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Skilled stock analyst. Overseas Chinese living in San Gabriel Valley. Spend good amount of time in Las Vegas too. Work for small firm Caam Baak Nim. Serve rich overseas Chinese clients and trade own accounts. Speciality is gambling stocks in US and Asia. See gambling evergreen foreseeable... More
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  • Expect New Macau Way Baccarat Solution Play Chinese Baccarat Good Impact CZR LVS MGM WYNN

    Many react my last blog.

    Most interesting email from New York City.

    Mr Wong just back from Macau.

    (click to enlarge)

    He play crowded baccarat rooms.

    There heard much talk about Xi Jinping tiger hunt.

    He say gambler friends say tiger hunt real ask him about Las Vegas.

    Regarding "casino focus now beyond places onto games" that I said.

    Very interesting news from Mr Wong.

    Mr Wong say he learn new way from Macau gambler friend.

    People some talk new way.

    About time baccarat game of luck five hundred years.

    (click to enlarge)

    Gambler friend show him new way mobile app.

    New way mobile app same one I blog.

    Mr Wong say he watch Macau gambler friend play new way Zuan Xin method.

    Gambler friend show him Zuan Xin success.

    Thousands Macau baccarat tables have scoreboards.

    Gambler friend show Mr Wong how watch test baccarat new way.

    Mr Wong tell me he test Zuan Xin play then play new way.

    He say new way bring success.

    He also say new way less baccarat thrill.

    He return US then visit Resorts World near JFK.

    (click to enlarge)

    There see Zuan Xin success.

    Mr Wong convince me look hard.

    I learn new way find online help.

    Hard work master new way not gambling.

    Just back from two days test new way busy Commerce baccarat room.

    Much better success much less betting too.

    Agree with Mr Wong less baccarat thrill.

    New way look like real solution.

    Convincing to see.

    Email Zuan Xin send me academic conference paper.

    Now game makes sense.

    New way increase WYNN edge.

    LVS too maybe MGM CZR too.

    Last sentence first expect lasting impact.

    Baccarat gamblers not heard yet.

    But how long new way hide plain sight?

    Aug 13 2:56 PM | Link | Comment!
  • Wynn Wins As Macau Caught In Mr Xi's Tiger Hunt

    All talk of gambling world is Mr Xi's tiger hunt.

    His fight against Chinese corruption is real.

    Latest capture untouchable former security czar Zhou Yongkang once one of top nine in China.

    Impossible to imagine in 2012 this new normal 2014.

    Effect on Macau significant.

    Reporters report baccarat whales in Macau scrambling for cover now.

    They say junkets and their whales laying low for now.

    Good time to transition baccarat gambling to Las Vegas.

    Now Chinese baccarat whales singing Viva Las Vegas.

    And numbers speak for themselves.


    Macau down Las Vegas up.

    For time being.

    No one thought Mr Xi best friend of Macau from 17th Communist Party of China Central Committee Politburo Standing Committee tiger hunter of 18th.

    Obvious now analyzing backward to smartest political option anticorruption.

    Mr Xi takes chance tests fate playing for place in Chinese history.

    Many more tigers to bring down to cheers of Chinese people.

    What improbable then now status quo.

    Best news in years for Las Vegas.

    Number one choice is Wynn Resorts there is no other choice.

    Why because Steve Wynn is number one man in gambling.

    Top executive Linda Chen assures him steady flow of best Chinese baccarat play.

    Second quarter proves Miss Chen reigns supreme in gambling world.

    Mr Wynn told second quarter earnings call he's excited now about Las Vegas.

    Wynn Resorts looks like solid five ten year buy hold.

    For Mr Xi cannot halt tiger hunt now Chinese people want more.

    Amazing turn of fortune.

    Macau fine but changing Macau Las Vegas Singapore blurring into one.

    So casino focus now beyond places onto games.

    Numbers say baccarat only game.

    Mr Wynn and Miss Chen baccarat leaders.

    Best to bet on them.

    Disclosure: The author has no positions in any stocks mentioned, and no plans to initiate any positions within the next 72 hours.

    Tags: WYNN
    Aug 05 11:48 PM | Link | 2 Comments
  • Damning February Numbers From Las Vegas Strip Indicate Baccarat Business Gone East

    Ongoing disconnect between Las Vegas and Macau seen in damning February numbers from Las Vegas Strip. Lots of excuses but just excuses for failure to solve baccarat business problem.

    Baccarat numbers speak volumes but all table games numbers damning too.

    (click to enlarge)

    Question very simple. Has baccarat business gone east for good? Baccarat business most of gambling business so this question number one for Las Vegas Strip exposed investments.

    WYNN and LVS not affected given perfect hedges in Macau. MGM slightly affected with good Macau hedge but its huge exposure to Las Vegas Strip represents long term red flag. CZR at risk given US recession lingering effects on gamblers with only perhaps Korean concession salvation.

    Las Vegas management not yet solving baccarat business problem. May not be solvable. But solvency and prosperity of highly leveraged Las Vegas Strip depends on it.

    Notice Cosmopolitan adjacent to City Center owned by Deutsche Bank so this specific management may be best positioned to solve baccarat business problem. No investment angle but perhaps Cosmopolitan solving baccarat business problem can guide other casino executives.

    Getting baccarat whales and baccarat whale aspirants to come to Las Vegas Strip from Asia seems easy problem on paper. Resolve of risk averse Las Vegas Strip casino executives that had easy time for decades now tested.

    Investors need to watch numbers ignore words. Macau baccarat continues rout of Las Vegas Strip and coming of Cotai Strip next big thing. Instead of building colossal ferris wheel Las Vegas Strip needs to solve baccarat business problem with serious commitment.

    Disclosure: I have no positions in any stocks mentioned, and no plans to initiate any positions within the next 72 hours.

    Apr 04 5:38 PM | Link | 1 Comment
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