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  • Wall Street Breakfast: Eurozone Banks To Borrow €250B From ECB [View article]
    My understanding, subject to correction-- petroleum oil is a product of detritus in silt that is mostly microscopic in size. All the organic matter in the runoffs of rivers and other sources of erosion. The bio matter breaks down and the primary product is methane gas. Layers of new silt or other fine particles seal the older layers and when enough material is picked up and enough methane is trapped and the natural heat and pressures of geologic processes of creating rock have had enough time, the methane and some other gasses that form combine to make petroleum oil.

    The same basic processes can be done in chemical plants to make synthetic oils used for specific purposes. Like lubes for jet engines (gas turbine engines). Start with a collection of pure discreet gasses, use pressure and heat to combine them into oils. The specialty synthetic oils are carefully engineered for the use for which they are created. These synthetic oils are also extremely expensive to make.

    The Earth does this with less precision but the oils are cheaper when they reach the state of useable products. No dinosaurs involved. Or not many, anyway.
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  • Wall Street Breakfast: eBay Payments Unit Mulls Accepting Bitcoin [View article]
    Do I recall that an orca was released to the wild sometime back; that it spent much of its time after that in inlets and harbors near where it was released clearly asking to be allowed back to the gravy train?
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  • Wall Street Breakfast: Amazon-Disney Dispute Involves More Than Pricing [View article]
    smr36: "Al Jazeera America Good objective uncensored news."

    I watch it because it is presented in a much more straightforward manner than most of the others and is mostly news. But 'Objective' or 'Uncensored' ??

    Hardly. And wait a little for when it turns into mostly propaganda. May take some time, but has to happen eventually.
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  • An End To Our Relationship With Yahoo, A New Era For Equity Research [View article]
    964500: "Given SA's apparent lack of significant editorial and quality control which seems to result in some awful stuff being published, does this really matter?"

    In my own (what passes for 'research' & 'due diligence' by me as a micro-money and Retail micro-investor) it really does not make much difference what quality is contained in the original article. The quality or lack thereof is usually fairly obvious. A quick perusal of the comments following the articles is almost always more valuable and has been the primary source for me of names of stocks worth my real time, research, eventually money.

    I am totally appreciative of the existence of Seeking Alpha and of all the articles published; of the contributors who spend the time and effort to write, regardless of their motivations or agendas; of all those knowledgeable people who make comments in this forum that provide the counterbalances and verifications and very often invaluable insights that could only exist within the overall context.

    FWIW: I do not remember where I found the reference or whatever that led me to Seeking Alpha but I do not think it was within Yahoo! at all. I was floundering badly with mostly 'Doom & Gloom' letter publishers who were costing me real money. Discovering/Wandering Into--- - Seeking Alpha brought me from that morass into new ways of finding and using information that has proven to be a way to manage my resources and develop a positive cash return.

    I use Yahoo! Finance almost exclusively to find charts for Canadian stocks. I do not trust their agenda enough to give them any insight about my actual portfolio. Most of what I see in Yahoo! is like stories about how much mascara the Kardashians are using this week and I don't need any of that.

    And whenever I can I recommend or mention Seeking Alpha to those who may not be aware of it and may benefit from it.
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  • Wall Street Breakfast: Iliad Secures Financing For $15B T-Mobile Bid [View article]
    If the results of a Tesla evaluation reported in Jalopnik and attributed to Edmunds are representative, it will save the tech industry too. Replacement of failing electronic display and control units.
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  • An End To Our Relationship With Yahoo, A New Era For Equity Research [View article]
    Can't keep the "NYSE" out of my comments. Won't edit out, either. (shrug).
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  • An End To Our Relationship With Yahoo, A New Era For Equity Research [View article]
    arikezia: I really do not understand?

    It's about the term "Due Diligence."

    I am as unqualified in finance as it is possible to be. Common sense is another thing. (NYSE:I) Read several articles about a stock. Read about other stocks that might do as well or better. Sleep on it all. Go down the 'Short List' and look at the stock charts available in and within (my) brokerage account. If you can't find (a) chart(s) in your brokerage account, consider opening a TD Ameritrade Taxable Account. A taxable [online discount] brokerage account can have lots of benefits in addition to your IRA.

    After sleeping on all this a few days then it is time to consider plunking down cash. Stock prices do not change that much that quickly.

    For a big "Correction," (may or may not be in progress as this is written: ask me again in the summer of 2020?)(LOL?), have your 'Dream Short List' ready and notes about your most wanted stocks. (MMM at $9.00 or T at $3.50 ??? When the Markets seem to have bottomed.). (ROTFL).

    Disclaimer: I have no interests in any stock or company mentioned other than a possible account at named brokerage and might or might not buy a small position of named stocks at any time. Especially if they reach stated prices at any time within the next few months.
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  • An End To Our Relationship With Yahoo, A New Era For Equity Research [View article]
    Verisomotex: "You should at least allow Australian, Canadian, and London tickers."

    My understanding is that SA does not restrict articles relating to or about these exchanges or stocks/securities. The thing is that no one writes any articles.

    'Plus Five Investor' wrote several good articles about Canadian stocks a while back that are probably worth finding and reading. Now we need
    good discussions about Aussie and European stocks.
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  • An End To Our Relationship With Yahoo, A New Era For Equity Research [View article]
    This is both ROTFL and frustration: In my post the SA software added "NYSE" to my multiple guess 'quick answer' thingy. Not my idea or intent.
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  • An End To Our Relationship With Yahoo, A New Era For Equity Research [View article]
    I am confused and concerned. Most of my Seeking Alpha shows up on my Yahoo Email account. I have been getting things like: 'Authors you follow" "Dividend Ideas" "ETF's for Today".

    OK: Those titles are not quite right but cover the ground (?). Within those titles I get a broad range of article titles to read or not read. I find that reading some (too many to read then all; no interest in some stocks discussed) is an education in the markets and a broad general source of seeing what the trends are. Really don't want to lose any of that.

    Note: Most of my general information Email is on Yahoo. My private personal and critical business Email is with other providers. I am increasingly unhappy with what Yahoo has done to "improve" their service. I really do not know where to move. Some other major providers are not possible because I already have accounts there and they lump everything together so I can't just click another tab on my toolbar.

    My RSS feeds go to my "MY Yahoo" page and all that is (already) too much piled on top of each other and itself.

    My question is if I will still get the Emails from Seeking Alpha via my Yahoo Email account? The answers choices are (generic for all readers?): (NYSE:A) Probably. (NYSE:B) Not for sure. (NYSE:C) No or Most Likely Not.
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  • Windstream: Dividend Cut 30%, Stock Rallies 12% [View article]
    Saw the SA article title yesterday morning: "Sell WIN Now!" and did. Cost me a dollar a share. That will reduce taxes next April. Held WIN a long time and my "cost basis" was well below sell price but I don't keep "cost basis" in my personal accounting. My bottom line is only what I can spend. Now I don't need worry any more what WIN does. Put the money immediately into another sector, a reasonably 'safe' stock with very close to the same (newer projected yield for WIN) yield and the promise of much more future. End.
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  • Wall Street Breakfast: Oil Export Policy, Russell Acquired, Barclays Lawsuit [View article]
    Yes, we read your posts.
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  • Wall Street Breakfast: Iraq Crisis, Bond Yields, GE Bid [View article]
    First my apology for continuing this thread. I want to attach a note to the reference posted by: crademan ----

    I have been told that the working life of solar panels is too short to be considered by us ordinary folk if we are picking up the tab on our own as in buying and installing solar electric on our own houses (even if zoning restrictions and Neighborhood Associations will allow). That it is not possible to see an actual positive return on our investment.

    Let us all watch the results of the installations in Arizona described in the attached reference and see how it does over the long term and make note in WSB eventually so far as any results or problems are ever noted in the media?
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  • Wall Street Breakfast: Iraq Crisis, Bond Yields, GE Bid [View article]
    alphagabby: In the summer of 2013 I did a road trip from Dallas (The Republic Of North Texas) to Southern California. I was surprised and impressed by the vast numbers of 'wind farms' and windmills making electricity all the way from Los Angeles to the Llano Estacado and also in many other places where the winds seem to never cease. Solar may be another major part of the future or it may not. Much of these new technologies are all hype and projections of what we already see or know. An example is the World Fair Future exhibits from times like the turn of the century looking at the 1900's or during the Depression of the 1930's: Air travel was shown as common, for the rich who could afford the tickets for the dirigibles that were going to be ubiquitous in the skys. The detective Dick Tracy had a radio on his wrist that may or may not have been a foretelling of the cell phone. The wrist-radio was called a radio. Dick Tracy was the only person who had one. It was a police radio linked only to Dick Tracy's police dispatcher, if I remember correctly? There will not be 'solar roads.' Maybe in some specialized areas like parking lots for cars, low-use drives. Wear and tear on real roads is extreme and the solar panel units are too expensive to buy even at projected mass-manufacturing prices and too effort-consuming to maintain. Wiring is down in ditches/channels underneath-- submerged in runoff water? Solar on rooftops makes more sense. I would be happy if my own roof was covered with solar panels installed and maintained by the electric company. If they were elevated a few inches above my shingles I would be in some shade all the time and might get as much benefit from that as from the electricity generated. Will the electric companies ever do solar on the roofs of all the buildings? Check back in 20 to 40 years and maybe there will be an answer. Until then, solar and wind power generation are noise to divert attention from things that are much more important and are not going well or are corrupted in some way. The big wind generator blades are a known ecological disaster continuously killing birds in fantastic numbers. At the end of that 20 to 40 years those generating towers may well be ragged, nasty, rusted relics attesting to the folly of our current times.
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  • Wall Street Breakfast: Iraq Crisis, Bond Yields, GE Bid [View article]
    RIQ: Keep in mind that before 'petroleum' there were less than 2 - 1/2 billion people alive on the planet. Before steam and the beginnings of this general industrial age it was closer to half that. Humanity does adequately now mostly or only because of petroleum energy.

    I agree that humanity will muddle through. It may be a tough muddle, however. :-)
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