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  • Is Something Big Brewing In Silver? [View article]
    In the last run up in silver prices April 2011 when the price of silver reached $50 an ounce. A large bank found itself on the wrong side of the trade. That bank was JP Morgan and since that time in JP Morgan has been accumulating a very large stockpile of physical silver. It is being held in their warehouses. It is currently estimated that they now are holding between 250 and 300 million ounces. This is a physical position larger than either the Hunt Brothers or Warren Buffett held during the silver run up in late 1979 and into early 1980.
    Over the last few years JP Morgan has worked to hold the price of silver down while the accumulated their position. The only questions is do they have enough and now decide to allow the price of silver rise.
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  • Signs Of An Approaching Bear Market [View article]
    The market will always have periods for the bulls and the bears. I too have read many articles on why the bear trend will now begin, that I doubt it will happen now. However when there are no more new articles that is when the bear will probable begin.
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  • Evaluating Preferred Stock Funds For Your Retirement Portfolio [View article]
    One thing about CEF's sometimes part of the income is return of capital and not dividend income. It is wise to understand what type of income you are receiving.
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  • This REIT Promises Yield And Growth Without Mortgage REIT Risk [View article]
    Has anyone looked at the directors of both UMH and MNR. They are members of the same family and hold large stakes in both companies. Would this be a concern?
    Mar 28 02:25 AM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • How I Can Explain 96% Of Your Portfolio's Returns, Part 3 [View article]
    The secret to all investing is proper allocation and keeping trades small. You can be wrong in your timing or strategy but if the investment or trade is small and fits within your risk tolerance and allocation models you will be fine over time.
    Thanks for the good article,
    Feb 2 01:39 AM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • How I Can Explain 96% Of Your Portfolio's Returns, Part 3 [View article]
    I have found that taking the most risk (small caps) when all looks dark (2008'-'09) turns out to be the lowest risk.
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  • 174 ETFs You Should Never Buy [View article]
    Pollyserial, you are correct that you don't need to use leverage and I wasn't necessarily referring to current market conditions. However if an investor as fully or almost fully invested, a leveraged product could help in the short run to hedge a portfolio that lacked cash reserves. Personally I always carry a large cash reserve as protection and to lower risk.
    Randy Watson above was looking for a different way to view leveraged ETF's
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  • 174 ETFs You Should Never Buy [View article]
    While the author is correct in most of what he has written. These flaws occur over long periods of time. An owner of a retirement account may benefit in short periods of time by using leveraged ETF's. There are many restriction on retirement or qualified accounts such as the inability to short positions. If a retirement account owner wanted to lighten up on their exposure to the market and didn't want to sell positions due to issues like loss of dividends, they could employ the use of a short leveraged ETF to protect position over shorter time frames. Most market corrections are measured in months not years so the negative impact of the author's flaw would be limited on the leveraged ETF position.
    When people discuss the idea of compounding over decades, I look back at my own holding and don't hold any of my original positions from when I began investing 40 years ago.
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  • Earnings Quality: Why It's So Important Now and Which Stocks Are Suspect [View article]
    If these are the worst what are the BEST.
    Oct 4 10:34 AM | Likes Like |Link to Comment