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  • ashriseman
    $PVCT real professional.
    May 23, 3:28 PM
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    • Derrick Lilly: PVCT knew about this on 5/16 and withheld it:
      May 23, 5:05 PM
    • Professorredbag: Listen to the conference call of the 23rd. Explains it clearly. Was actually officially received on 21st.
      May 25, 11:10 AM
      • ashriseman
        I just don't see why $HIMX has lost over 50% of its value in a few short months. Is it time to bail?
        May 7, 12:11 PM
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        • mrfolsom: Did they "lose" the customer? Thought that was just a temp sales slowdown due to inventory buildup on the customer end?
          May 9, 10:02 AM
        • IC2: Such a disappointment...........
          May 9, 1:41 PM
          • ashriseman
            $XTRM What's happening with this company? Is it merely a p&d? I've nearly lost my entire investment. Is there a turnaround in the future?
            Apr 8, 1:05 PM
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            • Silent Wolfi: $XTRM depends on California before it will see big gains. As SaSquared said, it's not a 2 week play, it's a long one (as in 1 year+)
              Apr 8, 3:58 PM
            • FEASTorFAMINE: This is one that I plan on long long holds for. I'm thinking 10+ years due to the biodiesel factor.
              Apr 8, 4:40 PM
              • ashriseman
                $XTRM is killing me. Has anyone looked at their twitter account? I'm not sure it's appropriate for them as a company to be following Kim K
                Mar 20, 12:32 PM
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                • john_matrix: seems supported at 4c
                  Mar 20, 2:55 PM
                • BuyByBye: Not sure why they,re showing pictures of Adelanto property. I thought they closed on property in Ontario. Or is Ontario their office?
                  Mar 20, 10:52 PM
                  • ashriseman
                    Go $PHOT $DSCR Any thoughts on $DGRI
                    Mar 20, 11:34 AM
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                    • Silent Wolfi: As far as I've researched, $DGRI is a scam with a history of PR promises and "intentions" that never actually happen. Use caution.
                      Mar 20, 3:32 PM
                    • Manchu FourNine: This is not true. It is not a scam. I personally spoke with the CEO and he is for real.
                      Apr 18, 9:28 AM
                      • ashriseman
                        Any thoughts on Hulk alerts advising investors to take profits on $DSCR @.005
                        Mar 17, 6:01 PM
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                        • ashriseman: Sorry Jake. Can't provide was an email alert I received yesterday
                          Mar 18, 9:22 AM
                        • Trader_Jake: I'll chalk that up to nonsense friend. You can sell @.0050, but most will hold long for the good news. That "hulk alert" sounds like a farce
                          Mar 18, 10:08 AM
                          • ashriseman
                            $XTRM Why no movement on land announcement last week? Aren't they essentially doing the same thing as $CBGI
                            Mar 17, 4:11 PM
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                            • wafflemaker: It was being a facetious. I just meant that their ticker symbol is a bit much. Sounds like a good time to pick up some shares.
                              Mar 17, 5:33 PM
                            • FEASTorFAMINE: I don't care if their ticker symbol insults my entire family, if they are going to make me money I will insult my family myself.
                              Mar 17, 7:38 PM
                              • ashriseman
                                $NVAX Anyone know what's with the drop that's been happening? I can't seem to find any negative news.
                                Mar 6, 3:52 PM
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                                • davethedastardly: I put in a sell limit at 7.00 when it was around 6.80. That's why it dropped. Send me a couple grand and I'll cancel the sell order.
                                  Mar 6, 5:15 PM
                                • ionstock: When there's been a long stretch w/o any impactful news, malaise sets in or some people are taking some profit. Huge data results in Summer.
                                  Mar 6, 9:26 PM
                                  • ashriseman
                                    $PVCT. AACR abstracts are up. #630 Induction of anti-melanoma immunity after intralesional ablative therapy
                                    Mar 5, 1:34 PM
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                                    • ashriseman:
                                      Mar 5, 4:51 PM
                                    • Tile: Cool.
                                      Mar 5, 10:50 PM
                                      • ashriseman
                                        $PVCT up .31 pre market
                                        Jan 24, 9:57 AM
                                          • ashriseman
                                            $PVCT up to $4.20 in after hours trading
                                            Jan 21, 8:10 PM
                                              • ashriseman
                                                $PVCT Great run today. Any news on PR?
                                                Jan 21, 8:09 PM