• kelkwondo
    $KNDI is a much technology in a nation starving for clean air. Jump in now or watch the train leave without you. LOOOONG on $KNDI.
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    • BobWilson67: Me too. Only wish I bought more back at $7. Considering it's early volatility, not sure I will dip in again, but maybe?
    • Market DJ: I bought at $6.60 & wish I'd bought more as well. Thought it would dip but never did... The word is out, swing traders are tweeting away...
    • kelkwondo: gonna be some Day trdrs makin hay for a bit, keeping it volatile, but HANG in there for big profits. $KNDI is going to the top.
    • Atharion: Kelkwondo I totally agree. I am taking profit along the way but am long on this stock- China is a huge country...crazy growth potential.
    • kelkwondo: the only downside to $KNDI is having not bought MORE while it was still down..steady growth now..watch and weep bears and day trdrs.
    • BobWilson67: If there's a dip I will likely buy more.
    • kelkwondo: the only dip I see in the near future for $KNDI is dipping sharply upwards..way long on $KNDI-$PLUG