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Navellier Gold
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Navellier Gold is owned by Louis G. Navellier he also owns a Reno based investment management company that currently manages $2.5 billion in assets for institutional and high-net worth individuals. Under Mr. Navellier’ Chairmanship, his investment advisor has developed a disciplined, proprietary, quantitative investment process which is the basis for a broad range of investment funds and products. Louis is also the author of The Little Book That Makes You Rich, the fourth installment in the acclaimed Little Book, Big Profits series. SFO Magazine named it one of the Top 10 Investing Books of 2007. Once you open the book, you’ll discover Navellier’s secrets for beating the market for over 20 years—which includes an ...More
  • Description: Company executive.
  • Interests: Gold
Navellier Gold The Most Secure & Private Nest-Egg You Could Own As a discount gold broker, Navellier Gold offers a specialized trading platform that lets you buy gold online at discount prices with the security and reliability you expect from any brokerage. Our commissions are among the lowest in the industry, and your ...More
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