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  • I Love Apple, But Enough Already [View article]
    I can only read articles that rely on facts and figures and not your garbage theories spun out from within the thing that you call your mind. I read an article on that talked about the same issue (low valuation) and concluded that historically this sort of a thing happens to companies and when the P/E does catch up it does so like a spring that has been compressed as far as it can go.

    Next time you write an article please at least rely on surveys or other true facts and figures that support your case. Please stop writing garbage like this. And as far as your stupid comment that you can't use Bloomberg or Microsoft Office does not work right on a Mac - go get a life. I use all those services and feel that Microsoft Office products work better on a Mac than they do on a PC!

    Now please get rid of your Mac, go back to your Lenovo, dump iPod for a Zune (do they still make that piece of crap?) and stop writing articles.
    Nov 29, 2011. 02:42 PM | 5 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • The Apple Bubble Is Ready To Burst [View article]
    You write this article without fact and figures that value companies. Which company has increased earnings 400% the last 4 years and yet the stock has gone up only by about 78%?

    I bet you wrote the article just because everyone will read it because the title and the text are an act of insanity. You must understand however that after reading an piece of crap like this you will lose whatever minority of readers that read your other garbage.
    Nov 29, 2011. 02:33 PM | 6 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Analyst Compares RIM To Apple, Pigs Take Flight [View article]
    Every now and then even a pig is made to feel like a princess. Happens all the time in real life. It does not however mean that the pig has now become a princess.
    Nov 29, 2011. 12:46 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Apple Shares Not A Long Favorite After Earnings Reports [View article]
    Tomorrow will be different. When a going rationale is a certain way the market will act to the contrary.
    Oct 18, 2011. 10:53 AM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • Dell Deal Proves Brocade's Unique Position [View article]
    CorrectaMundo! What is surprising/shocking is that BRCD hasn't been taken out yet! Whosoever owns Brocade can make a serious play for the enterprise market to grab some of Cisco's juicy share provided they bring along a complimentary product portfolio with them. I can think of several names that could have taken BRCD out but strangely that has not happened yet.
    Sep 16, 2009. 09:21 AM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • MYL and SEPR [View instapost]
    Now talk about being lucky! SEPR (Sepracor) gets acquired for $23/share! Upwards of 30% profit in just a handful of days! You can't beat that! :-)
    Sep 3, 2009. 02:05 AM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Expect a Selloff for Brocade [View article]
    You are kidding me. Brocade's signing of OEM deals over the past several weeks is in the public domain. Why, just this week it signed a deal with NetApp. A deal with Dell is reportedly in the works but rumor has it that Dell wants more than just an OEM deal. An OEM deal with HP has been in the works for a long time but not announced yet (we will have to find out why during the conf call). One of the best sources for checking rumors is TheFlyOnTheWall.

    On Aug 17 06:54 PM Bill L. wrote:

    > Can you send me a link on this?
    Aug 17, 2009. 07:01 PM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • Expect a Selloff for Brocade [View article]
    What you have not taken into account in the short term is the power of leverage made available to Brocade with the multitude of OEM deals. None of these are cross channel (no channel conflict) -- they are all additive. This is the reason (as it is rumored) that Brocade has kept suitors at bay and seeks future as an independent entity where it believes it can deliver far higher value to shareholders.

    Expect Brocade to significantly revise upward its future forecast which will cause a runup in the stock and break of the resistance at 9 and change. From thereon it is uncharted waters as the stock will seek new levels without historical baggage. Earnings coming this Thursday.
    Aug 17, 2009. 06:26 PM | 4 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Expect a Selloff for Brocade [View article]
    You are comparing apples with oranges.

    Brocade is a very different company now. They have acquired Foundry which gave them a whole new range of products. Also, from the Brocade side of the house have come a whole new range of products that have taken market share away from Cisco. Their OEM strategy is new and is getting them major vendor one after another.

    If you had applied this logic to Apple which was range bound for a long time then it would have never traded at current levels. Your logic makes no sense.
    Aug 17, 2009. 06:02 PM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • ETrade: Not for the Faint Hearted [View article]
    Great article!

    Etrade is a stock that could quadruple within the next year. It's time has come.
    Aug 12, 2009. 07:17 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • 10 Upcoming Catalysts for ATP Oil and Gas [View article]
    Very good and compelling answers! The charts however confirm a Sell signal on the daily charts as of today. A reversal generally takes several days to take place so ATPG may have a little ways to go down and could present a better buying opportunity. The charts do reverse and if they do I will let the readers know.
    Jun 19, 2009. 01:37 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • 10 Upcoming Catalysts for ATP Oil and Gas [View article]

    This is one of the best researched articles I have read on SeekingAlpha. Furthermore, you have replied to every post where a question was asked without taking offence.

    I spotted ATPG when it registered a Buy signal on the chart in early May. I am a chart reader first and do fundamental analysis next. I searched SeekingAlpha and came across your article and loved the story. The charts said YES and your fundamental analysis said YES. Another enticing factor was that this was once a fifty dollar stock (!) and it stands to reason that if someone paid fifty bucks for it once they will remember it and support the stock once it starts showing upwards momentum.

    I would really like to double down or triple down on ATPG however a couple of things bother me. Perhaps, you can answer?

    #1 Throughout your article and in the posts thereafter you seemed to firmly believe that they would not dilute. It was so strongly against their interests given the CEO and CFO's significant stake in the company. BUT THEY DID IT! Instead of reevaluating your position and checking facts againt you have forgiven them too easily. If the story is this good and if the stock price potential is so high would you not think that they would leave no stone unturned to not dilute? In fact, you firmly believed that they had other ways to get the money they needed. How come they still diluted? Is there something you do not know and the big money knows that caused management to do this?

    #2 On June 15, 2009 the ATPG daily charts registerd a Sell signal. Ever since then this equity has headed south. Weekly charts are perhaps a day or two away from registering a sell signal. A Sell on the weekly charts if it happens almost certainly means this stock is headed down to the $5 range. What I am saying here is irrespective of the fundamentals you detail big money is running from the stock fast and furiously.

    #3 I fell for a similar stock on SeekingAlpha - a company named LDK Solar which was touted by many authors on SeekingAlpha as $120 stock that was misunderstood and was stuck in the $40 range. Same kind of analysis that you provided accompanies these articles to rationalize why this was a $120-plus stock. This company was one of the largest producers of polysilicon on the planet, had many many delivery agreements, was building a new generation plant that would give them even lower cost and so on and on. Almost every day the company issued press releases touting yet another delivery agreement with yet another brand name company. They did have to acquire a lot of debt to bring their new plant online much like ATPG but the authors were confident the company could easily handle the debt load. For some mysterious reason the stock was going down every day. Instead of going to $120 in 6 months the stock went to single digits! What went wrong? Well, it turns out that the company lied about their new plant and when it would come online. They lied about Polysilicon price points which went south quite drastically. Instead of upbeat quarter they announced massively disappointing earnings and they stock got hammered. And when they went ahead and did a surprising dilution event (much like ATPG) the backers who balked at first found it easy to forgive the company and came up with rationale that justifed the diluation. Much like ATPG! And most importantly -- the Street had no faith in the management and that was one of the reasons why they did not trust anything the managemeng said and eventually the Street was proven right. So if things are this good and the management is telling the Street all the information you seemed to have acquired from them yet the stock is headed south -- is this because the Street distrusts the management?

    Your perspective much appreciated.
    Jun 18, 2009. 06:14 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Is Rambus the Next 27 Bagger? [View article]
    RMBS has an average volume of 2.4 m shares. Maybe you can manipulate this a day or two but you can't for weeks in a row.

    As per the charts RMBS generated a strong buy signal the last week of April. It has been on a run since stopping every now and then consolidating and moving higher. Going purely by the charts this stock looks like a good investment irrespectivf of all the hype published in this article. I would buy it at current price and put a stop loss at 15.5.
    Jun 18, 2009. 02:13 AM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • US$, Gold and Silver - Charts Say... [View instapost]

    Two things with respect to the dollar. First, the charts. A definite downtrend. Second, the fundamentals. With debt to GDP ratio now set to exceed 78% the dollar will come under severe pressure. Remember, there is still 2 trillion dollars in debt to be issued by the treasury. Your point on the safe haven was applicable in March of this year when gates to hell seemed to have opened. Now that the markets are (relatively) stable the safe haven appeal has reduced.

    Now on to Gold - the charts have exhibited some heavy stress but not a sell signal yet. I am expecting that Gold will hit its low this Monday or Tuesday before resuming its climb. Gold is a hedge against a falling dollar and also rising inflation. Gold and Silver are essential components of a well diversified portfolio.
    Jun 14, 2009. 11:35 AM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Reload on Gold stocks on any pullback [View instapost]
    Hi Freedom:

    I wish it was easy to explain. I use several charts starting with the Prophet Charts built into my trading platform, ThinkOrSwim. Secondly, I use chart programs from A lot of people use different methods to analyze charts but I use my own which I learnt over the last 2 years. For instance, I pay more attention to price-volume action above and below the moving averages than to lagging indicators such as CCI, Stochastics, etc. And then I combine this with my own wisdom and experience from the past to get a handle on what the future may hold. So two people may look essentially at the same chart and come up with two different outlooks. That is when you need to look at the track record of the person and decide whose anaysis you like better.
    Jun 9, 2009. 08:48 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment