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  • Las Vegas Sands' CEO Discusses Q4 2013 Results - Earnings Call Transcript [View article]
    This is the latest Earnings Conference Call for the KING of the Casino Industry...Las Vegas Sands Corporation. This is a fascinating read along with their Annual Report because it gives you an insight into the Casino Industry! A lot of people think that casinos are always rolling in Billions of dollars and hardly have any costs but that is very far from the truth! There were many casinos that actually went bankrupt during the latest recession surprisingly. Casinos cost Billions of dollars each to construct and the competition is FIERCE! Even today during a relatively healthy economy a lot of the casinos are struggling, especially the ones where most of their business comes from Las Vegas and other parts of the United States. Some of them are struggling because they have lots of debt and the markets here in this country are not growing. Running casinos cost a lot of money as well because they have to allow some to win large amounts of money, debt financing, entertainment costs, free drink costs, discounted food costs, comps, and many other things they have to pay for! They also have to keep spending money to upgrade their properties to differentiate themselves from other Casino Operators to attract tourists to their casinos. The two casinos that are doing really well are Wynn Resorts and Las Vegas Sands because they have huge operations overseas including Macau, China and Singapore among other countries. Macau is especially lucrative! It is a small area in Southern China and is the only place in all of China where gambling is legal. It is currently growing very rapidly! They also only grant a limited amount of Gaming Licenses in Macau so the few companies who are lucky to get Las Vegas Sands and Wynn Resorts...enjoy little competition in Macau. Las Vegas Sands in particular is the KING of Macau(among companies traded on a U.S. exchange) and is one of the few Casino Operators where Investment in their stock is an option to consider.
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  • Wesco Aircraft Holdings Distributes Attractive Risk/Reward [View article]
    Sorry I meant Haas Group and not Haas Corporation!
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  • Wesco Aircraft Holdings Distributes Attractive Risk/Reward [View article]
    I agree!
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  • Wesco Aircraft Holdings Distributes Attractive Risk/Reward [View article]
    Great article and very well written! I definitely enjoyed reading your article! Sounds like a great company to invest in! It also looks like they recently made a great acquisition in buying Haas Corporation. The company also seems to be well run because of the great management they have in place(The company like you said has been run by the same family for decades and they have considerable interest in the shares of the company even today). The management like you said has been growing revenue over the years quite nicely even during the ups and downs of the aerospace industry! Which is amazing when you consider the aerospace industry is quite well known for its cyclical nature! I will definitely keep track of this company from now on!
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  • Google Pulls Samsung Back Into Its Orbit [View article]
    This is exactly what I came on here to write...good job!
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  • The Top Tech Acquisitions of 2009 [View article]
    Looks like they raised the offer and On2 will sell!!
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  • Starting to Think Differently About Sony [View article]
    Sony? They make computers? :) No but seriously....I don't even think it is possible to intentionally do what they have done all these years. I like how Sony has yet to get rid of that bureaucratic Japanese style that continues to hurt that company. They need to drastically change that company and get rid of everything that is holding that company back. It used to be a great company. Now its a laughing stock. Look at their computers? Overpriced and bloated with junk. Phones? When was the last time you got excited about one of their phones? They were the first to come out with an e-reader but for some strange reason the thousands of "Geniuses" their could not figure out that maybe hooking it to a cell network could make it much better. Amazon comes out with the Kindle...their first device and now they got a strangle hold on that market. Its like Amazon came out with the first e-reader because the Sony one didn't exist to most people. Now they release a new reader with a lot of the same features as the Kindle. That shows a company that copies and has a huge void when it comes to innovation. They don't create buzz like Apple does. Until Apple came out with the iPhone and its touch interface did the other companies a great idea. Until Apple came out with the App one that is also a great idea. Now everyone has both....but Apple has a leg up. Because they were the true innovators in a lot of the new features in devices today. Other great companies like RIM have their work cut out for them.....Sony has three Everests to climb....and probably K2 as well.
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  • CGG Veritas: A Veritable Bargain [View article]
    Excellent Work.......I am really late on this particular investment idea but I was just looking into what the company does so I didn't need anything new........Props on the in depth research and well written article even though I am a couple years!! :)
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  • Barron's: Time to Buy Housing Stocks [View article]
    OUCH!!! That was a call I had no idea Barron's made. I love reading Barron's but.........I don't know what to say......all I know now is that I have this really bad pain in my side and it really hurts.......ouch.........
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  • Pending FDA Decisions: 20 Extreme Trades [View article]
    Nice work!!
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  • Liberty Media: A Nice Combination of Offense and Defense [View article]
    What is so attractive about the Starz movie channels? Just a thought. :)
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  • Sources say cable networks and pay-TV providers (CMCSA, TWC, DTV) - struggling to make money from online video - are readying systems that limit their web shows to paying subscribers. Time Warner CEO Jeff Bewkes, addressing concerns about putting popular content behind a subscription wall: "People are afraid to go first. We aren't."  [View news story]
    Wow this is a shock. I can't stand these companies along with the telecoms, music labels, etc. who are not in competitive industries and just try to lock everything in for themselves (ex. cable, telecom) or just too stubborn, old, or not innovating enough to figure out a way to make money by giving people more of what they want instead of just restricting access. Look how they are instituting caps on their networks. Because their networks can't handle the loads they set limits because they are too cheap to build out the networks anymore. Besides dthey don't have to because most people don't have much of a choice on which carrier or company that is in their neighborhood. Look at all the things that are moving onto the net or the rising quality of things already on the net that will just get bigger and bigger as time goes on. We will watch even more movies online instead of renting them, download programs and games instead of buying them on CD or DVD at the store, watching more and more TV on the web (unless they of course succeed in stopping that), playing more video games on the net, plus the cloud offerings like online apps and online software such as offerings from . They can't even handle the load on their networks as is. We have some of the slowest internet speeds amongst industrialized countries. I love the cable companies use of UP TO xx mb p/s claims. Look what happened to the music labels that tried to stop everything instead of taking advantage of it and innovating along with the market. They were quickly left behind. Good luck with all that. In the end.....its what the consumer wants and they will get it in the end...the faster they figure that out......the better for us and especially them.
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  • Earnings Preview: Wells Fargo [View article]
    Wow looking back.......i am good!!
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  • STEC: Poised to Double Over the Next Year [View article]
    Nice call so far just going by the article post date. Would of more than doubled already if you had bought the stock when he said to in the article even though he posted the article way after that. Kind of odd. It doubling again though is the question. I would personally start taking some profits but it seems like a good company to invest in for awhile until they become a commodity business. Of course if they are able to keep that from happening they could be a fortune maker waiting to happen for a very long time. That is what makes investing hard....yet so much fun!! :)
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  • Citigroup Is Not Increasing Employee Compensation [View article]
    I didn't read the original story other than seeing the headline. What I assumed it meant was TOTALLY WRONG. I thought they were taking large bonuses away from executives and spreading that money around to everyone in higher salaries. It seemed to be a good idea to me. Too bad I assumed wrong. Bells should of went off in my head because for something like that to happen pigs would probably have to start growing wings on top of their other wings that are non-existent.
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