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  • Amarin (AMRN) +9% following a report that Teva (TEVA +0.7%) is leading the race to acquire the Irish biotech, which has a market cap of $1.6B, with AstraZeneca (AZN +0.4%) also in the hunt. Teva recently said it wasn't intending to make any major acquisitions, while it's also due to unveil a long-term overhaul in December.  [View news story]
    teva alredy buy amarin.thay just wait until 11/12 to say that.
    Nov 15, 2012. 01:04 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Amarin (AMRN) has been issued a patent by the USPTO covering the pharmaceutical composition of the company's Vascepa capsules. Vascepa has already been approved by the FDA for the treatment of high levels of triglycerides, and the company plans to list the patent in the FDA's Orange Book.  [View news story]
    the NCE is on the way for amarin.and the share going to bee 14.5 soon after thay get the NCE.. AMARIN is a very smart company.with a very good management.MR JOSEPH S ZAKRZEWSKI. already sales lovaza
    to GSK wich is a similar drug.but VASEPA is much better is going to do that again if you are investor you should not bee listening for all of the speculative around the company by speculative analyst you can bee sure that all thay want is to buy your shares in good price.dont let them do this to you.bee strong and hapy'''''
    Oct 31, 2012. 12:36 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Let's Watch Amarin Get Crushed By Wall Street  [View article]
    i do not understand why the investor are get lost.thay must bee strong and patience the nce is not the end of the story and thay will get the nce
    i think at the next weeks.i think some of the anlayst whant to make the stuation bad since thay whant to buy the share in a very good price because thy know someting very big is going to move the shar price much high by next not worry bee hapy.
    Oct 12, 2012. 12:03 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Amarin (AMRN) gets FDA approval of Vascepa, formerly known as AMR101, as an adjunct to diet to reduce triglyceride levels in adult patients with severe hypertriglyceridemia. Shares are currently halted.   [View news story]
    i am so so hapy.and i hope for all the investor who was belive in this drug
    to have avery good business days.
    Jul 27, 2012. 07:15 AM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • Amarin (AMRN -0.9%) says the European Patent Office has issued an intention to grant letter for a patent application the company filed to protect the exclusivity of it's drug candidate, AMR101. The patent covers the drugs use in treating Hypertriglyceridemia, an indication that AMRN may seek through the European Medicines Agency. An FDA decision on the drug is due out tomorrow.   [View news story]
    i think its a very good push for company and god news and for investors.
    Jul 25, 2012. 01:38 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • If AMR101 Is Approved, Sell Amarin  [View article]
    i dont think i the same situation since share of vvus was over weight before the time the drug aproven.but amain share are blanced and even have much more space to economic growth..
    Jul 25, 2012. 04:33 AM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Vivus (VVUS +0.2%) shares reverse course after suffering heavy losses earlier and hover around zero after USA Today reports that the FDA has approved its Qnexa/Qysemia diet drug. However, no other news organizations appear to have reported the story, and it's not on the FDA website. Update: the linked-story in this MC seems to have been taken down. Vivus shares -0.6%.   [View news story]
    that what i have been thinking is going to bee when the price was 28.45 and that why i sold the share in this price now is time to buy this share
    Jul 17, 2012. 04:43 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Statoil (STO) joins the "scramble for the Russian Arctic," signing a potential $100B cooperation deal with Rosneft to develop the country's offshore energy resources. The agreement is similar to ones signed by Exxon and Eni, and follows Russia authorization of the relevant tax breaks.   [View news story]
    i hope and give my credit to sto.
    May 6, 2012. 09:40 AM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
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