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  • Crude oil enters the $30s  [View news story]
    Actually he wanted to give people the choice.....which of course is called freedom. I wish I had the choice my entire career since the SS trust fund has exactly ZERO dollars in it and my 401K and other investments have plenty in them.
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  • Chevron CEO rips European oil majors on climate change  [View news story]
    I already conceded the point on increasing temperature. It would be silly not too. The observed data shows warming. I stated that the models overestimated the amount and rate of change (even the "modified" data released today)
    It is magnitude not direction. You have to agree that the solutions should also be based on the magnitude would you not? Instituting draconian solutions for a problem in the near term should be based on corresponding data that showed drastic changes in the near term.

    100 years from now we will have new technologies for energy production, manufacturing, and distribution. I prefer to see our financial resources go toward developing those faster rather than toward payment for implementation of higher cost "not ready for prime time" technologies such as solar and wind now. The problem with alarmism is that it tends to misallocate resources and thus becomes self-defeating in the long run.

    Fossil Fuels were predicted to be gone in my lifetime too...reality, not so much. Pretty much like the alarmist predictions for temperature rise, ice ages, etal. Fossil fuel extraction, however will increase in cost...thus making alternatives more attractive and therefore more private resources will go into developing and producing them. A free market will make the necessary corrections.

    If the science "is settled" why are we still allocating massive resources to continued study instead of reallocating that money to practical solutions?
    Jun 5, 2015. 01:42 PM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • Chevron CEO rips European oil majors on climate change  [View news story]
    Latest cult it to tobacco industry...blame oil companies. As I stated above: The models (methodology for showing the maginitude of AGW due to CO2) that were peer-reviewed have failed to accurately predict the observed data. This is not Exxon's data, it is the climate scientists data. You can call people all the names you want, and delflect onto tobacco but you cannot change the data. (well you can, and they did... but not enough to make the data fit their models). Since when is science done by survey? Yes, the globe is warming (has been for a long time)...we likely are adding to the effect, however the question is to the magnitude of both of these effects. The reason it is a cult is not due to the is due to the alarmism.
    Jun 4, 2015. 05:02 PM | 2 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Chevron CEO rips European oil majors on climate change  [View news story]
    The hypothesis was made, models were created....then tested...the models failed in their ability to predict the now observed data. The science part is complete. The cult however...continues. Our heads our clearly out of the sand...but our hands are firmly clutching our wallets.
    Jun 4, 2015. 03:54 AM | 4 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Reuters: FCC ready to side with AT&T, Verizon on spectrum  [View news story]
    They are currently working on the "exhale" phase. Inhale is a future project.
    May 28, 2015. 10:37 PM | 2 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • A Nice Day To Be Long GE  [View article]
    They pass on the expense to the customer via higher prices. Sorry that doesn't fit the "tax the evil corporation" narrative but ... meh.
    Apr 12, 2015. 11:25 AM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • A Nice Day To Be Long GE  [View article]
    Corporations pay no taxes...their customers pay them.
    Apr 12, 2015. 01:34 AM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • Premium milk product coming from Coca-Cola  [View news story]
    Crown and Coke...
    Dec 3, 2014. 04:24 AM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • They Say The End Is Near: It's 2004 All Over Again For Coca-Cola  [View article]
    Wachovia shareholders now own Wells Fargo shares....Many of those Dow companies on those lists are part of other companies that still exist today or are under a different name. I looked back 100 years....only 1 of the 12 Dow Jones companies at that time was liquidated. Removal from the Dow average does not mean the companies are gone.
    Dec 3, 2014. 04:11 AM | 4 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Easier mortgage standards on the way  [View news story]
    Only a fool would get in bed with the Feds for a second time. They must know they can't sue anyone else and are setting up for a new payday.
    Nov 29, 2014. 12:16 PM | 6 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Disaster Strikes For American Realty Capital Properties  [View article]
    3PM EST Investors conference call announced for today
    Oct 29, 2014. 02:37 PM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • Accounting issues at American Realty Capital; heads roll  [View news story]
    Hope the SEC takes a look at that one.
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  • Why Do Banks Want Our Deposits? Hint: It's Not To Make Loans  [View article]
    What an excellent comment! Thank you for the education.
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  • Don't buy the Amazon dip - Barron's  [View news story]
    My bet is it will be the US fits the company mission statement best, since it loses money.
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  • Don't buy the Amazon dip - Barron's  [View news story]
    My guess is they will try to compete against them....and of course fail
    Oct 26, 2014. 07:53 PM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment