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    Read if you use Google services, especially Voice.
    -Scrambled Messages
    The gigantic problems with #Google #Voice at the moment ensured that Google glasses will never touch my face. It is currently reordering, scrambling all text messages sent from Google Voice. Been happening for 1.5 months, in no way did they inform users, no integration testing failure, users are informing them of the problem. Imagine when Google Glass mixes up a message and posts 10 minutes of a user exploding into a toilet onto Facebook. Met a person, messaged them and Google scrambled the messages to completely misconstrue intent. Google never informed me or users that it happened/was happening I later bumped into the person and they showed me the scrambled messages etc. Had coworker respond, "Are you wasted?" to one of its mix ups prior to meeting up supper business meeting.
    It would seem like they would have exhaustive integration testing with the common carriers. It would seem like they would inform users if there are issues that can completely mess up finance, social, business, family, not to mention EMERGENCY situations. LOL, they expect a user to get into a Google self-driving car when they can't paginate an SMS.

    -Secondly - glaring security vulnerability with simple fixes ignored.
    When it does the step-by-step prompts to associate your Google Voice #, it doesn't prompt if you want to quit texting your old number. Be very careful, if it isn't sending a jumbled message - it may be sending it to your previously assigned number. This is a user oversight, but Google doesn't do a very good job of actively informing the user, "Hey, you added a new number - are these previous number still relevant". I've text so many people that I, personally recommended Voice to and got a response from a random number, "What the hell, I'm not XXX, who are you", as well as response from the person. Every time a number is activated, it should text all associated numbers to ensure they're still active and actually that person. The application should keep track of what devices have what base #'s and if a user has a device with a different base number or there is a device in existence with a different base # that was previously associated with the account, but doesn't have activity -- GOOGLE should email the user, informing them that they took the time to deactivate the device for them, for their own privacy. There are a dozen simple ways Google could ensure a user's security and privacy with very little user annoyance or cost to themselves.

    Funny scenario, your forwarding number can be hijacked via # transfer and another person can intercept your messages, but the funny thing is they'll be jumbled anyway!

    -Thirdly, check your spam inbox, Google has decided that people you communicate with everyday have all of a sudden become spam, started happening about the same time as the jumbled text rollout. I've missed 6 important messages and discovered them today, while researching how to fix this mess, someone dropped a pro-tip in the forums about the spam bug.

    Google's inability to communicate problems to users, transparency, integration testing, and early detection as of recent are gaping holes in its services. It seemed like the most amazing company for so many years. The last year it has seemed like a hype stock bloat instead of a worldly collaborative effort to make tech better.

    There's been like 200 other abrasive choices Google's made the last 2 years that if people understood they'd face palm. As well as thousands of good ones, but when a change is abrasive or there's a huge mess up --- no transparency, communication. Ten thousand techies see the abrasion some mention it in forums, discussion seems closed, shades shut. Stock BLOAT.
    Mar 3, 2014. 01:25 AM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
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