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  • Top 12 Offshore Drilling Companies: A Comparative Fleet Study And Financial Analysis [View article]
    Thanks Fun for a great summary of these companies. I have what may be a naive question. For the above companies that pay dividends, are their payouts considered to fall under the "qualified" status?
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  • Selecting The Best REIT For A Long-Term Income Portfolio [View article]
    Hello scarp, as the author indicated, these 6 REIT's were for demonstration purposes only. The beauty about being here at SA, there are different authors who specialize in different investment categories. This was a nice article demonstrating a rather easy and perhaps simplistic start in evaluating REIT's. If you don't know much about this class of investing, I would suggest that you do some research. Here in SA land, Brad Thomas is the author you want to look for. Take some time, find out what fits your needs and then go slowly. I can tell you that I am in my first year of both retirement and REIT accumulation. Not all REIT's are equal. Best of luck to you.
    Long VTR, OHI, ARCP, DOC, DLR and Brad Thomas
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  • A Few REIT Lessons Targeted For Millennial Investors [View article]
    Hardog, as I said above, "and by no means do I think going to college is for everyone."

    Yes, I have had the experience of paying for skilled labor on a number of fronts (Car, construction of new house, etc.) And, you are right that a Military experience is good for some too. But that was not my point in my post.

    IMO the money earned as a result of earning a college degree (which with all things being equal, will be more than it will be for those who don't earn a degree), is a secondary outcome. The greater benefit to the person (and society I might add), is the education in of itself you receive. Now this benefit is not bestowed equally for all those who attend college and earn a degree. And, there are those who have not earned a college education who have through their own life experiences are more educated than some who have. But just like the stat I cited for increase earnings, the benefit of being educated (i.e., broad exposure to knowledge base, broad exposure to different ways of thinking, exposure to how to problem solve and use critical thinking skills, exposure to leadership building skills, on and on and on) will likely occur more (but not all the time) for those who earn a degree than those who don't. Again, that doesn't mean that those who don't go to college can't obtain those life skills through other means.

    All the best.

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  • The Dividend-Growth-Devoid Income Portfolio [View article]
    Counterpoint, thanks for noticing. I too own a Nord Stage Piano but rarely take it out. Once you are use to "the real deal" with two spinning Leslie's behind you, you can't go back. No I am not on the Keyboard Corner forum. Sorry to the other SA readers for the off topic.
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  • The Dividend-Growth-Devoid Income Portfolio [View article]
    Well no, she really doesn't understand how her portfolio works at this point. She certainly doesn't understand the difference between a mlp, REIT, BDC etc. She does trusts me to figure out "the finances". She is a bit stubborn in that she won't consider an assisted living facility, rather the expense of in home assistant living care is making it challenging for me to make sure the money doesn't run out. However, it's her money. I wouldn't want to leave my home either if I didn't have to.
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  • The Dividend-Growth-Devoid Income Portfolio [View article]
    Hello Buynhold, well it depends on the situation. I have been managing my mother's portfolio for close to 20 years now (she is now 96). The YOC for many of the companies that I have purchased along the way have and are currently doing well. However with some of her fixed income assets (i.e., bonds), maturing, I have been faced with finding investments that pay an attractive yield. This has been complicated by an increase in her assistant living costs. I have been forced for the first time to look for high single to low double digit yield returns. In relationship to safety, I am looking at this income stream for only the next 5 years or so (her oldest sister lived to 102). Here are some names I have either purchased or am considering now: DLR pref (7%), SDRL (10%), ARCP (7.75%), KKR (11 %), BPT (12%).

    Would I put these in my accounts, well yes, I have a little SDRL and ARCP. But the others no.

    Thanks to the author for this article. I appreciate the acknowledgement that there are a lot of different investors on SA with different needs.
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  • Sleep Well At Night With These 5 REIT CEOs Behind The Wheel [View article]
    Hello Work,

    The dollar scale on the left of the FAST Graph chart is used for the share price of the stock. Per my comments above, Brad omitted this line (data). The scale has nothing to do with the light blue (dividends) scale. I can see why those who are not familiar with FAST Graph's would be confused.
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  • Sleep Well At Night With These 5 REIT CEOs Behind The Wheel [View article]
    To follow up on smreiss, I would guess due to the structure of all REIT's, none of them throw off qualified dividends, is that right? Are all REIT's treated the same in regard to taxes?

    Brad, you know that everyone here at SA loves you and that would include this writer. With out exception, I would guess the majority of us have profited by the wisdom your provide in your articles in one way or the other. But after reading this article, I have to admit that I have two small bones to pick.

    First, I noticed that four of the six REIT's mentioned in this article you do not own. 2nd, I noticed that you did not include the "black line" (price) in any of your FAST Graphs above. I know that you have a disclaimer at the end of each of your articles:

    "I provide BUY prices and other valuable metrics for these REITs and many others in my monthly newsletter, The Intelligent REIT Investor. For more information, click HERE."

    I know that in past responses to posters in the comment areas, you have stated that you feel you have an obligation to your paid subscribers for buy points and price recommendations. I understand that. I also understand that your news letter is an income vehicle for you. That's cool too. What I take exception in this particular article is the mis leading title (i.e., one might think that these are REIT's to own now) and omission of the complete FAST Graph data (i.e., if you had included it, one could see that most of the REIT's are selling at or above fair value).

    I have been following you for awhile now on SA and I realize that you don't have to publish any free articles here. But this seems to be out of character for you to what looks like a attempt to be trolling for new subscribers.

    I just thought I would toss out those observations.

    All the best.
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  • A Few REIT Lessons Targeted For Millennial Investors [View article]
    Hello Frog and gaw, I think that your comments about higher education are in part reflective of one of our nations great myths. That is, "you go to college so you can get a good job". Well, yes the statistics demonstrate that those who attend and earn a college degrees will earn more money over a life time than those who don't go to college (grant you, I have not seen the statistics which would factor in the student loan debt). But that is not the primary reason why I will support my grand kids to go to college. IMO, the primary reason one goes to college is to get an EDUCATION. Yes, you can go to the library and read. Yes there are a lot of people who never attended college who are more educated than some that did earn a degree. That is not the point. It is the gestalt of the college experience (online classes not included here), that in my opinion, offers the greatest reward. It provides a foundation for critical thinking. In this day and age of the internet, where all sorts of mis information is spewed, that skill is even more important.

    I am not trying to be disrespectful here and by no means do I think going to college is for everyone. I do think think that the sky rocketing rate of tuition over the course of the last few decades has limited the middle class access to this experience due to the rising student loan debt or the possibility of such.

    But it sure has been helpful in my investing to understand the math to read PL statements, understand the science and statistics to Pharma research trials. Sorry for the rant and hi jacking this thread. Way to much coffee this morning.

    All the best.
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  • Why Gilead Is The Most Exciting Growth Opportunity In 2014 [View article]
    Is it just me or is anyone else getting a bit nervous with all the euphoria surrounding this stock?
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  • Why Gilead Is The Most Exciting Growth Opportunity In 2014 [View article]
    Spoiled said, "What did this author tell you about GILD a year ago?"

    Well, if you subscribed to his service last year like I did, you would have known. In fact, it was in part Chucks FAST Graph (along with Morning Star) that made my decision to purchase more GILD (I have owned my core GILD shares since 2007).

    I would be careful about criticizeing authors that you don't know much about. Chuck is one of the better ones on SA.
    All the best.
    Aug 16 01:44 PM | 16 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Buy The Dip In Palladium [View article]
    t time says: "Many local dealers in my area do not even want it."

    I own a very small amount of both physical palladium and platinum. David, any thoughts about buying the PM's ETF's than holding the physical metals?
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  • Why Gilead Is The Most Exciting Growth Opportunity In 2014 [View article]
    "GILD is the only sure thing out there IMO"

    Spoiled, I sure do wish that there was a "sure thing" when it comes to investing. In fact, the only reason why I didn't /haven't invested more in GILD is that it looks to good to be true. And you know what they say about that.

    All the best.
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  • Why Gilead Is The Most Exciting Growth Opportunity In 2014 [View article]
    It is great to see some DGI posters "coming out", at least in part, as growth investors as a result of your article Chuck. Several have asked you to comment on other growth ideas. I think the point here is that that there is a common thread between the two types of investing. That is, looking at purchasing companies that are selling at a reasonable growth (i.e., value). I would just add one more name that I think falls into this circle that has a very similar (if not better) FAST GRAPH chart as GILD. That would be CELG. I would just say to my DGI friends, here is my strategy for owning both. I too am planning to owning these stocks for quit a long time. I am figure as both of these companies mature, their earnings growth will slow down as did other big pharma names did (PFE, MRK, etc.) and most recently AMGN. These all pay dividends now. At some point, I think both CELG and GILD will also through off a dividend stream. In the mean time, I am very content that my companies use their FCF to purchase other companies and / or continue their own R and D efforts to expand and grow. Just my $.02.
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  • Why Gilead Is The Most Exciting Growth Opportunity In 2014 [View article]
    OK here we go again. Sometimes I think investors are more dogmatic than religious fanatics.

    Hey Bruce, I would recommend that you not invest in GILD. This type of investment is not in your comfort zone.
    Aug 15 08:53 PM | 10 Likes Like |Link to Comment