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  • Will Apple Sink On Tepid Response To iPhone 5? [View article]
    Any halfway decent human being has Yelp installed on their phone. Apple has integrated Yelp, though clearly, unfortunately, that will take some work.

    Boot up Yelp and find what you need to find. Don't make poor arguments that insinuate that the built in Maps app is the only way to find a location.
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  • Will Apple Sink On Tepid Response To iPhone 5? [View article]
    They will definitely sell 50 million iPhones by year end. The strong demand will hit at least 10m if not more by the end of this Fiscal Quarter and they will probably sell 40 million next quarter to end the year with at least 50 million iPhones sold from iPhone 5 release to end of year.
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  • Nokia (NOK) doesn't pass up the chance to gloat over the harsh response (I, II) to Apple's (AAPL) iOS 6 Maps app. "Unlike our competitors ... we completely own, build and distribute mapping content, platform and apps," the company proclaims. A Google Maps (GOOG) exec also takes aim at Apple, declaring "it takes a long time and effort to figure out how to do this right." BI notes Google has 1,100 full-time employees and 6K contractors working on Maps. (Nokia Maps deals: I, II[View news story]
    I love reading insightful comments on SA. Thanks guys.

    AAPL will be working around the clock to fix their maps system. This premature release is inexcusable.

    When I purchased my iPhone 4S and was told I'd have to purchase an app to receive real time driving directions with GPS, I was disappointed, and did not purchase the app.

    Now that I have a GPS in my phone, I miss the old Google Maps. They will fix this situation, and by developing the Passbook, and the TV, along with the near term catalyst of the iPad mini, the maps situation will simply be a lesson learned for the company.
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  • Facebook (FB) roundup: 1) Having pleased iOS users by boosting the performance of its core app, Facebook is now promising to update its mobile apps - secondary apps such as Messenger and Camera included - every 4-8 weeks. 2) Facebook is testing the automatic syncing of pictures taken with Android phones to a private Facebook folder, as the company tries to strengthen its photo-sharing lead. 3) A week after Mark Zuckerberg suggested Facebook will build a search engine, it has rolled out a search activity log feature. [View news story]
    FB is going to outperform in the short and long term. Believe you me, I've made money shorting this equity. I took a short before their first earnings announcement and closed the position @ $19 a share.

    However, after the recent movement in the stock price, I believe that they will outperform in the short and long term. They have many growth catalysts, including their clever real time bidding system, expansive ecosystem, developing third party app advertising platform, global account/username inventory, ability for an e-commerce ecosystem in any format (daily deals, deals, payments), and increased usage.

    Their greatest driver for growth as of now, and still within this fiscal quarter, is their sponsored stories via mobile. These have been intelligently implemented into the FB user experience. They started out on the side bar, easy to ignore, but nevertheless there. Then they moved on the PC news feed, a bit more difficult to ignore, actually pretty annoying.

    The user experience is getting better and more addicting. For full disclosure, I am a very infrequent consumer of FB's products, but whenever I do use their service(s), I notice I get carried away and pull away. They have some of the best talent working for them on their core revenue generator, monetization.

    I believe they will show a moderate to strong growth in their mobile revenue and an equivalent or greater growth in their PC revenue. I also think that usage numbers will go up, though daily users may go down, however, top and bottom line are most important to investors. We may have seen the bottom, but by no means am I confident that this stock will only go up.

    I am long Oct $24 and Jan '13 $30 calls.
    Sep 21 09:54 PM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • Interesting action in the commodity ETF sector shows a heavy hitter swapping out of $60M worth of the PowerShares Agriculture Fund (DBA) and into the Oil Fund (DBO) this morning. Is a big outfit booking profits on a summer rally in agriculture to pick up recently pummeled oil? It's also another example of liquid ETFs becoming a preferred playground for hedge funds and institutions. [View news story]
    Very interesting trend.

    Thank you guys.
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  • Just what the slumping TV industry doesn't need: Foxconn (HNHAF.PK) is planning to release "entry-level large-size LCD TVs," Digitimes reports. The contract manufacturing giant, renowned for its ability to drive down production costs, is said to have begun trial production for its sets, but hasn't finalized marketing plans. Foxconn's TV ambitions could spell additional losses for Sharp (SHCAY.PK) and Sony (SNE), and pressure market leader Samsung's (SSNLF.PK) margins. [View news story]
    This is very interesting.

    Thanks for posting Eric
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  • What Happens If The iPhone 5 Flops? [View article]
    The majority of people I know and see, friends, and co-workers, do not have an iPhone 4s. I have the iPhone 4s and will purchase the iPhone 5 which means that I will have a 4s as a backup and have the new phone.

    I am sure many people will do the same, or purchase the 5 when they renew. This phone may not be revolutionary, but it will sell better than the 4S which is a feat in itself!
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  • More on Apple's (AAPL) Internet radio plans: Apple's service will reportedly feature iAds and only work on iOS and Mac OS gear. However, Apple is also said to be interested in offering "a greater degree of interactivity" than what Pandora and other Internet radio providers can support, should studios allow it to. Mobile streaming now makes up over 70% of Pandora's (P) listening time, and much of it involves iOS devices. [View news story]
    ties into their ecosystem.

    to be honest, I'd rather use an AAPL music stream than Pandora, because I like AAPL.

    also, when you hear a song, you just click buy, and don't have to worry about opening up an app or a website, it will just buy it.

    i want to invest big before the showcase but don't want to get burned in case something bad happens.
    Sep 6 09:30 PM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • North American cinema ticket sales -3% to $4.28B between the first full weekend in May and Labor day, the first summer decline in seven years. Attendance -4% to 533M people, the lowest since at least 1993, when independent records began. The decline comes after ticket prices increase, and despite the success of blockbusters such as "The Avengers" and "The Dark Knight Rises." [View news story]
    I liked three of the previous comments. Agree with the majority of the points. I do sympathize with Hollywood that the rapid advances in technology and network infrastructure (bootlegging) hurt their revenues, which they, like many companies, got complacent with reeling in. Bootlegging appears at the upper class (computer uses with access to the latest releases) and lower class (neighborhoods with established infrastructure for disseminating bootlegs). This really hurt the studios and seems to have messed them up in the long run as the quality of movies has legitimately, and greatly unfortunately, decreased!

    However, I totally agree that the majority of movies that have come out in the past handful of years have been awful. In addition, a lot of the mega movies that have come out are built on old stories and franchises and generally get ruined in the production process. The major film studios are doing a better job marketing these films than they are on making them, and they are only going to lose in the long run when more and more consumers become disillusioned by this scenario that has been playing out.

    I am very content watching films at home, and again, as a previous comment stated, foreign films are wonderful as well as domestic (USA) independent films, that end up getting distribution by the pitiful major studios and major distributors that have the power to do so and only follow suit when a movie can get enough traction. The system is finally changing, with YouTube and iTunes (digital distribution for independent content creators that are not tied to multinational media powerhouses); though, the system is changing very slowly, and is highly susceptible to manipulation and abuse.

    This is a very interest article brought to us by the great folks @ SA. There are reasons that support this empirical evidence for a decline in ticket sales. Glad to be a part of this community.
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  • Apple-Samsung commentary: 1) Tristan Louis considers Apple a winner (strategy validated) and a loser (image could suffer). He also views startups (more exposed to software patent suits) and consumers as losers. 2) Jesus Diaz: "Apple's court triumph will drive innovation, not stifle it," as the industry works harder to differentiate. 3) Dan Rowinski: "Can anyone say that Samsung could win a case with a Californian jury in the shadow of Cupertino? Samsung never really stood a chance." [View news story]
    I think this is a very deep and technical case. I also think people should not comment so openly and simply without reading court documents and understanding the complex patent system.

    I do not understand the facts (and opinions) of each side to make any judgement. On one hand, you have, as many say, a ubiquitous landscape of technology with optimal functions, and on the other, you have innovators who have pioneered certain features. It is very messy and scary if everybody holds patents and fights each other.

    It's too difficult to make a judgement.
    Aug 28 01:00 AM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • eBay Is On Fire [View article]
    Bret et al,

    It is unfortunate we have a "crazy person" stalking our wonderful investment community resource. It would be against free speech if SA censor his off-topic comments. Unfortunately, we will have to ignore him.

    The person under the nickname "Phillip Cohen" is a sick individual who needs help and we should be compassionate. He is obsessively driven to comment and give a bad name to the company. It may be warranted, but the manner that this individual does this is disrespectful to others.
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  • "Peter Thiel, a billionaire genius in the realm of startups, is not a good signal maker for other stock market investors. If he were a lighthouse, he'd have you breaching your hull on rocks," says Nicholas Carlson, discussing Thiel's unloading of most of his giant pre-IPO Facebook (FB -0.3%) stake. Carlson points to the dismal performance of Thiel's Clarium Capital hedge fund to back up his argument. His remarks come as Facebook spends another day below $20. (previous[View news story]
    I covered my FB short for the meantime. I think YELP's unlock period next week may drive FB down a bit. However, I think even though their capex and operating margins may decrease next quarter, their revenues will be up.

    I just don't see how advertisers would not want to post their brand on one of the most frequently trafficked locations on the web.
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  • Noting the FOMC minutes said additional ease is coming fairly soon unless the economy sees "sustainable strengthening," Bill Gross says QE3 is a "done deal." He expects an open-ended program in which neither the size nor ending date of asset purchases is fixed. How to play it? Buy TIPs and buy mortgages (or buy the companies that buy mortgages). [View news story]
    Anybody have any ideas of some good ideas? NLY?
    Aug 23 06:48 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • NYU finance prof./valuation theorist Aswath Damodaran now gives Facebook (FB +5.3%) an intrinsic value of $23.94/share, below the $29/share value he gave it in May. Facebook's Q2 report has led Damodaran to lower his revenue growth and operating margin forecasts, as well as reduce his expected sales-to-capital ratio. Damodaran says he has a limit order to buy Facebook at $18. (earlier[View news story]
    I agree with you. However, Wall Street is a little less rational, especially in this current economic climate.

    Potential revenue only goes so far, especially when growth is empirically shown to be slowing.
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  • Lawyers who earned hundreds of millions suing Big Tobacco are now going after major food companies such as PepsiCo (PEP), Heinz (HNZ) and General Mills (GIS) for wrongly labeling products and ingredients. One gem is calling sugar "evaporated cane juice," while rather more scarily, a ConAgra (CAG)  "propellant" in Pam cooking spray includes petroleum gas, propane and butane. [View news story]
    "People doubt the US is a fundamentally hostile place to do business now? Things like this. Constant assault from lawyers, regulators, and demagogic politicians. "

    Please view the recent documentary "Hot Coffee". It is a wonderful expose of Corporate America and the neocapitalist attack on rightful litigation as a fraudulent attack on old-fashioned, idealist, American capitalist principles. This documentary, though all with slants, paints a very real picture of the landscape of American capitalism, media, and politics.

    I highly recommend all view this documentary (especially if you have posted a comment here)
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