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  • Abtech's Roadmap To $100 Million In Revenues In 2014 [View article]
    1. I am long ABHD, and expect to add to my position on weakness if there is a “fiscal cliff” market sell off by year end.

    2. DSher: Congratulations on the best written article yet on ABHD.

    3. To Keyfitz: Forbes ran an article and the stock did not move. Why? You need to listen to the two recent earnings calls, recent presentation, and "listen between the lines"...

    My interpretation is... After Romney won the first debate, the Republican spin machine started its misinformation rhetoric of a landslide win, winning the popular vote by 10 points, etc. CEOs bought the lies but not Smart Sponge. With Romney's goal of ending the EPA, those red-blooded, American, free market capitalism CEOs decided it is better for shareholders (who do not drink water) to pollute than spend a few bucks cleaning their sewage and "produced water" and being honest and morally responsible.

    The last AbTech earnings call indicated some 130+ inquiries since the election. The EPA is NOT going away, and companies will now be forced to do the morally correct thing (I know that honesty and morals versus Wall Street/CNBC are incompatible concepts).

    The City of Babylon was supposed to place an order November 1. Then Hurricane Sandy hit. Now reconstruction of waste water systems is required for major population centers of the East Coast. Suddenly, all the Obama/Fed hating politicians who need to rebuild their destroyed water treatment suddenly found the FEMA phone number. I suspect Federal funding is behind some of the 80 municipalities looking into the Smart Sponge.

    Hurricane Sandy may have been disastrous to East Coast cities, but it may be the catalyst for AbTech sales – and for cities to finally be responsible.

    4. To Stickman: It would be nice if you would provide proof of your statements as everything I have read is that millions of gallons of water are used. Your claim of as low as “1,000” gallons for a fracked well seems (as polite as I can be), a "bit too low."

    5. To Foster: You need to Google the correct company name, and do your homework before you embarrass yourself with outrageous claims of some other company’s fraud as AbTech. Likewise, if a guy named Foster did horrible crimes -- would that make you that person?

    6. To Mark Anthony: Your assumption is that water treatment costs are only for natural gas, and you go on to assume it is $2/mbtu. First, this article did not say for gas only.

    Second, do we know that Altela’s figure $18 billion for water treatment is correct? Spears & Assoc. (1-20-12) reported North America will spend $30 billion for fracking. So does this mean 60% of the fracking cost is for water treatment? What is included in Spears calculations, perhaps water treatment is not included (they have fracking costs at roughly $2 million per well). Also, who says Spears’ $30 billion is correct when Chesapeake is spending $14-18 billion, and it only drills 15% of U.S. wells.

    Or looked another way if 19,000 fracked wells use 4 million gallons each – assuming none was recycled – at 19¢ per gallon to haul and dispose, that would be $14 billion. Since a lot of water is recycled, or treated for less, I believe the $18 billion, is at least, double reality. Since 23% is for gas, that makes your number 23¢/mbtu – not $2.

    Third, what is your source that only 9TCF comes from shale gas? Fourth, a lot of figures are just something repeated as if it were fact. The NY Times reported (11-3-11) that “With 20,000 shale wells drilled in the last 10 years...” Yet, Chesapeake in just the last three years has drilled ~9,000 wells, and roughly 16,000 in total. That would mean Chesapeake drilled 75% of all wells – which did not happen. For example, 95% of wells being drilled by Chesapeake are for oil. According to Baker Hughes, which has maintained rig counts since 1948, for 11-30-12: gas rigs 23%, oil rigs 77%, horizontal 61%, and vertical 28%.

    The point is, reported figures are suspect, especially when they are so outlandish. So, neither you nor I can draw factual conclusion until we have some facts, that actually are facts.

    6. To Blueice: a) I appreciate your factual contributions to this analysis. But, your tirade against AbTech is unwarranted. Instead, give AbTech the credit it is due. You rip on it as if it alone could have caused the 1969 Cuyahoga River mess – just the opposite. If Smart Sponge had been used the oil, gasoline, pollution, etc. never would have happened, and no environmental disaster would have happened.

    AbTech is the solution, not the problem. You may believe it would be best if no company polluted, no person ever had to poop or pee, we did not use electricity, or cars – but that is not life. We need to find the “best practices” to minimize pollution and Smart Sponge is the smart choice.

    The CEO has dedicated 15 years of his life and put his financial resources on the line to work in his laboratory (say “laboratory” in a Boris Karloff voice) with “mad scientists” he hired to invent/develop a technological brilliant solution to some water pollution issues. It is his vision, expertise, money, struggle, and dedication to save America’s waters. And your contribution to improving America is ___________?

    b) Twice you posted that you wanted “company’s financials.” Yet you brag how you can Google and go “40+ pages deep” into a document and find information. It is not the author’s responsibility to do all your homework. It is time for you to use your immense Google skills. If you want more financial information go to the AbTech website and review the earnings releases and 10Q. But note, the author clearly indicated AbTech is not a financial powerhouse, “The company has yet to seal any contracts that generate material revenue.”

    c) Smart Sponge is not being used to sanitize surgical facilities. It is NOT being sold as a sole-source coliform removal tool, but it is an additional benefit. Do not make claims the company has not made.

    d) 330 million Americans cannot join you living in a mountain top log cabin, with wood burning stoves, an outhouse, a hand pump for water, and commute on horses. Of course it takes polluting sources to mine the ore, melt the steel, pour the casts for your pump, the horse shoes, the well pipe, your cooking utensils, etc. Mountain men still need society, and society will always pollute.

    To Lynn: I do not wash my dishes with Smart Sponge, and fracked oil is not filtered with my dish sponge. You have not taken the time to learn basic facts, or even watch any of the Smart Sponge videos. Go to:, on the right side, click on AbTech Videos, click on #3, so you can get a sense of the good that Smart Sponge will do.

    To Erwin Brown: Would you prefer, as you state, “billions of tons of Smart Sponge filled with the hundreds of cancer causing agents, biocides , corrosives and petro-distillates and the other 700 undisclosed chemicals” to continue to be dumped into your water supply. That is where they are going now.

    Smart Sponge has never claimed to remove 700 undisclosed chemicals. You made that up.

    I hope Smart Sponge will clean up “billions of tons” because that means, based on the studies, for every one ton in the sponge, several tons of non-absorbed pollution was trapped on the face of the sponge and did not flow into the water.

    Rather than ripping on Smart Sponge use your scientific skills to develop “agents, biocides, corrosives, and petro-distillates” that are non-polluting. Then you will have actually done something positive other than bitch. This is like complaining what you are going to do with all the rags or paper towels to clean up the kitchen floor, rather than tell the kids to take off their muddy shoes outside.

    I have said for twenty years the fastest way to keep our water clean is to require CEOs, Boards of Directors, and the top ten executives of any company that puts any liquid into a sewer or discharge pipe to drink one 8 ounce glass, daily, from their discharge pipes (toilets exempt). Similarly, to improve air quality, build a cat walk to the top of their chimneys so they can breathe the emissions for five minutes per day. If they will not drink or breathe their discharges why should anyone else?

    In the meantime, we have Smart Sponge.
    Dec 2, 2012. 10:40 PM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • Why A Bidding War Could Shortly Develop For Abtech [View article]
    HEK is a fine company. You are referring to HEK's growth via acquisitions, Appalachian Water Services, and Power Fuels. Of course its sales will double -- not organically -- but because of the acquisitions.

    As the saying goes, "He who LOL last, laughs best." If you read yesterday's presentation you would see that ABHD's sales guidance has been confirmed. When sales go from $460K in the first half to $17M in the second half, I think the stock will do just fine.

    I am NOT discrediting HEK. I am a BIG fan of the the benefits America will have from ABHD's fantastic products - and how shareholders will gain. These companies are not in competition, as HEK can improve its operations by incorporating the Smart Sponge in its processes.
    Oct 5, 2012. 10:11 AM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • Why A Bidding War Could Shortly Develop For Abtech [View article]
    When I drive my car forward, I do NOT look block my windshield and rely on my rear-view mirror (as Wallstreetclassic), and I do NOT look at just the car in front of me (as Inflection Point), but down the road to see all the traffic and what is developing and to anticipate events.

    I agree that the rear-view mirror says sales were just $460K for 12H1. Just ahead sales will be $17 -$20 million 12H2. But down the road, sales should be doubling every year to the $500+ million mark (5 years). With 60% margins, that would be $3-3.50 per share, fully diluted in year 5.

    The Board would be absolutely negligent if it took some joke-of-an-offer at (what Inflection Point thinks the first car will offer of) $2.75-$3.30.

    I believe, that that earnings, fully diluted, can be, using an extremely simple 60% margin (not counting the new process that can increase yields 5-10x, or increasing margins for fracking, which is an extremely inelastic market, or to clean up the Fukushima disaster, or decommission other reactors, or a large share buyback starting in 13H2 with the free cash):
    2012 - breakeven, cash flow positive
    2013 - $0.25
    2014 - $0.50
    2015 - $1.00
    2016 - $2.00
    2017 - $3.50

    Inflection Point should be embarrassed suggesting Heckman (HEK) as an acquirer is a joke -- it is a fine company -- but it has a $638 million market cap, has $265 million of LT debt, and tangible equity of $97 million, and is in the fracking industry. Its 2011 sales were $156 million. HEK does NOT have any ability to afford ABHD.

    If HEK wants to be a leader in water cleanup, then it should license the Smart Pponge. And, it better get going on this before the big boys in the water industry (GE, Siemans, etc.) license it and take away HEK's competitive advantage, or the drillers do it themselves.

    Glenn Rink has worked 17 years on this project. I cannot believe he would be dumb enough to sell out the most innovative product since the iPhone, for a measly take of $10 million.

    Waste Management is one of the few companies that has a geographic footprint and corporate mission of waste management, that could be adapted from its storm water initiation, to fracking, to nuclear cleanup, to oil spill remediation, to industrial heavy metal cleanup, to military bases, to -- and this is big -- recycling materials to create energy -- a ready by product of the Smart Sponge (WM already recycles enough "energy" to power 1 million homes).

    I agree WM will wait at least a year to make a bid. When it does it will pay $10 -14 per share -- which will have a 3 year payback.

    Of course, I am looking through the windshield, beyond the car just in front of me.
    Oct 4, 2012. 11:54 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Abtech, A 3-Tiered Growth Story That Will Scale Like Zagg Did [View article]
    I cannot find anything on the Waste Management website about its relationship with Abtech.

    It seems to me it would get one sentence in the last earnings conference call.

    Anybody have any info on WM's position on this?

    Jul 7, 2012. 06:58 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
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