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  • AMD Shores Up Balance Sheet Amid Product Leaks  [View article]
    EUPHUD ,your posted question of "This is swapping debt from one credit card to the next. How does that shore up a balance sheet?"

    is sandwiched between posts by LUMMOX and TECHGUY 77. You should go back and read them. their posts answer your question.

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  • Sirius XM: Reverse Split Request Denied  [View article]
    pasted here in relevant part out of context excerpts;

    SF: What would be the point? So the company could pay more for the shares being repurchased? It's obvious that the buyback is far more effective at lower pricing than higher pricing.

    BB 62: As far as being effective at lower prices
    I see no difference in effectiveness or valuation buying back ten shares @ $3.00 pps or one share at a split adjusted $30.00 pps after a one for ten (1/10 ) reverse split.
    one thing for certain is that the volatility would go away with the day traders .
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  • How Much Should Liberty Offer For Sirius XM?  [View article]
    I would rather se siri xm remain as a stand alone company but liberty will prevail.

    I am considering the holding my shares thru the conversion ,just
    to avoid the tax event of selling my Seri now. I have huge unrealized capitol gains in Siri The income tax will destroy 50% of my gains if I sold all my shares now. BUT! I feel the new non voting class c share of about $50.00 per share will go down after conversion and be slow to recover.The exchange rate of .076 equals a little over 13 shares of siri for one share of the new liberty stock. That is the equivalent of a 1 for 13 reverse split. of siri xm stock upon conversion. The leverage is gone and the new issue will be in a dead zone-appreciation wise JMHO
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  • Liberty Media Offer For Sirius XM Is A 'Ratio'  [View article]
    correction: I made a typo error in the last sentence of my previous post --one too many zero's in my figure of 1000...

    pasted here with error corrected in relevant part:

    It would take13.157 shares of siri @3.68 for every new stock of $48.42

    for every 1000 shrs of seri@ 3.68 you would get 76 shares of new liberty stock @$ 48.42
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  • Liberty Media Offer For Sirius XM Is A 'Ratio'  [View article]
    Correction: There was a typo error in my previous post. One too many zeros. to be clear my last sentence should read:

    It would take13.157 shares of siri @3.68 for every new stock of $48.42

    for every 1000 shrs of seri@ 3.68 you would get 76 shares of new liberty stock @$ 48.42

    Sorry I should know better than to type with out my glasses
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  • Liberty Media Offer For Sirius XM Is A 'Ratio'  [View article]
    My friends, Determining the value of the stock is a simple algebra problem its called finding the value of a unknown when you have two knowns .and X is the unknown. I'm in my 70's and haven't used algebra in a very long time but here is what I remember
    IN this case
    two knowns .076 X=3.68
    therefore 3.68 divided by.076=X
    X= $48.42
    Thats forty eight dollars and forty two cents for the new stock

    It would take13.157 shares of siri @3.68 for every new stock of $48.42

    for every 10000 shrs of seri@ 3.68 you would get 76 shares of new liberty stock @$ 48.42
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  • Investors enthusiastic over Sirius XM Radio  [View news story]
    In a conference call with analysts, execs said if the deal is completed it would allow Liberty to start buying back shares at an increased pace.
    Big snafu in your reporting. Actually Liberty is suspending its sale of stock and will be doing a tax free stock swap.

    Liberty Media (LMCA), which already owns a majority stake in Sirius XM (SIRI), is proposing to make Sirius a 100%-owned subsidiary through an all-stock deal. (PR)
    Liberty proposes to have each Sirius converted into a 0.076 new Liberty Series C shares, and then distribute, on a 2:1 basis, Series C shares to all holders of Liberty's Series A and B shares.
    The exchange ratio values Sirius at $3.68/share based on Liberty's Friday close; that's an $0.11, or 3%, premium to Sirius' closing price of $3.57.
    Sirius' public shareholders would own 39% of the new company, which (based on current prices) stands to have a market cap of $27B.
    Sirius shares are halted. CC at 5PM ET.
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  • Liberty Makes Unacceptable Offer For Sirius  [View article]
    I have already put a sell order infor my siri shares in my IRA.
    as the gains woill not trigger a taxable event .

    However I hold a lot more of seri in a taxable trading account and the sale of those will cause a huge taxable event for me as for many others. I don't believe a tax free conversion to the new class of non voting liberty stock would work out favorably so I may have to sell and just pay the taxes on my huge gains. I had planned to keep seri for as long as I could as a retirement asset just selling some each year but Ill probably sell all and just pay the tax . I don't want to trade every 1000 shares of my SIRI for 76 shares of the new liberty shares and then see them perform very poorly. I think there is no chance that liberty will be blocked from acquiring 100 percent of seri . Mal;one will get all of SIRI assets plus the NOL's.

    IN the word of Don Corelone in the film Godfather , "One lawyer with a briefcase can steal more than 100 men with guns"
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  • Sirius XM Scorecard  [View article]
    About Agero
    With over 40 years of experience, Agero is the leading provider of vehicle and driver safety and security services, including roadside assistance, consumer affairs and claims management services. The company serves over 75 million vehicle owners in partnership with leading automobile manufacturers, insurance carriers and others. Managing a network of over 30,000 service providers responding to more than 12 million requests annually for emergency assistance, Agero leverages advances in technology and information services to accelerate and enhance response to drivers' needs while strengthening customer loyalty. Agero, a member company of The Cross Country Group, is headquartered in Medford, Mass., with operations throughout North America. To learn more, visit
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  • 4 Stocks Making News To Buy Now  [View article]
    Can you share some examples of what has been shady? In what way has Zuckerburg failed to be transparent? I'm not sure I follow

    I cant speak for Joseph , but agree with him to a certain respect.

    As far as being shady goes, It has been cronicled that Zuckerburg pretty was hired by others to write code for an idia they had for social media but he strung them along and stole the idea. A judge later agreed and awarded a 61,000,000.00 settlement to the plaintiffs.

    From the other things Ive read that Zuckerberg has done since and has been called on or at least accused of I would say that in my opinion they are ethical in nature I wouldn't trust him, Where there is smoke there is fire.
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  • More Good News For Sirius XM  [View article]
    SIDSR: bought the stock at $4 so until it goes over 4 BLA BLA BLA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I also bought siri @$4-- 10 k before the crash to .05cts I did not sell so the loss was a paper loss. I started buying more @.19cts and accumulated almost 200k at average of .56cts

    Im holding all these shares long but yesterday I bought 10 k @$2.73 to play this short squeeze. I believe there is very little downside risk. I took the money from a cd that I refused to roll over for a interest rate of 0.08%. the bank guy wanted me to buy a annuity for 1.23%interest if I locked it up for five years. So that was pretty much dead money.
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  • Sirius XM Warning: The Perfect Storm For A Short Squeeze  [View article]
    Kudos to you S.F. on a very perceptive insightfull article,

    If those holding short want to cover before 12-18 -2012 to avoid having to pay the 05. div. and the short interest is around 7 days to cover there would be a big short squeeze.

    What are your thoughts about those naked shorters who did not borrow the shares--what would most likely take place? and do you think a catalyst would emege to stop the naked shorting which is already illegal. thanks bb
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  • Sirius XM: New Buying Opportunities On The Way?  [View article]
    You said in your conclusion:

    " I will wait to see how the market reacts to earnings and if there is any definitive news of a buyout."

    I dont know how you could be knowlegable about Siri and say that.

    Buy out by who?? There is only the question of timing in the libertty -take control and reverse morris trust. Libertty wiill do all this with a aprox 50 +% of the common . IMO no one -(company) - -s going to buy out the remaining oustanding shareswith a tender offer.
    Oct 29, 2012. 03:59 PM | 3 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Why Liberty Media Will Be Patient With Sirius  [View article]
    Thanks Stephen for your explanation Of
    :" SIRI does a share buyback, and assuming public and Liberty stakes both offer, roughly 50 50 is bought back from each pool. Assuming prices stay current, Liberty gets its capital back by selling the shares back to SIRI and having them retired. This in effect lowers the outstanding shares, keeps Liberty over 50% (or 54% or 80% if they are at 80%... whatever % they are at...), and returns EQUAL cash to Liberty AND other shareholders"


    In so many past articles it had been written that siri would not do a buy back because the original loan agreement exempted liberty shares from a buy back. And if Siri did one it would help liberty reach controlling intrest because their stake would be of a higher percentage after the buy back.

    I understand now, that in order for liberty to get their money back they would have to agree to participate equally in the buy back.

    On the question of a premium : Both malone and Karmazan have stated they want one. Under the morris trust reverse merger It would be difficult for Siri to get a prmium as it would be the surviving entity and as such may pay a premium to the parent company(-Liberty)for the shares of its spun off co merged into Siri.
    I understand thats what happend in a previous morris trust reverse merger by lliberty when it aquired Dish tv.

    Mel Karmizan wants a premium for Siri
    --any idea how that would or could be done?

    Thanks again for your input bb62
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  • Why Liberty Media Will Be Patient With Sirius  [View article]
    You wrote :

    "Liberty will have bought 700 million common shares. Liberty CEO Greg Maffei has indicated that the company wants to get that money back, "

    I believe its going to happen by liberty getting a big premium from SIRI and siri will borrow the money to pay the premium.

    So Liberty (John Malone) is going to get back the money spent to buy enough siri shares for over 50%of the company AND STILL HAVE ALL HIS SIRI SHARES?? In this manuver liberty gets the controlling interest for free? This is a retorical question because the answerYES goes with out saying.

    How can you buy shares in a company then ask the company to pay you back and let you keep all that was bought. It may be legal but I think it is a moral offence to every siri shareholder EXCEPT John Malone.

    Calling the pay back a premium is a rediculous explanation.
    This is a hostile takeover and The tartget company SIRI pays the premium?? I understand how the morris trust is used to do this.
    It is legal but its a good example of how screwed up the laws can be.
    Sep 24, 2012. 03:11 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment