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  • Apple (AAPL): FQ4 EPS of $8.67 misses by $0.08. Revenue of $36B (+27% Y/Y) beats by $200M. 26.9M iPhones sold, 14M iPads, 5.3M iPods. Shares halted. (PR[View news story]
    Alex Jones is great - but let's not post InfoWars material on this website. A little off topic.
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  • Apple (AAPL): FQ4 EPS of $8.67 misses by $0.08. Revenue of $36B (+27% Y/Y) beats by $200M. 26.9M iPhones sold, 14M iPads, 5.3M iPods. Shares halted. (PR[View news story]
    How do you make transactions AH?
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  • More on Apple's FQ4: FQ1 guidance is for revenue of $52B and EPS of $11.75, below a consensus of $55B and $15.41 - guidance is typically conservative, but the EPS figure indicates margin pressure. iPhone sales above expectations, but iPad below lowered estimates. Gross margin was 40%, down 280 bps Q/Q and 30 bps Y/Y. Exc. retail, Americas revenue +43% Y/Y and Japan +113% (higher than FQ3), but Europe just +8% and Asia-Pac +15% (lower than FQ3). Retail +18%. AAPL still halted, to resume trading at 4:50PM ET. CC at 5PM. (webcast). (PR[View news story]
    They are totally going to beat analysts estimates for Q1 2013. I've been bearish on this stock, but I agree with richbar that $600 is a fair valuation w/ growth built into the stock price.
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  • Apple (AAPL): FQ4 EPS of $8.67 misses by $0.08. Revenue of $36B (+27% Y/Y) beats by $200M. 26.9M iPhones sold, 14M iPads, 5.3M iPods. Shares halted. (PR[View news story]
    I was right, 26-27 million iPhones sold.
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  • Apple (AAPL -1%) is slipping ahead of today's FQ4 report. Sprint disclosed this morning it sold 1.5M iPhones in Q3, even with Q2 - Verizon and AT&T had both reported Q/Q increases in iPhone sales. At this point, U.S. iPhone sales and perhaps also total iPad sales are known quantities. The big wild cards are Europe (pressured by macro issues and Android sales) and China (some macro/Android concerns, but also a place where smartphone demand is strong and Apple's sales have been soaring). The Street will also be paying close attention to any color on supply constraints. (yesterday[View news story]
    I'm guessing 26-27million iPhones in the quarter before the refresh. The wildcard might be their revised guidance for full year revenue which will most certainly be up big time.
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  • Apple (AAPL +0.6%) estimates were lowered today in response to Tim Cook's iPad comments and worries about iPhone 5 supply issues. But with shares now at 11x FY12E EPS (exc. cash), these concerns might be baked in ahead of tomorrow's report. The iPad Mini's pricing is yielding plenty of debate. Nomura: "A 65% price premium ($129) is significant and ... allows for Amazon and Google to continue to build out their positions." Baird: "Though priced above [rivals], the device is thinner, lighter, boasts a bigger screen and better cameras, and ... much wider app selection."  [View news story]
    I agree with all of you. However, as for the short term performance of the stock, I would not want to hold this through earnings.
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  • More on Facebook: Mark Zuckerberg was all about mobile. He noted 70% of mobile users visit Facebook each day, compared with 40% of PC users, and promised mobile monetization will surpass PC monetization. But the company admits PC ad sales are falling as mobile grows. COO Sheryl Sandberg talked up Facebook's ad targeting ability (aided by new products), and the ROIs posted by brand campaigns. She also claimed engagement for news feed ads is 8x higher than for right-hand column ads. Zuck says he doesn't want to compete against iOS and Android.  [View news story]
    I've been posting on SA Market Currents re: my belief that FB would post good earnings for the most recent quarter and I was right.

    I honestly did not believe that they could react quickly enough to implement new systems and engage advertisers $'s fast enough to show an increase in mobile rev.

    I put some money in puts and lost, though I hopefully will have cancelled my losses with gains in BWLD puts.
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  • In addition to issuing soft subscriber growth guidance in his company's Q3 report and shareholder letter (.pdf), Netflix (NFLX) CEO Reed Hastings made waves by admitting competition from Amazon, Hulu, and others is a matter of concern, and predicting HBO (TWX) will launch a streaming-only U.S. service. Also of concern: 1) Netflix's "known" content liabilities total $5B, of which $2.1B are due in the next 12 months. 2) Domestic streaming's contributing margin remains ~1/3 that of the declining DVD business. Shares -16.1% AH.  [View news story]
    Really feel stupid for not shorting this before earnings!
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  • As Apple (AAPL +4%) gets ready to unveil a smaller and cheaper iPad, the education market is taking center stage. Schools and colleges have already begun buying iPads en masse - education-related iPad sales doubled Y/Y in the June quarter - and the iPad Mini launch could accelerate this trend. Among Apple's efforts to cater to educational institutions: dedicated sales teams, regular meetings with school officials, financing for volume orders, and a digital textbook initiative[View news story]
    Or we could unsubscribe to our corporate food supply sponsored by the US government. I am not trying to be political in this statement.

    We eat too much corn and grain, and not enough fruit and vegetables, or locally and humanely raised animals.

    As well, our reliance on cars for transportation means as a society we don't walk as much or exercise as often as our ancestors used to.

    Look at the Europeans, they have great bodies.
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  • Apple's Positive Uncertainty: Universal Remote iPad  [View article]
    Great article and great comments!
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  • No one knows where it came from or what it was meant to do, but CNBC reports 4% of all trading in the U.S. stock market last week was executed by one algorithm that placed orders once every 25 milliseconds and then canceled them. It appears to be a firm's way of baiting buyers interested in purchasing a specific stock and forcing them to reveal their positions - ah, the joys of HFT.  [View news story]
    There are extremely intelligent people in this world. With the right knowledge of the stock market, online brokers, and computer programming experience, in my opinion, an experience technician can create a program or algorithm to manipulate an individual equity or index.
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  • "We're going to patent it all," Steve Jobs declared in '06 after Apple (AAPL) paid $100M to settle an IP suit. The result would be a huge patent portfolio Apple is now wielding against rivals amidst complaints many patents cover obvious and/or existing software concepts. Apple's "unified search" patent was rejected in '04, with an examiner calling it "an obvious variation" on existing ideas. It would be rejected 8 more times before getting approved last year, and then successfully used against Samsung.  [View news story]
    J.W. - Really? Wow!

    Do you have a newsletter subscription I can subscribe to?


    Apple is experiencing very legitimate and material supply constraints (not the "channel check" reports that were evident in previous production/releases). As well, it seems almost conspiratorial how much negative publicity, specifically from Foxconn workers, has happened recently.

    If Apple announces an agreement with several TV networks for on-demand streaming television, then their Apple TV will be a success. In the meantime, Samsung has been making a HUGE, and in my opinion, successful publicity campaign, to differentiate their phone as the other HOT phone. Their TV ad campaign made a big impression on the average consumer as many people I've encountered have talked about it. The morale of the iPhone has gone down, and in my opinion, Apple is now the mainstream giant that "cool" people don't want to be associated with.

    I think Samsung is the new cool phone. I own an iPhone 4s, and if I didn't lose money on AAPL options before the release of the iPhone 5, I would have purchased one :)

    We'll see what happens. This market is most definitely manipulated, however, I didn't know how until I saw this brave SA post here -

    Good luck all!
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  • Google's Q3 Earning Report - What You Need To Know  [View article]
    They are having a webcast on YouTube? YouTube is the king of internet media. Any song you want to play, any clip from a movie, international song, music video, original content, viral videos, platform distribution (UFC internet PPVs), etc.

    Samsung sold a record amount of phones that boosted their earnings greatly. Android is clearly doing well. Hope that bodes well for GOOG.
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  • Facebook (FB) launches Gifts, a feature that allows users to (you guessed it) buy gifts for friends, with Facebook taking a cut along the way. 100 retail partners are on board, the largest of which is Starbucks. Gifts, which leverages Facebook's payments platform and the $80M Karma acquisition, could prove the start of a larger push by the company to address an e-commerce opportunity that many think is huge. Shares +1.2% AH.  [View news story]
    Sounds like a Groupon. Great idea, plus better reach than Groupon. I'm looking for a higher ad rate going forward and greater revenue.

    They're pushing hard in monetization and advertisements. I think they have something to prove. They may have greater revenue and greater cap ex but better guidance for the holiday season as well as trends in their new systems of advertising.
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  • Apple (AAPL) wants Judge Koh to award another $707M in damages from Samsung (SSNLF.PK) on top of the $1.05B a San Jose jury awarded the company last month, as well as a permanent ban on 26 Samsung smartphones (it was previously looking for just 8) and 3 tablets come Dec. 6. Samsung wants a re-trial, alleging the time constraints of the California trial "prevented Samsung from presenting a full and fair case." Neither side will be giving its patent lawyers a break anytime soon.  [View news story]
    Wonderful explanation. A lot of people want their voice to be heard and feel passionately about something without listening and understanding both sides of the issue.
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