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  • United Socialist States of America? Not Quite [View article]
    There seems to some kernel of truth in just about every comment made thus far. However, what is more remarkable is the fact that we are able to freely express our the extent that we're not actually afraid of the possible consequences of our statements. As we all know, being able to freely express your opinions doesn't necessarily mean that there won't be any consequences. No need to further elaborate on that since anyone with a grade school comprehension level can fully understand what I mean by that.
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  • Google's Downfall: Search Engine Optimization [View article]
    It's obvious that the author of this article doesn't really understand the SEO business. As well, he doesn't seem to understand the Google Adwords business which, by the way, has nothing at all to do with SEO. SEO has to do with organic search results which are free and based on your website ranking instead of Adwords "paid search results" Adwords is based on the maximum bid amount you are willing to pay for certain keywords.

    There are indeed scoundrels who claim to be "SEO experts", however, I just can't make the connection between Google, SEO, and the stock price. As well, as someone else has already commented on, SEO was around way before Google.

    And, by the way, I know of 10's of thousand of companies who would "die and go to heaven" to see their stock trading at $274 a share. The only people who have reason to cry are those who bought it when it was trading at $600-$800. As far as I am concerned, I don't really care to shed any tears for anyone who did so since it takes "really deep pockets" and "plenty of money to burn" buying shares trading at that level. But if you got the dough and can afford to play the stock market, mor epower to you.

    Bottom line, take a deep chill....Americans have short 2-5 years, I wouldn't be surprised if the stock gets back to its previous high. I just won't be one of those (e)diots or big spenders.
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  • Why Google Set the Net on Fire Today [View article]
    Google raising the minimum bid to $10 per keyword for certain keywords will have the net effect of biting the hand that feeds you. The great number of small businesses, especially the do-it-yourselfers, who use Adwords will drop off in DROVES. They just can't afford to take this sort of a hit. One of my companies has been offering Adwords to our clients since Google began offering adwords and, having been in the trenches talking to the small business owners explaining to them how it works, we used to be scared to tell them that it would cost them $1 per click, let alone 10 times that amount. Besides the professionals who offer Adwords to their customers, there is a SLEW of small businesses who prefer to cut out the middleman and do it themselves so they can save some money. They are not sophisticated at all. This $10 minimum would scare the hell out of them...And that I can guarantee based on thousands of conversations we've had with them. I think Google is getting greedy and believes it can write off a huge number of its original base.
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  • The Downside of Debt: Borrowers Sober Up [View article]
    I have finally wised up and come to terms with what my economics teacher had told our class 32 years ago, "with the exception of a home purchase, you should only buy what you can afford to pay cash for." This would prompt us to develop a "save and invest" mentality instead of the current "borrow and spend" mentality as well as generate in turn a great deal of "personal" wealth versus a great deal of "corporate" wealth.
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  • Is OPEC Killing Itself? [View article]
    The solution is: virtual organization management. With virtual organization management, hundreds of million of cars would be off the road and the by-product of that would be cleaner air, less damage to the environment; and an explosion in-as the author suggests-innovation.

    Perhaps, the greedy and narrow-minded oil companies and global auto industry, in cooperation with their cohorts in government--I am not a conspiracy theorist--who have worked so hard over the past 60+ years to stifle innovation in the auto industry and alternative energy sector will finally come to their senses when they realize that their greed may result in their downfall. I won't hold my breath.
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