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  • sethlemay
    Ick holding to much in stocks at the moment, but cant figureout what to sell. $CYNAF $ZGNX $ARDM $DRRX $RIOM $TNXP. I like them all.
    Feb 14, 11:13 AM
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    • wiredless: Even a bull that runs thru the street can gore you once in a while.Sell the wild one;ride the others. You get 2 decide which is the wild 1.
      Feb 14, 11:19 AM
    • sethlemay: well I guess it should have been ZGNX lol
      Feb 14, 12:01 PM
    • sethlemay: thought it had a little more lift in it
      Feb 14, 12:01 PM
    • sethlemay: Guess it is trying to kiss the 50 day moving average.
      Feb 14, 12:05 PM
    • ceristeare: I like CYNAF, in at 70 cents.
      Feb 14, 12:07 PM
    • sethlemay: actually did sell half of my TNXP so that is a consolation price.
      Feb 14, 12:09 PM
    • wiredless: Nicely done.
      Feb 14, 1:20 PM
    • sethlemay: I actually caught CYNAF around 45 cents and rode it up to 80 cents and then got back in at 90 cents yesterday, many more shares.
      Feb 14, 1:24 PM
    • ceristeare: Good work, I missed the 40 cent price during the holidays. Looks strong for a microcap.
      Feb 14, 1:33 PM
    • sethlemay: Ceristeare one of my favorite authors "The behavior economist" released an article on $ARDM. Worth a read.
      Feb 14, 1:35 PM
    • sethlemay: That is if you like microcaps that are well funded and have a good pipeline.
      Feb 14, 1:35 PM
    • ceristeare: Thanks for the lead, will check it out.
      Feb 14, 1:40 PM
    • Mark S. Anderson: Sold $ZGNX at $4.96 just rebought at $4.66. Now it is going back over $5. Not sure why SA has $4.96 as 52 wk high when it was just $5.19
      Feb 14, 3:27 PM
    • sethlemay: Nice trade Sterock. I wasn't quick enough for the last swing, but I usually am.
      Feb 14, 4:31 PM
    • nsahbti: mine is bigger
      Feb 14, 7:27 PM
    • Mark S. Anderson: What is bigger? I think you may have posted on wrong site... $ZGNX big day today. I like $DRRX, just not now because of other opportunities.
      Feb 17, 9:11 AM