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  • jamesingram32
    unusual disconnect between S&P and VIX / $SVXY today...
    Mar 20, 3:48 PM
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    • jamesingram32: disconnect between the VIXs and SVXY even...
      Mar 20, 3:58 PM
    • jamesingram32: could be that contango has fallen? excuse my basic questions. thanks
      Mar 20, 3:59 PM
      • jamesingram32
        So...we all love the $ALU stock. The market does not. Is it just 'building a base'?
        Mar 7, 3:58 AM
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        • jamesingram32: AH..turn round at the glass door and walk away :) the final lines from the great book by Eric Schosser..;.Fast Food Nation
          Mar 10, 5:43 AM
        • Andreas Hopf: Fast food is great. As long as it does not become a habit, you're fine indulging it. Thanks to AMD, it's a BK meal once per year for me ; )
          Mar 10, 6:28 AM
          • jamesingram32
            so any $SVXY short dated calls are a write off? Congrats to the guys who bought $UVXY last week. Thoughts for this week/
            Mar 3, 6:39 AM
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            • jamesingram32: rollercoaster.
              Mar 5, 3:23 PM
              • jamesingram32
                Is the $ALU share waking up again? new Telefónica partnership
                Feb 24, 4:24 AM
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                • BruceLee1984: lots of contracts and signings by alu this week at mobile world congress no share price movemenet, but were holding steady.
                  Feb 26, 10:54 AM
                • jamesingram32: thanks bruce
                  Feb 26, 11:03 AM
                  • jamesingram32
                    worried by $SVXY today, and the jump in the VIX
                    Feb 19, 3:24 PM
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                    • jamesingram32: fed taper in focus all over again. China data.
                      Feb 20, 4:26 AM
                    • Seppo Sahrakorpi: @james You might be right...
                      Feb 20, 7:35 AM
                      • jamesingram32
                        story lost in a mild downturn after a downgrade, $ALU winds LTE rollout deal in Uroguay
                        Feb 14, 9:03 PM
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                        • jamesingram32: we were late to the party, but if you look at the 12 months it's been an epic run, so a pause is OK, esp when analysts are doing their thing
                          Feb 18, 1:02 PM
                        • BruceLee1984: two new alu press releases out one is with china mobil and still the stock is going nowhere lol. at least its not going down much though.
                          Feb 19, 11:32 AM
                          • jamesingram32
                            Why the $BBRY sell off today guys, any ideas?
                            Feb 13, 3:46 PM
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                            • jamesingram32: OK, that's fairly conservative. I'm kind of balls out s***t or bust, which is a bit stressful! but is working out well so far,but stressful!
                              Feb 14, 6:51 PM
                            • jamesingram32: you most likely have lower stress levels!
                              Feb 14, 6:52 PM
                              • jamesingram32
                                hey, here is a little +ve piece for our heap of crap $NOK positions! :)
                                Feb 12, 8:28 AM
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                                • TheMasterPlan: Not taken that way at all. :)
                                  Feb 13, 4:53 PM
                                • jamesingram32: ty. :)
                                  Feb 13, 7:50 PM
                                  • jamesingram32
                                    after yellen, china data was my only worry this week for $SVXY , and they posted 'blow out' data. good news.
                                    Feb 12, 3:31 AM
                                      • jamesingram32
                                        here is M Coombes talking on CNBC about the blowout $ALU results.
                                        Feb 6, 5:55 AM
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                                        • jamesingram32: thanks bruce. These guys are organised and working hard to make this turnaround a success. very impressive
                                          Feb 7, 3:34 AM
                                        • BruceLee1984: indeed james hang in there!
                                          Feb 7, 11:19 AM
                                          • jamesingram32
                                            $ALU up 8% after results
                                            Feb 6, 3:22 AM
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                                            • BruceLee1984: as i understand it 9% of the shares were shorted on the cac40 in the states its not even 1% of the shares shorted....
                                              Feb 6, 2:19 PM
                                            • jamesingram32: but ADRs reflect the price of the underlying asset in the end, do they not? That is the idea. So, we could get a slow burn squeeze as well.
                                              Feb 6, 4:50 PM
                                              • jamesingram32
                                                Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise sold with the results, valuing Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise at Euro 268 million. $ALU keep 15% . Good result/s
                                                Feb 6, 3:12 AM
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                                                • BruceLee1984: I think Combes may have held back the book a bit concerning the revenues and why it came in a bit light, till Q1, whats your take?
                                                  Feb 6, 2:20 PM
                                                • jamesingram32: I'm not sure he would do that. Success brings success, and it is account managers that sandbag, not CEOs. More deals will come from this.
                                                  Feb 6, 4:49 PM
                                                  • jamesingram32
                                                    A +ve PR story on $ALU
                                                    Feb 3, 3:24 AM
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                                                    • jamesingram32: jeez, bruce, we could do with a bump. It has been a steep fall, on no news from $4.60
                                                      Feb 3, 12:39 PM
                                                    • BruceLee1984: just been a few downgrades thats about all it all started with duestch bank...
                                                      Feb 3, 1:26 PM
                                                      • jamesingram32
                                                        when are we gonna get a $NOK CEO ? one possible rules himself out.
                                                        Feb 2, 7:23 PM
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                                                        • La Rue: Christmas in February ? Works for me :)
                                                          Feb 3, 7:58 AM
                                                        • jamesingram32: :)
                                                          Feb 3, 8:08 AM
                                                          • jamesingram32
                                                            dow futures spike 150 points after the turkish hike their overnight rates How will $SVXY be tomorrow?
                                                            Jan 28, 5:16 PM
                                                              • jamesingram32
                                                                $AAL results out, details here up 3% pre market
                                                                Jan 28, 8:21 AM
                                                                  • jamesingram32
                                                                    $SVXY $CAT just blew past earnings and are up 6% pre market
                                                                    Jan 27, 7:44 AM
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                                                                    • Seppo Sahrakorpi: Thanks! :)
                                                                      Jan 27, 7:54 AM
                                                                    • jamesingram32: you're welcome, here is the cnbc take. SVXY, was up, but is back down slightly pre open.
                                                                      Jan 27, 8:04 AM
                                                                      • jamesingram32
                                                                        $NOK call, quick facts link
                                                                        Jan 23, 6:54 AM
                                                                          • jamesingram32
                                                                            as expected, although, as usual they are behinfd the curve, Mood'y upgrade Iralend today $IRE
                                                                            Jan 18, 7:14 AM
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                                                                            • jamesingram32: $BKIR will rise o Monday, $IRE on tue. Long $BKIR
                                                                              Jan 18, 7:14 AM
                                                                              • jamesingram32
                                                                                $ALU some big buying volume at $4.14 today...just saying
                                                                                Jan 17, 9:34 AM
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                                                                                • jamesingram32: even with my ALU and NOK bombing. oh...AAL helped as well :)
                                                                                  Jan 17, 4:14 PM
                                                                                • jamesingram32: we can only hope the Benjamin Graham..ism kicks in. paraphrase: Short term the market is a voting machine, long term it's a weighing machine
                                                                                  Jan 17, 4:15 PM