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  • It Is Chesapeake's Board Of Directors That Needs To Go First [View article]
    This is all such a sick joke! How can there be 'investing' when those running a company are allowed to legally steal the entire value of the company? Do you expect such men to leave you anything? Sorry, you (investors) are just the fools who keep them going! Note to SEC: if you don't start enforcing(quickly) laws based on moral principal, the whole system will collapse! It has already started!
    May 7 09:41 AM | 6 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Investing Long-Term In Timber: Sometimes Boring Is Good [View article]
    From 70's into 90's I was a store manager for one of the largest companies selling building materials to home contractors. I shopped and bought lumber. All those years lumber prices rose and dropped based on demand and supply-from home construction and export sales, and from 'weather' and natural kill out west, primarily.

    So I ask yall a question. Why is lumber so very high now? I know transportation costs are up, but due to demand, which should be at it's lowest ever--why no drop in prices?

    What I believe is --that our system is not being allowed to function freely!

    Your ideas?
    Sep 22 09:18 AM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • What Gas Prices and Sales Tell Us About the Economy [View article]
    If we had true Capitalism, we wouldn't have this problem. Our fine government allows (indeed supports) monopolys--so there goes the supply side. In addition, the money 'printed' to "solve" the recent "crisis" went to the super rich and is being used to boost the markets in hopes everyone 'feels' better. Trouble is, the super rich don't understand the story about the goose and golden egg. They are so driven by greed and arrogance they just don't understand. So they also 'play' the commodities markets. Oil is the worst, because it touches everyone, hurting all but the wealthy, the most!

    So here is my solution. At the least, put a six month stop to oil trading by any entity that does not actually USE the oil they buy--and will take delivery of every contract they buy. Excess storage will not count--not allowed! No speculation. Then we all will know what the true price is.
    Apr 6 11:16 AM | 2 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • 5 Overpaid CEOs [View article]
    Good article. The comments are even better! I am so glad to see them. I think the only way this problem will begin to be corrected is thru 'sunlight'-that is enough people enraged and talking about it! I have been saying for years now the correct word to express 'executive pay' is 'SKIMMING'. Think about that word when it referred to the early days in Las Vegas, and the 'managers' the mob bosses put in charge of their casinos. These casino managers decided they deserved more of the profits--so they took it! It's a shame we don't have someone strong enough in our government to put these new skimmers, these maniacally egotistical CEO's--in their proper place! After all, they are only managers. Deserving of being paid a reasonable, but good, salary. Instead, and since they make the rules--that is-they set their own pay(don't even start with the absurd excuses!), and they are completely unable to see their own greed, they take more and more..... The truly pitiful thing is that the gross amounts these people steal, yes steal, is money their companies need to survive. The lower employees should come first with higher salaries, with fully funded good retirement plans, with proper medical care paid for by free enterprise as opposed to government policy. Next in line should be company itself, holding reserves in cash for the down years which will come. How about shareholders? We invest to gain, not lose money. There will never be enough for dividends when upper management steals all the excess profit! So just to lighten things up, I suggest all CEO's take an official class on the mother goose story, "The Goose That Laid The Golden Egg". Then write an essay about how it's meaning applies to them, their 'salaries', their jobs!
    Jul 2 12:17 PM | 2 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • A Notable Stock Buyback Study [View article]
    Question? When an executive is 'given' shares of stock at little or no cost to him, shares outstanding increase, therefore decreasing shareholder(investor) value. The executive cashes in his shares. Then the executive calls for a share buyback using real company profits. And it starts over again...
    Is this not legal skimming, with the investor constantly getting the shaft?
    Jun 22 09:28 AM | Likes Like |Link to Comment