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  • Tracking The Store Growth Of Zoe's Kitchen [View article]
    I have done well trading Tesla. My trades have been small putting a few hundred dollars in the register each trade. My question, was I stupid to not trade a larger position? was I stupid to not hold longer? Was I stupid to not pick a different stock to trade? I believe that making a trade and taking more cash than I had to begin with is smart. Can you elaborate on why you think buying these companies is stupid? Netflix has made a lot of money for a lot of people did you not make any or did you loose money? I never bought netflix I was stupid. You mentioned buying being stupid you did not discuss selling which is the other side of buying also know as making or loosing money. My point is that investing and trading have the same goal to make money. Investing is not so exciting and takes diligence. Trading takes same approach but happens a lot quicker. some solid dividend paying companies can be purchased with a long time frame 10, 20 years in mind. you still pay attention to fundimentals but dont reduce on noise and chatter. Still other companies may be purchased with a short horizen and you pay attention to them as well. Stupid buying is overpaying to start and even worse stupid buying is defined by selling lower than you paid.
    Zoes is a risk no doubt and if that risk is to great then move aside. Yes Zoes just went public yes they are getting ready to sell more shares, yes they are not making profit. Yes they are growing revenue at a very good rate, yes they are on target to open 1600 stores and yes the food is good. I wonder if the same doubters said the same about MCD, or Coke, or Chipoltle or SBUX when they went public? Just remember that if you are not o.k. with risk then you will be o.k. with small returns.
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  • Zoe's Kitchen Keeps Serving Up Humble Pie To Those Who Doubt [View article]
    For the profit seekers; how do you think a business opens additional locations? Either buy borrowing or using revenue or a combination of both. If company wanted profit instead of growth they would cut expenses. (Not open as many stores or any at all) Zoe's opened roughly 100 stores in about four years this takes a lot of money.
    I suggest you keep an eye on Zoe's performance at each quarter. Opportunity does not wait however and there are a few ways to play Zoe's both long and short term. If you think October will show an exit keep your money on the side lines or sell before. If you are looking at a sizable investment take a trip and eat at Zoe's speak with store managers and see if you could speak with upper management. If your investment is small Information is the best way to invest. The better you know a company the better investment choice you can make. Look at the reviews posted on SA no one has stated they have eaten at Zoe's and didn't like it. I guess if you eat their shrimp kabobs and don't like shrimp you may not be happy. The food is great.
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  • Tracking The Store Growth Of Zoe's Kitchen [View article]
    There is a Zoe's in the same shopping center that my business is located in.
    I have eaten there for over 3 years. It is always packed busy. Lunch or dinner. Anyone I have referred loves it. I have brought guest from out of town for lunch and they always ask to go when they are in town. Menu is a great change from the played out burger and burrito with more diversity. Offerings of steak, chicken, salmon, hummus, salads, sandwitches, roll ups, rice, vegetables... Managers who have been with the company for a decade like the company and are excited about the growth. A decade is a long time for someone to work in a small company it says a lot for the owners.

    Mpharbold1 For a private business to grow from just a few stores to over a hundred takes money I know first hand the amount of Capitol needed to grow a business. Yes we all want to see profit however the growth is hyper. Where is the profit in TSLA? How about sbux how many times earnings? Most of the pharm/bio trades at absurd multiples. Sure some may be profitable but the profit is erased by the multiple. Already priced in many times over. Zoe's growth is in infancy and yes a lot can go wrong but they have a great start, concept , and most important great food. We invest in opportunity some of the solid absolutes like CLX, GIS considered safer but don't ad the alpha like Zoe's can. Look at risk/potential if you feel good buy if not don't maybe wait a year and see. It is now that a small investment can turn into large. Think of it as pharm and bio you would not take large positions in all the up and coming or even the more established but taking small position spread over many can pay off tremendous.
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  • Tracking The Store Growth Of Zoe's Kitchen [View article]
    Zoe's has tremendous potential to be the next Chiplotle. Who was fortunate enough to buy CMG at or near the IPOD? I see Zoe's as a potential long term winner! To coin a slightly different phrase from a great CEO don't buy I will and we will see who made the better choice.
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  • Zoe's Kitchen: Overpriced Based On Long-Term Growth And Earnings Expectations [View article]
    Zoe's has grown from about 29 stores in 2010 to 111 in 2014. Pretty impressive for a private company.
    They have some stores that don't have the full menu to some that are experimenting with drive thru. The drive through works off a limited menu as some items take a little to long to serve from a drive through. Personally I have eaten at a specific Zoe's location for a few years the food is very good every one that I took their or recommended to eat there has loved it. The restaurant is ALWAYS packed usually long line at lunch and dinner. I would love to see them work on design of stores to speed up ordering process either more registers or perhaps doing more to encourage online and call in orders. Zoe's is on the right track for tremendous growth. Not competing with burgers or burritos they have come on the scene in the quick Mediterranean market serving a healthier choice that is very tasty. I believe Zoe's is the next Chiplotle and think the stock has hyper growth opportunity. I Plan to hold this stock for several years if not longer.
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  • McDonald's - Fair Valuation As Minimum Wage Debate Could Create Worries [View article]
    Need more coffee,
    How did you arrive at your assessment of the minimum wage worker?
    Was there some study done to support this theory? I did read "In your oppinion" so your projection is self driven. The idea that wages demanding the bargaining power of employees? When interviewing for a job if it does not meet your requirements move on and seek one that does. With regard to pay plan for business paying on performance promotes a healthy growth. The lack of leadership in government is also in Business. Great leaders do not force people to think highly of them. Instead a great leader encourages people to think highly of themselfs. Forcing a hike in minimum wage does have a hard impact on the small business as well as large corporations. The job market is speaking loud and proactive leaders in business with the ability to make tough desicions should take a hard look at the companys pay plan. does it reward or promote productivity? If not then figure out a way to improve service, productivty, and reward those that contribute and meet or exceed job expectations by inreasing wages and or offerring stock that as I said before and yes it is simply my thought will result in a feeling of ownership and provide continuity with the worker and company. The increase in wage should be appropriate to the job description and goals and a great company should not have to be forced but rather lead in wage increases. MCD can easily track employees productivity and level of service. Setting a goal for each employee with a reward such as commision, bonus, wage increase, stock bonus. MCD and others keep looking for ways to increase revenue and profitablility in almost bizare ways. We see it often, just throw more bacon on it or offer a new menu item that nobody will purchase instead of looking at the companys most valuable asset and that is and will always be the employees. MCD, Walmart, any company that has the foresight to see that the area of the employee is where you will find growth would be well rewarded with growth. Burger King, MCD, Walmart all built on advertising customer service, cleanliness, and quality. We do not see that currently.A great business does not have the majority of employees disliking their job and feeling inadequate or underpaid. Sure some always will complain no matter what they earn or do for a living. Imagine a large business with employees that would encourage each other to do more and serve.
    I submit this quote in closing; Happiness is not having what you want. Happiness is wanting what you have
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  • McDonald's - Fair Valuation As Minimum Wage Debate Could Create Worries [View article]
    Minimum wage jobs are entry level. They do not require a lot of skill however can provide a good starting opportunity for young people or a nice part time low stress job for elderly. The politics that are taking front page news regarding these jobs are not aimed at a solution but rather a agenda. I agree with you when I was young people did not take a hand out every one I knew would never have taken unemployment or any other form of welfare. We would get out there and do what we needed to earn money. A miniumm wage job provided a step up. I would like to propose one possible solution and since the article is aimed at MCD I will use them as a model. Instead of hiking the wage when there is no added performance from employee and since most of the service at MCD is far from good and really most of the time non existent to just plain bad. MCD should train employees the way they used to. The slogan was service with a smile MCD used to be the "happy place" it is now a place that is not usually is not clean. The order is just thrown at you and half the time not correct. If MCD were to look at the pay plan and create upword mobility based on performance using stock shares to create a feeling of ownership I believe that alone would bring a big boost to revenue. The argument of earning unequality is not that a CEO earns so much more that entry level employee but more of a company having billions of dollars in profits and not paying across the spectrum of employees.
    I don't know MCD pay plan but if they gave some back to workers on a performance base I think it would work out for them as I'd did for Ford a long time ago.
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  • Morgan Stanley taps old-school McDonald's for a 20% gain [View news story]
    I have not owned MCD as long as bradystreet and it has done well over that time.
    Congrats on your disciplined investing!
    I have owned MCD many years ago but did not hold for more than a year or 2.
    My most recent purchase of MCD was only about 2 and a half years ago at 83.83 since then I have acquired a little over 400 shares. The dividends that I reinvested have very slightly raised my basis since it has paid divi at 99.31, 98.92, 98.75 . For those who practice DRP or just auto reinvest I suggest look at your dividends and decide if it is better for you to take the shares or the cash.
    On January 2 of 2013 MCD closed at 90.12 today a little over a year later it closed @ 95.80 giving 6.3% return add in the divi of 3.5% and MCD produced almost 10%. Not a bad return. Looking at how the market did overall and how many stocks produced significantly higher returns the burger and fries don't look so good.
    However if you are looking for a place to park your money that will provide some stability with a decent return certainly more than money market and CD, MCD is a winner. I can trade out of MCD if I choose to buy something else at the push of a button.
    In comparison with growth stocks I was fortunate enough to buy XLRN at 18 on Nov 6and did just sell some when it went above 40. A few days ago. Doubled my money in a few months! Would I keep my money in XLRN For several years? Probably not. Will I keep my remaining shares now that I recouped my principal and took a little profit as well absolutely! with a stop limit GTC order I will keep moving that limit if the stock continues to climb.
    Some people like the disciplined long term approach and it can do well. Some like to trade more often still others like myself do both. MCD is not a stock to be traded but if you look at its past performance holding it over the long term does not look so bad. I don't eat MCD often but every now and then I get a Big Mac and fries attack and it still tastes good!
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  • U.S. tech giants enjoy U.K. "tax bonanza" [View news story]
    I do not know how to validate those numbers but what I do know is in 1970 most households had single wage earners. For 2011 most households have 3. If workers are paying taxes on wages earned that is triple the base on individuals paying taxes. Note that tax rates have increased for most taxpayers overall. When governments take away deductions to get at those "evil rich" they are really putting their thumb on everyone. Taking away the home mortgage deduction ( already happening) is bad all around. Not good for economy and not good for hardworking people that may choose to upgrade living quarters. The way to prosper is for government to be kept in check to provide infrastructure, defense and compete with global economy creating environment that leads to growth - lower taxes both corporate and individual look at how much money could be brought here if not for high taxation. How would our economy look if individuals kept more of their income. Spending would go up increasing demand thus producing more tax being paid overall making up more than the difference in high taxes. Corporations going to lowest tax options is still legal individuals not paying taxes by using cash and not claiming money earned is not . Looks like both are trying to achieve same result pay less tax. This world seams to be keen on legalizing things because people are doing it. ( Colorado condoning pot) why not try lowering taxes instead and see what it produces. In all it is more about control than it is about being fair and respecting individuals
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  • U.S. tech giants enjoy U.K. "tax bonanza" [View news story]
    Stephen Aniston debit problems all caused by corporations not paying more tax.
    So all along when balancing my check book I have been incorrect thinking that I need to spend less than I have in my account in order to prevent a returned check when all I need to do was take some of your money and put in my account and use your money however I see fit. I can politicize taking your money by telling other people that you are a fat cat and probably crooked and should not keep the money that you worked to earn. I could get support by telling people that if I take your money I will give some to them - I remember a day nobody would take a " hand out" they had pride and would earn for the self . Not sure but I believe that there is a question of honor and integrity at many levels. Think of this people that want to take from those who have been more successful will ultimately make it so much harder for the less successful to achieving more. Also giving hand outs will not create equality rather just create another subclass that does not contribute. I submit that we think of how we can get more people to contribute and produce and reward production instead of trying to oppress.
    But for now please send your money to all that claim they need it - you certainly do not. According to those who want to steal, take, tax you are not really capable of spending "properly" anyway. They will be better equipped to use your money.
    My intent is not to provoke but to promote compensation for production.
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  • High Yielding Kinder Morgan Should Yield More Soon [View article]
    You just mentioned tankers.
    I agree that timing on the purchase may be a little off but with the US poised to be #1 producer of oil and set to start exporting a great amount of both oil and potentially LGN how do you think they will transfer it if not by tanker?
    I have had KMP, KMI, and KMR for many years. Currently a little over 400 shares in total. Reinvesting dividends With a decent yield and dividend growth Kinder Morgan is a top wealth producer from my prospective.
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  • Congressional Democrats pen letter urging higher wages for fast food workers [View news story]
    Your statement about discrepancy shows only that Executives do in fact earn more than line workers. What you fail to state is that virtually anyone can work a line at fast food. To run the company is further from working the line than the wages are from each position. Generally positions pay in line with job description and ability to fill the perspective job. Anyone can work a line CEO's are not as easy to find. So no one is pocketing money at their expense rather they are being paid accordingly. One more thing to bring to your attention people are still free in this country to find employment elsewhere should they decide the wage is no longer suitable.
    You describe a world that will take a job knowing full well they pay and then demand higher wages. I suggest taking a job knowing the wage and investing in your skill set and gaining employment at higher rate some where else or working for promotion within the company.
    Employers compete for employees based on ability to fill the open position and will pay higher wages/ benefits when competition requires.
    Think about it loser easy why can't someone do something winners say here's what I can do.
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