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  • omarbradley
    Why Being President Is Hard
    Feb 19, 10:02 PM
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    • Perkins Cove: the office of the president to big for one man? When there are 5 financial lobbyists for every member of congress.....
      Feb 19, 10:09 PM
    • Perkins Cove: ...what the hell is going on? The corporations are totally in control, Obama caved to the Banksters when he had them under his thumb.....
      Feb 19, 10:11 PM
    • Perkins Cove: ...and We The People are getting the shaft. (man, am I gonna hear it from DaLatin)
      Feb 19, 10:12 PM
    • Perkins Cove: Are we really going to have to wait for the common man to revolt...before we can get real change?
      Feb 19, 10:14 PM
    • Perkins Cove: Sorry omar.....but you and Ike were the last solid men we had. It's been down hill from there.....
      Feb 19, 10:15 PM
    • Perkins Cove: And Patton.....
      Feb 19, 10:16 PM
    • Perkins Cove: (bet your sorry now you picked that avatar....grin)
      Feb 19, 10:19 PM