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  • Gman123456
    Do You Think That Insider Trading Is Bad For Your Stock ?? $GALE
    Jan 27, 3:40 PM
      • Gman123456
        GALE :With it down almost $2.50 from the insiders sell off on 1/17 & 22 /2014.The stock options price are lock in and they pay the same
        Jan 27, 3:00 PM
          • Gman123456
            Do you think that the S.E.C should put a limit on how many share insiders can sell at one time. From stock options awards.
            Jan 27, 2:52 PM
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            • wheelz23: No, that's part of their pay...would you like it if you were told you can't cash some of your paycheck?
              Jan 27, 3:18 PM
            • Gman123456: Thank you. wheelz23 for your in put and all i am doing is getting in put on this thank you for your help.
              Jan 27, 3:48 PM
              • Gman123456
                Galena Biopharma. Where Will Go Next ? $GALE
                Jan 27, 10:03 AM
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                • enigma_mttrrnd: Link not working?
                  Jan 27, 11:19 AM