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  • crorec
    Investor Place"4 Marijuana Stocks to Dump Now $CANV , $MJNA , $PHOT, $CBIS " Do I agree, well I'll say this I don't own any of these Stocks
    Apr 2, 8:17 PM
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    • Mikie713: Just read it. Ignorant. You can't reason with this kind of shortsightedness.
      Apr 2, 8:41 PM
    • GONJA Pro: I can say that 3/4 are the old dogs. They might go down a little bit but in the end they will thrive. So if you are a long term trader just
      Apr 2, 8:55 PM
    • GONJA Pro: Don't watch your portfolio for a couple years. If you wanna make money fast find the newer established comps and follow the bulls!
      Apr 2, 8:57 PM
    • GONJA Pro: In the end a lot of these companies will be bought by big pharma companies and some by commodity companies. Win win in this sector.
      Apr 2, 9:02 PM
    • Mikie713: $MJNA just got a buy rating from American Bulls, a very conservative non-hype site. $CBIS, personally don't like, but has potential.
      Apr 2, 9:09 PM
    • Mikie713: Penny stocks in general are an easy target, but we all know big money speculators love to go "slumming" for them.
      Apr 2, 9:12 PM
    • sarahfriend: You are an idiot to dump PHOT IMO...
      Apr 2, 9:33 PM
    • mjnoob: PHOT ain't no JOKE.
      Apr 3, 7:25 AM
    • Purple_K: Wow! Timely call on $CANV! After a roughly 180 point down move, now it's a Sell. Seems about right for analysts.
      Apr 3, 9:01 PM
    • crorec: Some of these Investors know their Business $CANV dive!
      Apr 4, 9:42 AM
    • Riste Ristevski: I just bought MJNA
      Apr 9, 11:15 AM