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  • 3 Lessons From The Galena Scandal [View article]
    That is sad. Dr Reddy's would have assumed the drug, as no US company will run trials there, as they cannot work with any agency. The pain meds not only failed to monetize in the US as Galena itself proclaimed, they actually missed their target by almost 30% - Pinning next quarters earnings down by using a last-minute order to pump this quarters terrible results. In short, they have no income generating compounds after 2014, when anything they might monetize will be thrust into not covered territory. No one is willing to work with them. They had to create a CRO to initiate their "pivotal" study - PRESENT - which has most centers 50+ in Russia and the Ukraine. They have zero chance of raising money. NeuVax itself was shelved by RXII at sat dormant for years. It was brought back to life more the appearance of a pipeline to raise money. This ship is sinking. Their largest spend is the Full-Tie In-House Executive Team of Attorneys and Former Prosecuters defending the board, Ahn, and the company. You will see Kriegsman's head roll soon.

    Remember - Steve Kriegsman has been doing the Find - Create Buzz - Raise Cash - Fail - Repeat since the 80's. He has NEVER taken a compound to the agency for approval. Aldox will be the first, but I do not think he will be at the helm. For that matter, Aldox is not knew, the very unique method and cleave is - making it far more practical for submission and approval, as it already works and is 5 times less toxic in this iteration.
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  • A Better Entry Point For Apple Will Become Available For Patient Investors [View article]
    They haven't announced multiple buyback programs the way you describe, rather, revisions and notes on when they bought shares. Wow. Poor dissemination of facts and no analysis.

    If apple was in a period of stagnant growth and no products refreshes or NEW products on the 12-18 month horizon.... But that is so far from reality it cannot be stated.
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  • A Better Entry Point For Apple Will Become Available For Patient Investors [View article]
    Your own argument and logic fails to prove your point. If anything, you prove that Apple weathered the storm of negative bear articles, continually meeting output and increasing value - That the price is below the overzealous 2012 price means it is fairly if not value priced for entry. With current sentiment, Apple is now a safety-value-dividend play when so many others with ridiculous valuations are being challenged by naysayers calling for a 20% correction.

    Apple is one of the safest plays of the year, and still offers a 10-20% rise through the holiday season.
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  • Short Sellers And Seeking Alpha [View article]
    All of that might be valid if you Published every debate as a headline story with the same "viewability" as the Authors original. However, and as you know, 99% of people see the title and might read a bit of the article, but never comment or read comments. The quality of comments is often so terrible they are more of a nuisance than a valid "debate." Therefore, the idea that the debate is serious or helpful to the balance of the overall story is nearly zero.

    This post by Seeking Alpha on Seeking Alpha throws logic out the window, dismisses that much of SA is available by subscription only, or that publishing bashing articles about supposed fraud and investor relations schemes is often the only catalyst short-sellers need to make huge profits. (Why would media companies be distancing themselves from SA if they were not concerned the site was anything but a short-sellers paradise?)

    What is clear is that harsh articles on SA often cause immediate damage to price, & the thesis often does not prove out or have any real basis. Positive articles, if true, take time to prove-out, & when they do, the catalyst is often earnings or an event totally unrelated to the story.

    What is observably true is that doom&gloom Seeking Alpha articles have been a catalyst for short-sellers and negative price movement. There is no observable correlation bullish Seeking Alpha articles are a catalyst for price increase.
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  • An End To Our Relationship With Yahoo, A New Era For Equity Research [View article]
    Finally! SA will go into obscurity unless it spends the time and money to provide DD on Names (anonymity), relationships to pumpers and paid promoters, and no longer be a place for short articles and their authors to further degrade opportunities for retail investors. With no traffic coming from Yahoo, if SA simply continues to be an anonymous blast-off for intentionally misleading retail investors it will just fail. SA must either completely reinvent itself or go away. There is NO Positive way SA can spin this, as this should be terrible news.

    Rather than spin it, SA should be screaming about this great catalyst for change, while admitting the anonymous promoter paid model is only valuable in the very short term and often at great expense to the retail investors it supposedly exists for.... But alas, it is SA, so they spin and miss the opportunity to realize they are failing. I also imagine the legal fees and demands for records are growing at such a rate that obscurity might be the only cure against RICO, placing SA directly in the arms of the same stock promoters and malicious underwriters promoting their vehicles.

    I will be happy to use Yahoo Finance again, having stopped because there was often nothing legitimate to see - only anonymous SA articles. If you won't trust a random person on the street for investment ideas and research, why would you trust an anonymous "person" on SA for the same? It is ludicrous.
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  • Placing Northwest Biotherapeutics In The Figure-4 Deadfall Trap [View article]
    Separate feelings from BioTech. Period. Last comment for me. SA is only a Short Sellers paradise. Feelings are for donations to research, which most BioTech "investing" turns out to be.

    I too hate cancer.

    I trade BioTech stocks. I also invest in BioTech companies. When I invest, I do not care if the daily price of a company is up or down, as that is for trading, and totally different.
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  • Placing Northwest Biotherapeutics In The Figure-4 Deadfall Trap [View article]
    Yes/no. The study is not enrolling quickly, and has no published data on blinded results. You can see this with the evolution of the trial and available sites posted to FDA. Based on assumptions - A certain small percentage will likely appear cured. GM-CSF has a percentage of reactions and adverse events. All GBM patients die. With only 300 patients it is unlikely to achieve the significant results needed for approval. It is also likely to advance the science to the next step, for the next compound.....
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  • Placing Northwest Biotherapeutics In The Figure-4 Deadfall Trap [View article]
    Do you know who Summer Street is? Do you know the relationship they have to NWBO?

    No one at FDA feels any pressure to get this done. In fact, MD Anderson's opinion holds great weight. Key Industry Opinion weight. So if anything, the FDA only has pressure to expand the study, review statements, and demand more data before consideration.

    I wish retail was never allowed to invest in BioTech companies that still had the ability to make secondary offerings. I know too many people who have lost a fortune betting on BioTech because of their feelings or friends and family losses to cancer. No one seems to care that the odds are greater than 9/10 that you are investing in a loser. The losers do not care about your feelings when they fail. So retail is often left with the death of a family member and the loss of money donated to research the same cancer that murdered them.
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  • Placing Northwest Biotherapeutics In The Figure-4 Deadfall Trap [View article]
    There is no "monetization" of the German study. It is a study. You cannot profit from research or you fail standards of blinding. The amount of misconception related to the German Hospital Exemption for Compassionate use by the terminally ill has been completely misunderstood by American's who also do not realize Germany has it's own "FDA", socialized medicine, tax structure, Medical Review Boards, standards, etc.... They are not even the EU although Germany has a lot of sway, as does GB, who often move in similar ways... one of the many reasons you have the two countries working on the same study.

    For the US FDA, the study will require expansion, changes, and increased costs.
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  • Placing Northwest Biotherapeutics In The Figure-4 Deadfall Trap [View article]
    That's where it failed.

    So I need to state: Caveat-all have failed to create a monetized therapy where investors might see a return of their funding.

    There are currently compounds that I strongly believe will not fail, and do not require a caveat.

    This is not a science review site. This is about investing and trading. I think it is ridiculous to talk about science here, except in very general terms.

    Investing and trading is not about curing cancer or caring about anyone. When you begin throwing money at your feelings, except when making charitable donations, you should seriously re-think your objectives.

    It is AWESOME when a compound makes money and saves lives. I observe them in totally separate ways.
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  • Placing Northwest Biotherapeutics In The Figure-4 Deadfall Trap [View article]
    I am not acting sincere, I am being sincere. I am also being a realist. Pure and simple. I, like other industry execs, do not like what Linda Powers has been doing. I imagined that if she felt OK about her press releases, she would continue doing them even under greater scrutiny. Instead, she stopped, only going so far as to release one final word: Essentially that the stock price was up completely because of the infrastructure development efforts NWBO had undertaken. With that Press Release, for anyone that has been watching, and IMHO, she totally shot the entire PR and Data Release program in the foot. It now appears she intended to promote the stock with her PR. If she had followed up with more data dumps, I would have had an increased respect for her. Since she did not, and threw out alternative mumbo-jumbo, she has far less respect across the board.

    Because of Linda Powers, I think NWBO as it is currently structured has a smaller chance of funding research past its cash on hand. The PR feels evermore like it was a last-ditch effort to obtain funding. Linda has made the rounds for AGES. Who else can she ask for cash? Only retail! NWBO cannot afford "building manufacturing infrastructure" to complete trials. The market cap is out of sync with their achievements. The last thing you want in BioTech is the appearance you are using smoke and mirrors. Stating -Direct answers to -L questions is fundamentally and scientifically false, as the compounds are totally different, sharing only a partial title (DCVax).

    I still like STEM, NBS, & many more. The immune system kills what is defined as cancer every day in every human. I believe targeted ImmunoOncology will advance to a personlized 1 person x 1 cancer cure. (See NBS) I would not invest in NWBO, although I have stated I traded it to great profit in the fall-winter of 2013.
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  • Are We Seeing Musk's Tesla Exit Strategy? [View article]
    His name is "Car Insurance Samurai"
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  • Behind The Promotion Of Northwest Bio [View article]
    What is ridiculous is that 2 sides of a 6-sided story are both without merit, for separate and equal reprehensible manipulation techniques. Both to enrich one party over the other. The reality is that neither side, the pumper or the dumper, address the core issues that should matter to a NWBO "investor":
    1) Why does the company never answer DCVax-L Questions?
    2) Why does the company substitute DCVax-Direct responses to every relavent DCVax-L question?
    3) Why is retail the primary source of revenue for a decade+ old study with a design that will not pass evolving ImmunoOncology standards the FDA guides BioTech to use when authoring a Study Protocol?
    4) As a retail investor, you should "trade" biotech companies prior to approval, only "investing" in them for extreme long positions when they have minimal market caps, minimal prices, and you can understand the science.
    5) NWBO fails all "investment" protocols, yet meets many peoples "trading" standards - which require enough volatility to make quick money Up or Down.

    Don't mistake "trading" in pre-approval biotech as "investing." MNKD is a great example of the exhuberant BioTech Investor left wondering where the big payoff is when the over-valued market-cap of a BioTech receives a hard to label approval.

    I personally believe both sides in this pitiful pump & dump story are to blame for robbing retail of their money and consolidating it in the hands of the very few extremely wealthy individuals who always win at this reverse Robin Hood transfer of wealth. Stop giving Linda Powers and Hedge Funds your money. Far more than 90% of all compounds fail to meet the stringent requirements of approval by FDA, and even fewer in this infant science of ImmunoOncology.
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  • Placing Northwest Biotherapeutics In The Figure-4 Deadfall Trap [View article]
    Thanks for the reply and I respect everything you wrote - mostly agreeing.

    Please understand that I believe we will have dendritic vaccines to cancers. Eventually resection, manufacturing, & treatment all at single centers. Dolts arguing conspiracy theories about a blogger, misunderstanding science, timelines to NDA's, the BioTech industry, The Agency (FDA), and whatever else is purely ridiculous in my mind. However, in the case of NWBO, Linda Powers is causing all of the problems investors are worried about by her rather odd actions. Out of character really, and why I believe she has become totally desperate. I felt like the last cash infusion was more a gift from a philanthropist than a real investment. NWBO's market cap and float are outrageous when considering they have really made no progress since the Trial was first written in 2005. I think the decade of genetic sciences has created a huge problem for them, as well as several other companies in similar positions.

    I believe in what California Stem Cells is doing. They actually isolate the single tumors Stem Cells and use those irradiated cells to create their vaccine. The rest is pretty similar. Thus, rather than a group of markers, or techniques to help train to find and attack the cellular wall or tumor group, you have this type of vaccine that actually hunts the entire cancer - and it "knows" it like the back of it's hand.

    I interact with MD/PhD teams & at FDA. I know that although everyone wants a breakthrough, no one is getting it until this actually proves out in the real world. As you know, to date, all have failed. Because this is new, you should also know that there is an ever-changing FDA Guidance & more difficult burden of proof.

    I sincerely feel Linda Powers has lost control of NWBO's ability to raise capital. I believe she is acting like a desperate person. Not unlike the 78 year old man I saw attempt to rob a bank on the news because he ran out of money. The company literally does not have the capital to move forward with their open studies, a serious reason why they are pursuing Ph1 right now, while the manufacturing is established for Ph3. California Stem Cells hit a similar roadblock - I guided that they were underestimating their timelines and road to manufacturing. They chose another answer to the same questions. I was right and they are running a year behind... & they have/had all the cash they might ever need at hand.

    I am also excited about what Stemcells is doing, however, they have a ways to go in the Neurosurgery world - and have trials coming for exactly that purpose.
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  • Placing Northwest Biotherapeutics In The Figure-4 Deadfall Trap [View article]
    And Nobel Prize winners at RXII made similar claims, ultimately coming up empty handed.

    What is different and unfortunate - Those scientists you name, who likely were on the UK documentary about the subject, ahve an agenda to publicize and finance their research. NWBO keeps killing their efforts by giving -Direct answers to the important question about -L. Thus the very real worry is introduced that Linda Powers is purposefully misleading.

    In BioTech brilliant scientists fail 90%+ of the time. It is simply how difficult it is to take a brilliant idea that has many signs of a major breakthrough all the way to answering the question: Does it do what we hypothesized when we scale up to a randomized yet selected patient population?
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