPEC ; current pressures on oil supply and the arrival at peak oil years ago ; the threats to the Saudi oil fields posed by the large multitudes of Shia moslems (a million who live right ON the oilfields and are at odds with the prevailing sunna goverment (who are aligned with the US ). The current threats towards Iran by the US (via Israel) pose a massive threat to the world economy and stability - not only because Iran is the second largest oil supplier when compared to the largest (Saudi ) but also because of what this might trigger with the Shia in Saudi on the oilfields. It happened last year when i was told that the government executed some Shias for an attack on the oilfields . I fear what they might do when they perceive American (and Saudi ) aggression toward s the Shia in Iran - and how that could play out badly .
    I read somewhere that when Libyan oil went offline via the embargos etc - the price of oil rose 50 dollars a barrel - and Libya only produced 6 percent of the worlds supply ! If Saudi is currently the largest supplier ( producing 20 percent of all the oil we are so dependent on - ) - what do you expect will happen to prices then ? If theres any proportionality (and do correct me if this is wrong ) that could bring us to 300 dollars per barrel !!
    Already the Baltic Dry Index descent shows that shipping and trade are around the world is perilously placed - with old British shipping companies in the biz for 300 years going belly-up ( excuse the pun ) A further increase in oil prices will not just stop us all taking out our pleasure craft - but will stop all nations from trading at all ! 300 a barrel would be crippling to airlines, factories , shipping , trucking, manufacturing , auto sales and even the daily bus route for mr joe average. ! What then ? This war is massively important to Loughheed- Martin , Embraer, and all the arms deals that have just been pushed through in the last 24 hours! (check out on Reuters ) . When - not if - Romney gets elected ( his family does own the voting ballot counting machines after all - and they DID contribute massive sums of cash to his campaign directly- I guess somehow thats not a conflict of interest !! ) the war machine will proceed - as there are deals were just struck today with the UAE and QATAR today and i wonder who else is shopping for so - called protection and stealth etc.... What does one do with a million aggrieved people who feel threatened because they are moslem and living right where they are not wanted ?
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  • Tri-Tech Holding's CEO Discusses Q2 2012 Results - Earnings Call Transcript [View article]
    so is trit a good buy or not ?
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  • Sirius XM (SIRI -1.1%) CEO Mel Karmazin won't cede control of the company quietly, as he tells shareholders at the company's annual meeting in New York that he doesn't want to be responsible for somebody else calling the shots and would like to see any buyer pay a hefty premium. As far as that double-digit drop in SIRI shares over the last year, the usually-loquacious exec sums it up in three words. "Our stock sucks." [View news story]
    I know little - but have travelled a lot and have an interest in the geo-plitical climate of our world today so I take an interest in investment and industry . I am - however - just a shrink in northern Canada. It would seem much too obvious - but could Karmazins statements have been an attempt to devalue the stock to facilitate a takeover - or to somehow appease the FCC? Thoughts on this ...?
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