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  • More on the iShares price hikes: Mostly targeted for higher fees is the manager's line of single country ETFs - Brazil (EWZ), Japan (EWJ), Australia (EWA), Hong Kong (EWH), Canada (EWC), and Singapore (EWS), just to name a few of the more popular ones.  [View news story]
    This is the first I have heard of this. I assume we will receive information regarding the details.

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  • Growth And Income: American Science & Engineering  [View article]
    I have been a shareholder of ASEI for many, many years, and held on to it through many ups and downs.

    I think one of the reasons some investers might be uncomfortable with the stock is due to the fact that revenues and earnings are highly variable; they can fluctuate quite a bit and are often unpredictable. Also, management does not give guidance. The upside is that ASEI is a very well run company; management is high quality and knows what it is doing even if it may not be obvious at the time. But I personally believe that the company's greatest asset is the extremely competent scientific and engineering staff; they are top-notch.

    I believe many potential shareholders might not feel comfortable owning the stock for the above-mentioned reasons. One has to know the company and stay with it, riding out the ups and downs. This is what I have done, and have been handsomely rewarded.
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  • American Science & Engineering (ASEI +7.8%) scores a $245M contract for x-ray inspection systems from the Department of Homeland Security, more than doubling ASEI's FY 2012 total revenue. Stifel Nicolaus calls the pact a "breakthrough," even as ASEI itself says "while we are very pleased with the award... this is the very early stages of the process."  [View news story]
    I have owned and retained stock in this company for 25 years. This is an excellent investment. Both the management and scientific staff are among the very best. Through all the ups and downs of bull and bear markets I have held on, and certainly do not regret it. And in recent years it initiated paying a dividend. I write this only to inform others and call the company to their attention. I have no other connection to the company and assume others will do their own due diligence.

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  • Why No Investor Should Own GLD  [View article]
    I know that I have limited experience in investing in PMs, and I am sure I do not have the knowledge that most other bloggers have, but there is one issue I have been going over in my mind that I can't resolve:

    Let's say you own physical gold and the world markets implode and collapse. People say "That's why it's important to own gold". But if that happens, and I need to sell my gold in order to get by or survive, what would I get for that. Potential buyers at that time would know that anyone selling gold is doing so because they have to, so the offering prices would be very, very low. Such sales would be "distress sales". The distressed seller wouldn't get "diddly squat" for his gold. Would somebody please explain to me where I am wrong and what I do not understand?
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  • Why No Investor Should Own GLD  [View article]
    I understand the gist of the article. I have read about the difference between both expenses ratios. But one thing I do not understand; it would seem inevitable, if these comments are to be meaningful, that, over time (as the author has stated), all things being equal, IAU would outperform GLD. But look at their comparative charts: their prices literally overlap each other! In fact, when I look at the charts for the "maximum" time period, GLD seems to slightly outperform IAU!!!

    What am I missing.?

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  • GLD Capital Gains Need Careful Tax Planning  [View article]
    One thing I have never quite understood: IAU and GLD have for years been trading in synch with each other. Since IAU has lower management fees, shouldn't it be selling for slightly less than GLD all other things being equal?

    Also, my understanding is that the 28% collectibles capital gains tax does NOT apply to CEF, the Central Fund of Canada which invests in both gold and silver. Gains in that fund would be taxed at the 15% rate.
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  • Why Gold-Related Investments Are Slowly Becoming Worthless  [View article]
    tuckfinitee, I had alot of trouble trying to understand what you said and meant. Could you break it down for me using simpler words.
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  • Why Gold-Related Investments Are Slowly Becoming Worthless  [View article]
    tuckfinitee, I'm having alot of difficulty trying to understand what you are saying and mean. Could you break it down for me?
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  • Why Gold-Related Investments Are Slowly Becoming Worthless  [View article]
    All these commentators, all these ideas, opinions, beliefs, etc. All these contradictions. It might be helpful to consider what all these commentators have in common; NONE OF THEM REALLY KNOWS WHAT WILL HAPPEN! What then, to do?

    It has often be said (and I believe said validly), that the single best way to predict the future, is to know and understand the past. In that context, as far as I know, gold has always be consider something valuable to own, for various different reasons. Knowing and understanding the past is far from infallible, but it's far ahead of whatever is running second.

    And just to add a mundane comment, owning gold and gold-related investments is also a means of diversification.
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  • How to Play Precious Metals With ETFs  [View article]
    My concern with ETFs that own, or based on futures contracts is the consequences of contango (which I do not sufficiently understand anyway). I would appreciate it if someone would address this issue.
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  • Silver Is on the Brink of a Breakout  [View article]
    One of the commentators referred to himself as a "novice". I am at least several ranks below that. I just got started in investing in PMs (at the age of 78) so I rely alot on others' opinions. I made my first investments recently; small positions in SLV, SLW, IAU, and a 2008 proof set of gold eagles.
    Would somebody please explain to me what the "manipulation" is all about? Do the banks want to keep the price of silver low? If so, why? Almost everything I read about PMs is bullish, and that does give me some pause. I have been investing in the stock market most of my life, and am familiar with that, but not PMs. Any advice for a "sub-novice" would be appreciated.
    I do have another question which I think is rather theoretical, at least at this time: If sometime in the future the worst fears are realized, and fiat currency become worthless, what would one do with his physical holdings of PMs. The only thing I can think of is acquire them now at small denominations and then, later, use them for barter. What am I missing in all this?
    Thanks for any guidance you can offer.
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  • Are Precious Metals Still a Buy?  [View article]
    I am a novice in this area, having just made my first purchase (naturally, very close to the high). Much of the above information is difficult for me to understand, but I do have a question which really bothers me: Since one cannot eat, wear, etc. physical metal (in this case gold and silver), suppose "Armageddon" finally does come, the dollar completely collapses, unemployment skyrockets, etc., what does one do with all the physical PMs that he had accumulated? All I can think of is bartering for necessities. If that is the case, it seems to me the best course of action would be to purchase the lowest denomination gold bullion coins.

    I would appreciate it if someone far more knowledgeable than I would explain this to me in terms a PM novice would understand.

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  • The One Reason to Own Gold and Silver  [View article]
    There is something I do not understand. Perhaps someone can explain it to me. If things get as bad as gold investors (bugs?) are afraid they might, and those with gold have to use that gold in order to survive, what can they expect to get for it? Supply will so exceed demand that gold and silver will drop significantly in value. Those who own gold would get very little for their gold because they will be so vulnerable.

    It seems to me, that the most cautious route to take is to widely diversify one's investments; PMs, base metals, equities, other agricultural commodities, etc. If some form of quasi-armageddon should occur, what would be the best asset to own?

    BTW, I, too, am invested in gold, but not in any obsessive manner.
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  • Investing in Silver in 2011  [View article]
    I just finished reading most of the comments. Well, well, well, what do you know - differences of opinion! Bulls and bears, optimists and pessimists, all justifying their beliefs and actions! The truth is, I believe, that I am just like all the others; I too do not know the future! Since I don't know the future (although like anyone else I can always "predict" it) I try what I can to minimize my risk. By having a rationale for waiting for the price to come down (if it ever does) before taking a position, my chances of making the right decision are increased. Again I say, if the price does not come down (and if it does, I still have to make an educated guess at what price to initiate a position) I have lost nothing of value, just an opportunity, and there are many of those.

    I do want to say, however, that I am very impressed by the apparent knowledge, information and reasoning possessed by most of those commenting. Reading the above comments was truly an education for me. (I never formally studied or worked in the investment field). Thank you.
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  • Investing in Silver in 2011  [View article]
    I am in my 70s, retired, and have been investing in equities and mutual funds most of my adult life. I've made more than my share of mistakes, but in the final analysis, my gains exceeded my losses by a large enough margin to make me financially secure. I have become increasingly conservative, investment-wise in my older years. (Increasing conservative and investing in PMs? Go figure!)

    To "To be made": First of all, the prices/values of PMs are based more than on just the dollar. When I do not have a position in them, and the dollar "drops", I lose nothing of value. Are you saying, then, that if I do not have a position in PMs, and the dollar rises, I have gained? I don't think so. If your "logic" is correct, then, in the USA alone, close to 300,000,000 people are making and losing money every day and don't even know it!
    Dec 5, 2010. 09:42 PM | 2 Likes Like |Link to Comment