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  • Amazon's PR Genius  [View article]
    My portfolio AMZN 500 shares. 100 bought at IPO, 200, added at 200, 200, added at 250
    CHK 1475 Shares...bought at several intervals, over several years avg dollar cost 25.64
    DPZ....my best pickup in late 2012 1500 shares bought at 23.27 avg....whoop whoop, and I just grounded out my portfolio for 2014, with REGN, 300 shares purchased at 272.23. I intend to hold all stocks through 2014. Over Xmas the ups delay, the endless smiling boxes on porches, the constant delivery trucks was the most significant ever. This was the first year the entire family purchased all items online, even my wife! Lol. Everything from AMZN arrived correctly packaged and on time, purchases from EBay had some issues, dealing with the sellers was a nightmare, nobody bought squat from Walmart online, or Tgt online, or Cost online....it's a freakin joke if you really believe AMZN is NOT the go to online shopping experience....the neighborhood does not lie. The number 1 thing the street loves is Growth....wrap that up with popularity, momentum, innovation, affordable pricing, ultimate convenience.....it's the American Dream, yeah there will be a time when the gold rush fever will end, just as long as you take some profits this year, I think your good to go with AMZN...don't listen to the bears of Alpha, they are awesome number crunchers, and great at making up "real" valuations, like AMZN should be $100 stock or some idiot who even wrote a $10 stock.....really??? Somewhere between 10-100....that's where you see AMZN....this "real" valuation is starting to sound like Sarah Palin's "real Americans"......oh and yeah, her stock's worth what now? Squat! The naysayer, gets a FOX appearance fee once every three months. So Bears on AMZN, get ready for more frustration in 2014.......wait till AMZN opens it's "99 cent store", it's cheapest, most choice, cable or streaming box, it's faster delivery times, if it just increases 1% in china, that doubles what it currently shares of the market....so yeah wait till AMZN opens it's first Fulfillment center in China, where it's costs will be slashed, by an endless workforce, willng to work like hell for chicken soup! AMZN will rock 2014!
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  • Amazon's Growth Backed By Online Trend  [View article]
    Yet another p/e investor....this is a momentum play, it's valuations are not the reason for purchasing stock, u purchase AMZN because it. Is a completely different company to anything the world has known, the same goes for Twitter, Facebook etcetera, people are buying these stocks because they "like the company" and they see nothing but inventive ideas, continual growth, and a steady momentum, with very little volatility. What company has it's captive customers like AMZN, inherently EBAY is more "profitable" but EBAY still suffers from its brand, AMZN brand is "best price", reassurance of purchase from "reviews' of the product, a subscription website like Netflix, content similar to netflix, it is starting to plough into Cloud store age...I mean really CIA contract....which it won over the Grand Daddy Titan of industry IBM, it's closed Borders Books, forced Best Buy to the brink, it's a Tsunami of entrepreneurship....there is no other company like it...and plz don't bring WalMart into the equation....really...W... is a 20th century company, your 20's and 30's don't want to be seen in WalMart. The only time retailers have the advantage is the three days before Xmas day...due to delivery times.......which we all know AMZN spends it's waking hours asking the same question? How do we get faster?" Sooner or later, drones or not drones, the solution will arrive. So imagine 2 years from now it's Xmas eve and every guy still has not done his shipping....you telling me he can't just point click and ship vs, shopping retail, hands down AMZN it's a mans world lol

    I have a position in AMZN, which was first at the IPO, then I added to the position, at $200, and $250, so I am definitely pro AMZN, and have been laughing all the way to the bank while Mr Santos keeps being part of the 2% short on AMZN.......lol good luck with that one.
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  • The Whole 'Amazon Competes With Costco' Story Is Unrealistic  [View article]
    Hilarious!! The rage of the Anti AMZN minority, proudly staring failure in the face, with the sure fire recipe for fiscal disaster, when the squeeze begins, the hatred of these few, these proud few, will at least have the forum of Alpha to voice the ridiculous and banal assignment of blame on the followers of AMZN and put their losses down to comments of failed beauty queens, idiot investors, and claiming that AMZN is the blind leading the blind. It's almost like the gun argument, what's it gonna take for pro gun lobby to ever try to curtail the culling of innocents, 700 kids in one day in one school? The answer.... More guns!!! Thus the anti gun lobby is the short on AMZN......always bringing a knife to jab with, at a gun fight with the pro AMZN crew firing on all cylinders a browning 50 caliber machine gun mowing down all in its path. Keep up the good short!!! IMAO to the bank.
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  • The Whole 'Amazon Competes With Costco' Story Is Unrealistic  [View article]
    Full disclosure I have owned since IPO, and added positions at support levels at 200, and 250, I do like one thing about the folks who short this stock, I am hoping they can short more, only a 2% short! well...it's clearly an overwhelmingly group of lemmings running into a headwind of buyers, a short squeeze would barely bump King AMZN. The new breed of stock winners is official....what is popular, wins over what is profitable
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  • The Whole 'Amazon Competes With Costco' Story Is Unrealistic  [View article]
    The king of AMZN haters speaks again negating the might ship AMZN right as it closes in on crossing $400......I sit on the sidelines totally entertained....can u really take this analysis for real? At what point do u have to let go....next years $500 2015's $650, or till it reaches priceline numbers?
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  • Who isn't testing drones?  [View news story]
    There are too many kooks who think that everyone is a terrorist who can't wait to buy 4 drones and fly a bomb somewhere. How many Terrorist bombs went off last night? Check ur gun laws first....a lot more domestic " terror" is already accepted by the public, thousands of murders a year by guns, mass shootings, killing kids..all par for the course of a full blooded American right and Pasttime. Delivery by drone by AMZN is not a threat to society, it is a convenience..And that is where the sweet spot lies for America, you can conveniently by any gun you want any time you want, and Americans will love 1/2 an hour delivery, think Dominos pizza, can you imagine not having food delivered to your door? Well a bomb was once attached to a pizza delivery guy...but they didn't stop delivering pizzas, u can't stop AMZN, they are the growth story, they are The innovators, it's game over to bet against Bezos
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  • Who isn't testing drones?  [View news story]
    Already posted....but long AMZN.....see you at AMZN 500
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  • Amazon: A Retailer Valued Like A Tech Company  [View article]
    Every commentator on AMZN stock valuation, always rolls out the same bag of tricks.....yawn. Comparisons to profitable companies....blah blah blah. Yes I know you would love to peg it as a "retailer" but seriously, what contract does Costco have with the CIA? What "retailer" produces TV content based upon consumer opinion? Here is a comparison.....Costco has a card....you buy it, it gives you "cheaper pricing" at large volume. AMZN has prime.....basically same thing....except this, I am sure you have read the numbers on new "prime" card holders, yup they've doubled this year....so let's compare costco cards to AMZN cards.....really, yeah it's not worth the energy to compare, this is ONLY 15 mill subscribers, ONly half of the 30 mill subscribers to NFLX, can u really bet AGAINST them not moving to 30 mill next year??? Can you bet AGAINST them about bumping their 1% share of China to 2%? Buy AMZN, get over valuation comparisons, they don't equate
    Dec 9, 2013. 06:18 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • A Peek Into Chesapeake's Valuation  [View article]
    I've been sitting on shale Chk and nat gas for 3 years at avg cost around 25.76........sure would love a double over the next 3 years lol.....go ichan
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  • Amazon planning to deliver products using drones  [View news story]
    Quick question Mr Santos, I am remiss to find any statement by you, where you have much of anything to say in favor of AMZN, was this opinion formed at the online bookstore level? Or did it gradually "grow" on you.....kind of like the "stock" grows.....:)
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  • Alliance Fiber Optic And The New Networking  [View article]
    Afop, main problem is Cisco, as Cisco goes so does afop,
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  • Amazon planning to deliver products using drones  [View news story]
    To say mail drone is pure hype portends that the commentator has had the set of skills and education in order to define definitively as something being " pure hype" ergo not possible. I would ask the commentator what in depth knowledge of drone delivery systems, and where the education came from. Otherwise I would find the commentator subject to the very trait he advises AMZN investors against....."speculation" . If one does not possess actionable intelligence provided by proven scientific data that this system of delivery does not work, nor will it work, then please provide such data. Otherwise I would Reccomend against said commentator's wild speculation. After all, all you have to do is study a little nanotechnology, and before long, you will realize an at play prototype with 5-7 years of R and D, can be interestingly followed, and I would care to speculate the military industrial complex, would well like mini delivery systems for ammunition, supply's, spy craft, law and order, medical supply, mini explosives....and it is fair to look at the "possibility" of larger capacity systems than 5lbs. Those who bet against Bezos, well just ask the 2% short position....l
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  • Amazon planning to deliver products using drones  [View news story]
    Ps the people who intend to shoot down such a device, are not by any means a majority, and in R and D this would be why they need 5-7 years......after all we don't shoot that many postmen currently do we?
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  • Amazon Needs Another $3 Billion Cyber Monday Bond Offering  [View article]
    All debates which propose AMZN makes less profit than your neighborhood 7/11 are highly valid. Wal Mart clearly makes a ton more than AMZN. So the closest analogy would be the dot.com bubble right? Except the dot com bubble was established on firms who didn't even have revenue. Maybe AOL is a decent example....to get in line with what Wall Street wanted, it had to become a free service, and stop the $29 a month....and AOL Time Warner has done decent since. I got a lot of shares in AMZN at the IPO price, back when it was a book store, it made sense to me then, and I know I'll be buying all my Xmas gifts off of AMZN cos I'm a guy, and I hate shopping, and now AMZN sells a load more stuff, everything to fill stockings with, and usually at a good price to....though I am not a price checker. Now I'm 45, and I still figure the same thing, AMZN is the future of retail, it still is building it's brand, it still is being inventive, it still bests other companies, it now has contracts for cloud store age with the US Gov....lol, who could have predicted they would beat out IBM Etcetera in cloud store age, or that they would vie for TV content, or even have a subpar tablet......here is the thing, does Wal Mart offer Cloud store age? Does Costco offer 1000's of Books? Does netflix let you buy popcorn for ur movie? Does Coke have just a 2% share of the Chinese market?. The answer is no to all those questions....there is only one big vacuous giant building a beanstalk so huge that it's roots are just the beginning of its growth. Growth, momentum, speculation, answer this if AMZN builds 4% of China market that's a $ minimum $40 upside. AMZN is everything that's fun at the casino, if you can count cards, and have a system, you can beat The casino, and all in all can u really keep throwing the obvious numbers around, by the way, you all never mention that AMZN only has a 2% short......lots of luck with that lol. You can't beat popularity, you can't prove momentum, you can't value speculation, but you can see AMZN go up in stock price plenty. Anyway it's not the best stock out their...I'm making more of DPZ, and REGN is prob gonna be a big winner in 2014. But I am Long, very long AMZN, in two years, it'll control the 3d market, probably built an electric car, and become its own delivery company. Anyway keep up the AMZN bashing, I love you guys, it must drive u nuts......why are there idiots out there that won't dump this dog.......oh yeah that's why....cos a dog is a mans best friend:)
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  • Amazon finds unlikely partner for Sunday delivery  [View news story]
    Again the vast majority of opinions posted here berate AMZN decisions, with ultimate conviction an act of Sunday Delivery is considered a lose lose situation, this decision is based on most commenters pointing out accurately that AMZN does not make money...well it does, but it is not a profitable business. This argument has been thoroughly exhausted by quite a few commenters. As it were we have a lot of Bearish comments posted. Now here comes the rub, go back to Jan this year for instance, the same beliefs espoused here now are roughly the same, then at the same point look at the chart of public opinion, yes that is AMZN steady climb upwards in stock price. I have owned AMZN since it's IPO. I respect your opinions, and enjoy my returns...now there is where the win wins apply........the investor receives profits. I will also state I only own a third of my IPO shares, and have been playing house money, followed by house money, followed by house money.....but then again I own DPZ and have gotten a much better return, why? Well I would never eat the food, "food" dominos produces, I do not care for its food, however I do love to eat its shares. The only difference in these two cases, is I actually buy stuff from AMZN all the time. Prime member all that stuff....yeah I like AMZN, and the votes are in most stockholders do too.
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