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  • jamesingram32
    Has $PG hit a triple top?
    Thu, 9:44 AM
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    • WillBetYou: If you ignore the 11/25 $85.82 and just look at 2014 levels, you would be correct as $82,73 was reached 3x as of yesterday.
      Thu, 1:08 PM
    • jamesingram32: 6.5% rise in 3 weeks seems overdone to me for a big old consumer dividend aristocrat...but it does tun in cycles, so may turn down again
      Thu, 1:42 PM
      • jamesingram32
        very bullish piece on $DAL and $AAL is motley fool, but, none the less, it stands up. I'm holding out for $45-$50 on both these
        Aug 13, 2:46 PM
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        • jamesingram32: doh! sorry, here it is!
          Aug 13, 6:32 PM
        • Day Trader001: "Thanks" Great article!!
          Aug 13, 8:44 PM
          • jamesingram32
            no doubt I've sold my $SVXY too early at $75.40, but i took a 4.3% profit over 6 days. Happy( ish!) with a profit.
            Aug 11, 11:24 AM
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            • jamesingram32: I'm trying to get better at taking profits, and focus on the big $ number at the top of my account, rather than individual positions.
              Aug 12, 6:49 AM
            • jamesingram32: trying to become a proper grown up trader!
              Aug 12, 6:49 AM
              • jamesingram32
                CEO states $GTAT are ' starting the transition to volume production.' As FG says below...appears the production rumours were overblown. :D
                Aug 4, 4:59 PM
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                • DumpsterDiver: Short-attention-span types always react as if passing troubles were permanent. God bless 'em for the buying opportunities they offer us. :)
                  Aug 5, 2:26 AM
                • JDAdams51: An engineer at GTAT Mesa AZ facility said they had hired double the # of employees as of last Spring. Rumors/reactions are overblown.
                  Aug 5, 12:02 PM
                  • jamesingram32
                    $CRAY Revenue $85.1vs $84.5 in the prior loss $6.7 million, vs $0.2 q2 2013.
                    Jul 29, 4:09 PM
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                    • jamesingram32: very odd market reaction to the results this morning. Just low volume August trading?
                      Jul 30, 10:57 AM
                    • Seppo Sahrakorpi: Thanks, it has been a very nice vacation, kids are loving the sauna and seeing the Finnish cousins :)
                      Jul 30, 4:25 PM
                      • jamesingram32
                        Deutche raise their price target on $AAL to $54 !
                        Jul 29, 5:24 AM
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                        • Day Trader001: Excellent article James thanks for the link! This speculation on why this or why that at the moment is a joke. The airlines are doing fine!
                          Jul 29, 8:06 AM
                        • jamesingram32: you're welcome. hey, AAL is doing more than fine, no? . last weeks results were amazing. the share price reaction is surreal.
                          Jul 29, 11:53 AM
                          • jamesingram32
                            here's a WSJ earnings summary release for $NOK
                            Jul 24, 2:35 AM
                              • jamesingram32
                                Long $GTAT...however, question, do you believe in chart patterns?
                                Jul 16, 11:58 AM
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                                • Christian C: It's not a believe or not.. It is turth that big investors purposly making money from it. As retail investors we need to be awared of it
                                  Jul 16, 12:11 PM
                                  • jamesingram32
                                    $NOK euro up 11 cents today, NOK dollar up 7 cents. strange inertia in the ADR, no?
                                    Jul 16, 10:08 AM
                                      • jamesingram32
                                        Any thought on $IRE or BKIR since the ROSS exit? my position is thankfully small, but it is my stock of shame. Is it worth holding?
                                        Jul 10, 5:31 AM
                                          • jamesingram32
                                            $GTAT off 8% pre market.....what gives? I can't find any news to cause this
                                            Jul 7, 7:14 AM
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                                            • joshvegas: If no sapphire on iPhone then current premarket sp will seem like a lot:)
                                              Jul 7, 8:41 AM
                                            • jamesingram32: 'canacord 'does not expect' and what reason do they give for this? honestly. Analysts. It's a dark dark murky mucky art they practice
                                              Jul 13, 8:22 AM
                                              • jamesingram32
                                                is it true that the new Amazon phone is running $NOK HERE ? That would be a huge result, right?
                                                Jun 18, 4:34 PM
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                                                • alphaRAJU: Voice assistant talking to you about the deals surrounding you.
                                                  Jun 19, 12:13 AM
                                                • 4301ipana:
                                                  Jun 19, 3:48 AM
                                                  • jamesingram32
                                                    $ALU launches new streaming technology
                                                    Jun 18, 5:02 AM
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                                                    • jamesingram32: but need to simplify things and focus property ! and business startup with my wife, as well as the remaining shares
                                                      Jun 26, 10:59 AM
                                                    • Andreas Hopf: Yes. Business first.
                                                      Jun 26, 11:42 AM
                                                      • jamesingram32
                                                        um, ...$NOK the stock dare not speak it's it waking up now. Dare I say that? at 8.13?
                                                        Jun 12, 11:41 AM
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                                                        • jamesingram32: yikes...I hope I did not jinx it for y'all!
                                                          Jun 12, 1:08 PM
                                                        • dwdallam: Seppo said they won't buy back shares until after QQ2.
                                                          Jun 12, 1:11 PM
                                                          • jamesingram32
                                                            um, NYSE $NOK is up 3.5% pre market . Shome mishtake surely? NOK is not meant to go up ever, is it?
                                                            May 21, 6:58 AM
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                                                            • jamesingram32: cripes, I actually worried when i read that, but today looks good as well. Hmm, perhaps every dog does have it's day.
                                                              May 22, 3:17 AM
                                                            • dwdallam: Early technicals look good, actually. Money flowing in, TVI up. However, FED talks helped too.
                                                              May 22, 10:03 AM
                                                              • jamesingram32
                                                                $ALU firing up in pre market and europe, on $NOK tie-up/take over rumours..
                                                                May 6, 5:39 AM
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                                                                • dwdallam: How is Nokia going to take over ALU with 10B cash?
                                                                  May 6, 3:28 PM
                                                                • dwdallam: Anyway, ALU would be a drag on Nokia. The only reason to bid for ALU would be to close out its positions in the market, and take them over
                                                                  May 6, 3:29 PM
                                                                  • jamesingram32
                                                                    not sure where this news is coming from: Suri for $NOK CEO, according to SA. Just speculation?
                                                                    Apr 25, 4:16 AM
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                                                                    • jamesingram32: NOK is classic 'out of fashion', and fashions change quickly
                                                                      Apr 28, 3:53 AM
                                                                    • dwdallam: If Timo is on stage, expect Nokia to be delisted. lol
                                                                      Apr 28, 7:13 PM
                                                                      • jamesingram32
                                                                        unusual disconnect between S&P and VIX / $SVXY today...
                                                                        Mar 20, 3:48 PM
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                                                                        • jamesingram32: disconnect between the VIXs and SVXY even...
                                                                          Mar 20, 3:58 PM
                                                                        • jamesingram32: could be that contango has fallen? excuse my basic questions. thanks
                                                                          Mar 20, 3:59 PM
                                                                          • jamesingram32
                                                                            So...we all love the $ALU stock. The market does not. Is it just 'building a base'?
                                                                            Mar 7, 3:58 AM
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                                                                            • jamesingram32: AH..turn round at the glass door and walk away :) the final lines from the great book by Eric Schosser..;.Fast Food Nation
                                                                              Mar 10, 5:43 AM
                                                                            • Andreas Hopf: Fast food is great. As long as it does not become a habit, you're fine indulging it. Thanks to AMD, it's a BK meal once per year for me ; )
                                                                              Mar 10, 6:28 AM
                                                                              • jamesingram32
                                                                                so any $SVXY short dated calls are a write off? Congrats to the guys who bought $UVXY last week. Thoughts for this week/
                                                                                Mar 3, 6:39 AM
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                                                                                • jamesingram32: rollercoaster.
                                                                                  Mar 5, 3:23 PM