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  • Patent Litigation May Not Mean Big Boost For Apple's Market Share [View article]
    You write in the article "The real problem for Apple lies in the nature of patents. They don't protect the idea of doing something. They protect the way something is done."

    Apple has patented how you can pinch with your fingers that shrink the display and then stretch out the same fingers to expand display. These two are methods that are patented. This nomenclature is now embedded in the minds and behaviors of millions of phone users. It will be interesting to see how Android will work around these two methods.
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  • Reminder: If You Sold Your Apple Stock In October, You Were, In Fact, An Idiot [View article]
    Hear! Hear! Andy Zaky of BullishCross says the same in his article:

    The difference between wealth and poverty on Wall Street is determined by ignoring the fluff, respecting the details and using reason to tease out the bottom-line reality generally overlooked by the masses. While everyone focuses on whether the passing of Steve Jobs marks the end of Apple, or whether the Amazon (AMZN) Kindle Fire will kill the iPad, the company is quietly selling millions upon millions of iPhones that far exceed even the most rosy expectations.
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  • Apple Is Ripe For Another Sell-Off [View article]
    Hmmmm. Independent Investor has suddenly stopped responding to posts! Check the history - no lapse in response until when AAPL crossed $400 and then he suddenly disappears....

    I had forecasted that this would happen as AAPL crosses $425 but this has happened sooner....

    No worries. There is bound to be a down day for AAPL between here and $425 and the Independent Investor will mysteriously reappear and make his "short" argument. He will then hang around hoping against hope that his illogical short theory will come true. However, after AAPL crosses $425, Independent Investor will disappear from the scene all together. Better to disappear and even change screen name than admit failure.

    Dear Independent Investor, my advice to you is to think for yourself and not follow the herd.. It is so easy to do... Please be an Intelligent Investor next time around and pen an intelligent piece and not a piece of crap. This article is a joke. It is based on unsubstantiated suppositions and an imagination totally out of touch with reality.

    Cut and paste the above article, switch AAPL with RIMM, change some text, and post it on the RIMM board and you are sure to be respected and adored over there! This may be one way to repair your tarnished reputation.
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  • Apple Is Ripe For Another Sell-Off [View article]
    Really??? So after Q1 blowout earnings and the stock careening past $425 you will then say " months and years" instead of " weeks and months" as you just said to justify your prognosis? Dear Independent Investor! You are already getting into to the mode of denial! :-)
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  • Apple Is Ripe For Another Sell-Off [View article]
    When AAPL crosses $400 the Independent Investor who has replied to every piece posted here will slowly stop responding as often and as thoroughly as he does. When AAPL releases earnings and raises forecasts and the stock bolts past previous high the Independent Investor will pull a Houdini on us and disappear all together. :-) Future posts wil be made under the screen-name of the Broke Investor!
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  • Apple Is Ripe For Another Sell-Off [View article]

    "Yet, not only do we believe that Apple will comfortably ship 32 million iPhones without a hitch, we think our expectations will actually prove too conservative. In fact, we believe that Apple will actually end up reporting sales of more than 35 million iPhones which will cause the heart attack of at least several hundred short sellers. It will be a total deer-in-head-lights type earnings blowout where people just stand there and say "WTF" repeatedly while slowing doing the defeated head-shake — CNBC contributor Steve Cortez will be among their number with his admitted Apple short position."
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  • Apple Is Ripe For Another Sell-Off [View article]
    I remember a couple of years back during the financial crisis of 2008 Google stock was hammered down for the same sort of reasons. The issues were about how recession impacted Google's search business. When the earnings did come out it blew the doors wide open. Google Schmidt simply said to analysts in the earnings calls that Google was not seeing any signs of slowdown and actually was growing. Stock shot up over 55$ in 1 day.

    Same will happen with Apple. Apple is immune to economic crisis. Go back and look at Apple's performance through the past 4 years under circumstances far more stressful than today.

    Dear author, you are wrong. It appears, however, we have to wait till the earnings call and Apple's future forecast. The judgment day is in January, 2012.
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  • Apple Is Ripe For Another Sell-Off [View article]
    Dear author:

    You figure it is a great strategy to get on the short Apple bandwagon because quite obviously the longs have been trashed over the past few trading weeks. By their logic Apple is undervalued and even a 10 to 20% uplift does not do it justice. So you figure that if the market is not valuing Apple at higher levels then something must be wrong. Very wrong.

    You look at facts and figures such as revenue and earnings growth and discard them because you can't make sense of it. They make "long" sense. You then look at the news items and they would make a short jump out of the top of the empire state building. How about the fact that in China the largest carrier which does not sell Apple phones has over 8 million jail-broken Apple phones on its network? Did you know that these 8 million phones were bought for significantly more than their retail price? Would you consider that to be a craving of the Chinese middle class for Apple products? How about the fact that in Hong Kong when the new Apple store opened they had to call riot police in to control the crowd and the entire inventory was sold out in 10 minutes? How about AT&T reporting numbers just this past week that due to the tremendous success of iPhone 4S they had stellar sales numbers? How about the fact the world is still a virgin territory for Apple given that it has not even signed on 2/3rd of the phone carriers to sell its phones? How about the ultra cautious Tim Cook (AKA The Sandbagger) breaking his stride and hardly containing his glee about the December quarter in the past quater conference call? How about the news item that the recent opening of the Apple store in New York Grand Central Station was a media showcase and thousands of fans making pilgrimage to just come and drink in the sight like it was a holy coming of Christ? How about the news that was released just yesterday that iOS apps are being developed compared to Android apps on a 70-30% volume basis? How about the survey that 70% of Best Buy reps steered prospective tablet customers towards Apple iPad and not Android or Kindle? How about the Nielsen survey that showed that a vast majority of the kids either wanted an iPad of iPhone as their Christmas gift?

    The above are facts and figures that can be verified by you or anyone else. Now, if I were to go by rumors and suppositions I can present to you plenty of them from the long side. How about the repeated announcements from analysts that iPad 3 is around the corner and the features and functions again will do a one-up on the competition? How about the rumors that either a larger size iPod Touch or a smaller size iPad 2 (labeled by some as the iPad Mini) will give Kindle Fire a run for the money? How about the rumored Apple TV with hardware and software integrated and a Siri-like voice interface? To make my long case I did not rely on any of these unproven rumors and suppositions. You, however, used only rumors and suppositions to make your case.

    On behalf of all Apple longs I present to you a challenge - write a version 2.0 of this article and publish it on SekingAlpha just one day before Apple is to announce recent quarter results. One of us is going to have a lot of fun with the other the next day. I am a poker player and a good one at it and my instincts tell me that the long hand I am holding is way better than the short hand that you have cowering close to your chest.

    Yours truly,

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  • Apple's Killer Product Pipeline In 2012 [View article]
    As much as I love Apple I am surprised how you so easily forecast what the Apple TV is going to be, what features it will have, and even make a sales forecast. No one has a clue whether there is even an Apple TV in 2012 pipeline and if so what is it going to be. If it is indeed there then it could be just an extension of Apple desktop rather than something that hangs on a wall.
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  • Apple: Guiding The Greatest Quarter Ever? [View article]
    The way the marketplace reacts to Apple I would bot be surprised by the following news clip on the media following a blockbuster report from Apple.

    News media clip: Today Apple announced the most spectacular quarterly results over and earned $15.80 per share. This was way over the highest estimate by analysts which was about $10.24 per share. The marketplace however seemed disappointed by the results and Apple shares were down over 5% in aftermarket trading. Asked about this improbable reaction, known Apple-basher and useless financial analyst Colin Gillis said " Well, Just coming in 50% over the highest analyst's estimate is simply not good enough for Apple. I was expecting them to trounce it by 100% or better. Therefore, I am currently revising my already down estimate further and am putting a price target of $220 per share for Apple."
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  • Apple: P/E Debate Rages, But Sales Growth Will Fuel Next Rally [View article]
    Another shot in the dark that tries to make sense out of what is happening with Apple stock price in the market. Sure, I will read this as well as several other articles that try to explain what is going on but I have not found anything that is persuasive and truly explains what in the world is going on with Apple stock.
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  • Apple Not A Buy-And-Hold Investment? That's News To Me [View article]
    Clearly, Apple is doing well as can be evidenced by a number of retail metrics (sale of iPhone 4S, no. of iPads bought per hour on Black Friday being 4 times as many as previous year, Macs now selling into corporate America and so on and on). But, strangely, Mr. Market continues to undervalue Apple and Apple shareholders are being subjected to constant humiliation by Mr. Market. For the world of me I don't understand what the heck is going on here. I continue to be long Apple but now no longer look at daily stock fluctuations because I don't no longer understand it or can tolerate it.
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  • I Love Apple, But Enough Already [View article]
    I can only read articles that rely on facts and figures and not your garbage theories spun out from within the thing that you call your mind. I read an article on that talked about the same issue (low valuation) and concluded that historically this sort of a thing happens to companies and when the P/E does catch up it does so like a spring that has been compressed as far as it can go.

    Next time you write an article please at least rely on surveys or other true facts and figures that support your case. Please stop writing garbage like this. And as far as your stupid comment that you can't use Bloomberg or Microsoft Office does not work right on a Mac - go get a life. I use all those services and feel that Microsoft Office products work better on a Mac than they do on a PC!

    Now please get rid of your Mac, go back to your Lenovo, dump iPod for a Zune (do they still make that piece of crap?) and stop writing articles.
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  • The Apple Bubble Is Ready To Burst [View article]
    You write this article without fact and figures that value companies. Which company has increased earnings 400% the last 4 years and yet the stock has gone up only by about 78%?

    I bet you wrote the article just because everyone will read it because the title and the text are an act of insanity. You must understand however that after reading an piece of crap like this you will lose whatever minority of readers that read your other garbage.
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  • Apple Shares Not A Long Favorite After Earnings Reports [View article]
    Tomorrow will be different. When a going rationale is a certain way the market will act to the contrary.
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