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Ford Prefect 1969

Ford Prefect 1969
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Gasoline Energy Density = 11.8 kWh/kg

Typical Gas Tank Size ~ 20 Gallons = 55kg

Gasoline Engine, Transmission, Gas Tank & Exhaust System Weight = 700 kg

Gasoline Engine Thermodynamic Efficiency 25%

Typical effective energy density of gasoline system = (all the energy/all the weight)*efficiency

((11.8*55)/(55+700)) * 0.25 = 0.215 kWh/kg

Lithium Ion Energy Density 0.266 kWh/kg

Case in point Battery Size (85kWh) = 320Kg

Electric Motor, Battery Pack Structure and Inverter Weight = 100kg

Electric Drive Thermodynamic Efficiency: 90%

Typical effective energy density of state of the art electrical system = (all the energy/all the ...More
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