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  • The latest sign of Chesapeake's (CHK) comeuppance: It's putting up for sale the Fort Worth highrise it bought in 2008 for $104M that symbolized the company's boom times. The building should attract plenty of interest but probably not at the 2008 price; for CHK, getting high prices for its assets is important as it seeks to raise at least $13B this year.  [View news story]
    Pauliene--I'm with you. This Co and it's stock is not a short term trading instrument. It's an investment. All my homework indicates this stock is on a turn around and well on its way back to the 30's...Maybe this year. I'm hoping for a small pull-back so I can load-up with some more..... and if the election goes our way--look out.
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  • CEO Aubrey McClendon says Chesapeake (CHK) expects to announce an asset sale and/or a JV for its Mississippi Lime acreage as part of $11.7B in sales completed or announced by the end of Q3. McClendon also expects to announce a sale of "the vast majority" of its assets in the west Texas Permian Basin. CHK +0.5% premarket.  [View news story]
    I have said all along that Aubrey would land on his feet. A neighbor of mine said along time ago not to "bet against Aubrey"...that CHK was his baby and he would take care of it. Looks like he is well on the road to executing the plan---and no doubt will get it done. I have always thought of CHK as a INVESTMENT rather than a trade. Those of us who are in it for the long haul will reap the rewards of our convictions. Sure there are still some bumps in the road, but in the long run CHK is a winner and will prove to continue to be one.
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  • Westport: Alternative Engines Can Power Your Portfolio Higher  [View article]
    Outstanding Article on Westport. I am a believer in NAT Gas being a BIG player in our future of energy independence. I believe there is far more support for NG from Romney vs. BO. I Read another article today in the newspaper referencing the coming of home based NG re-fueling machines. They are expensive (about $5,000 a copy) now but should come way down as the various mfg. bring then to market.

    I'm still in hopes that congress will embrace T. Boone Picken;s idea of the government going ahead and taxing NG at a higher rate for the first 5-7 years in order to pay for tax incentives designed to encourage the use of NG as a transportation fuel NOW. The tax incentives will be limited to about 3-years in the form of a tax credit or tax deduction. It sure would help and speed up the energy independence process.

    I'm long WPRT, CLNE, and getting longer with the dips.
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  • Chesapeake Energy Has 75% Upside Once CEO Leaves  [View article]
    At $100 / SH--I'm in. What a turn around that would be

    As for the $100mm law suit, CHK is appealing the judges ruling which seems likely to be overturned. Seem the contracts were NOT fully completed and executed. It's another issue of the sellers not doing their due diligence as far as ownership of the mineral rights.

    I have said on several occasions that AM is known as one of the best oil & gas executives in the country. Sure he has a tendency to be a loose cannon from time to time, but it is the nature of the wildcatter beast. He has done nothing illegal as far as I can tell. I truly believe he will continue to gain and have the support of the new BOD and will turn this Co. around in a very profitable way. I'm staying long CHK
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  • Why Chesapeake Needs To Dump CEO Aubrey McClendon  [View article]
    I have been a fan of AM throughout the reporting of this mess beginning in mid-April---until now. Further I don't believe Reuters has just now discovered these e-mail that smell of collusion with Encana and CHK. I too agree with the majority and the author--looks like its time for AM to go. Sure--pay him as a consultant, but the BOD have got to consider the immediate future of the Co. Still believe the value of the assets of the Co. are greater than the price the stock is trading at now. I'm currently long CHK and intend for the near term to remain so. We need to give this Board a chance to settle in and lead
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  • Chesapeake (CHK -5.4%) opens trading as the S&P's biggest loser after a report of alleged bid rigging by CHK and Encana (ECA -3.2%), plus a story that J.P. Morgan declined to do loan business with CHK for more than 10 years because of credit quality, while Goldman Sachs took the business.   [View news story]
    I have occasionally wondered if Routers had it in for AM--The peddling of this news is suspect
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  • Chesapeake: A Lucrative Buy At $18  [View article]
    I don't understand why you continually compare CHK to Enron. There is NO comparison here..

    There is a publicly traded Company out there that is doing quite well in the energy sector, and is a off-shoot of Enron. EOG energy was formerly known as Enron Oil & Gas.
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  • Cheniere Energy Licensed To Liquefy, Has Contracts, Now Needs Money  [View article]
    Good Report. I was about to say the area where LNG should shine is the fact that NG is sooooo cheap in the US---and we have enough to be the Saudi Arabia of the world with NG.

    Do you think there is a play here with gas storage while LNG is building their facility--such as PAA? 2014-2015 seems a long way out in this goofy market
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  • Chesapeake: A Lucrative Buy At $18  [View article]
    My, my, my---look at all the nay sayers. I have talked to several oil and gas managers who are employed by Companies that are competitors of CHK. Yes Aubrey is a loose cannon--but probably one of the best oil and gas men in the country. Most say --don't bet against him--if you do you will go to the Christmas Tree wearing a straw hat and tennis shoes. There is almost 100% agreement from all of them that CHK's assets are worth at least $40 / share, and if oil goes back above $100 / barrel and NG to and above $3, and The new administration of Romney et al. issues a policy of energy independence for the USA--$80 / Sh for CHK is a realistic number....but you have got to be in for the long term...and not just a 90 day trade

    Valuebull9111 & Sanpace--I'm with you. Sikkabooya--those PUT & CALL options are currently available to you if you want out at $30
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  • Westport Innovations: Make It Pay You A 23% Dividend Or Get In At A Lower Price  [View article]
    WPRT looks very speculative--But I too believe it has hit it's bottom and with the deals WPRT has made with Cummings [CMI] and CAT, it has got a great possibility of growing 200-300% over the next 18-24 months. [my opinion]

    I Like the idea the author uses to "pre-buy" stock via naked PUTS--I have been doing this for awhile for stock I would like to own and expect to grow significantly. I have been considering taking a position in WPRT with Dec & Jan Put options. I'm thinking of selling the Jan $30 PUTS @ a premium of 7.30, or possibly the OCT $22.5 PUTs. for a prem. of $2.00. Short of buying the options back that would give me the opportunity of buying WPRT at a price around $20-22. and I think the stock is a steal at that level over the next 12 months. What do you think??
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  • Westport Innovations: June Natural Gas Pricing Update Confirms Investment Thesis  [View article]
    Vacationear--Good for you & me too. The US dept of Energy was created to make the US as energy independent as possible. Of course politics & Lobbyist got involved and the programs basically went to the buzzards. I'm Nationalistic enough that I would pay more for NG just to keep the OPEC boys at bay. We are totally nuts if we don't take COMPLETE advantage of this NG opportunity we have.

    I think Boone Pickens is throwing in the towel because the politicians are so bought and sold by the lobbyists!!
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  • Chesapeake Appears To Be Taking An Aggressive Approach To Fixing Debt Concerns  [View article]
    Hey guys--What happens if the New US Federal Government establishes a policy (and means it) of Energy independence within 5 -7 years? Guess the NG drilling "time out" is over. and what is the value of CHK, XOM, SD, APC, etc. then?
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  • After a sweeping rebuke representing "total collapse of investor confidence" in Chesapeake's (CHK +3%) board - shareholders rejected two directors up for re-election and only 20% approved CEO compensation - is Aubrey McClendon's ouster next? Two-thirds of CHK’s board could be new appointees by July 1, and McClendon won’t have hand-picked any of them.   [View news story]
    I have asked the question on several occasions--What illegal, immoral or unethical thing has AM done?? I have found a lot of disgruntled people, not necessarily share holders, spewing what their personal opinions are of Aubrey... but nobody has sited to me any statement of facts. There has been a number of comparisons between CHK and Enron, but I find none in my research. Sure the compensation packages for the CEO and BOD seem to be out of line in comparison to other such organizations. The actions on the part of Enron's CEO & BOD were Illegal, unethical, and immoral, which is why people were tried and put in jail. Maybe you boys should take a look at what the Banking Boys are knocking down, before as well as after, the Wall Street bail out.--- Remember the majority of share holders including Southeastern Investment approved all of these proxy's prior to their implementations at CHK. If NG goes back to $5 and Oil back to $100, CHK's debt will turn out to be quite manageable and shareholder value should certainly be on the up side.. I'm a believer in CHK as well as AM. If you don't like the Co.--sell it---that will leave more of it for the rest of us.
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  • Aubrey McClendon (CHK) reportedly has hired ex-SEC lawyer Marvin Pickholz to represent him in an SEC inquiry into $1.3B in personal loans he obtained from an investment firm doing business with the company. The SEC is said to be looking into whether the loans posed a conflict of interest or should have been disclosed to shareholders.   [View news story]
    Cameraguy--- So what is CHK worth on the open market to Co.s like XOM, COP, etc?? How about TOT or BP or China Oil and Gas? If NG remains at the $2.50 to 4.50 level what is CHK worth. If you believe that the Co owns proven reserves that are worth what they say they are--this has got to be a $45.00+ stock. Obviously Carl Ichan believes the Co is worth something more than the $17 to 18 per share price he paid for the stock I'm staying long
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  • You can shear a sheep many times, but you can skin him only once. The actions of Chesapeake's (CHK +3.3%) Aubrey McClendon aren't Enron-esque, but the actions - and CHK's legalese reaction - are remarkable in their tone-deafness, Kid Dynamite writes. CHK needs to understand that shareholders feel they may be getting sheared, and may react by bailing before they get skinned.   [View news story]
    Jack Wildcat--where did you get your information?? I assume ALL working interest in these wells pay their appropriate share of the cost associated with the well---including lease cost, brokerage, etc. If Aubrey is not paying his fair share and the Board is allowing it... that is one thing. If he is paying it that is another. I believe the on going IRS & SEC investigation(s) will bring this to light if these are the facts.

    There certainly are a lot of negative opinions out there about Aubrey..Personally I want to give the man the benefit of the doubt. He has done a lot of "good" for a lot of people and built a pretty substantial company that helps employ a lot of American families. Some of you guys need to look for the good in Aubrey rather than all the bad. Further I am not as opposed as some to having the same person severing as CEO and Chairman at the same time. However, I want the CEO to be heavily invested in the Co. Stock with his own money, That way he has a pound of flesh in the game as well as the rest of the share holders aka. owners.

    I believe we have seen the bottom, near term, for NG and CHK. The sooner ,we as a Nation, get together and get off this foreign oil binge we are on the better off this country will be economically. Remember these things come November--
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