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  • TransCanada Tries A New Clean-Tech Pipeline Solution [View article]
    Lots of first-time posters.. welcome over from iHub and RB boys.. someone put up a posting to come here and fluff this thing up? Really anything new here than the fluff iHub homepage?

    60 grand a month.. woooWeeee! Too bad that won't cover the monthly gravy train costs at headquarters. Maybe the author should have mentioned the newly authorized shares @50% dilution when exercised. "if" and "option" are probably 2 terms you should look up since most of you guys confuse those with "sure thing".
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  • TransCanada Tries A New Clean-Tech Pipeline Solution [View article]
    "I can't think of a better investment at the current share price!"

    Are you short?
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  • TransCanada Tries A New Clean-Tech Pipeline Solution [View article]
    Yaaawnn. more of the same same-old.

    I find it funny, Cecil leaves (or was fired..who knows.. company has never issued a statement but it's hard to believe he would willingly walk from this gravy train and the millions of warrants he stood to gain the next few years) and the fluff NR's and paid promotion pieces just don't seem to have the same affect on the stock they used to.. wonder why that is..

    The usual faces here won't do any basic research, but anyone reading this certainly can. Most is on STWA's own website. Lets look at some of the points/claims made by the author that follow the same tired and disproven vein they always do.

    "•The new tech uses electric fields to temporarily alter the alignment of particulates in crude oil, lowering viscosity without changing the chemical composition."

    Truth is, the description on what actually happens has changed twice from Tao himself. Even the head engineer claims the particles clump together 'making more room for oil and lowering viscosity'. Funny, If you have a certain volume of particulate that will clump together, how does clumping together change its volume in the pipe relative to the oil? Laughable. Tao has been making this 'lower viscosity' claim for years.. see how others see his claims:

    Check out what a professor of propulsion thought of Tao's work:

    "•STWA Inc., who holds an exclusive worldwide licensing agreement for the patents, appears to be moving fast to establish itself."

    What are the patents.. author care to list them? In fact the company itself in it's own filings states they may not be able to protect this, and are not sure if anyone else is pursuing this. I doubt there is much to worry about anyways.. You see this company has been plugging at this for a while, in spite of what the author says.
    Anyone hear anything else from 2008? Funny this company that supposedly tested the device didn't have any interest.. no NR from STWA..

    " the company appears to be under a strict non-disclosure agreement, since none of its press releases mention TransCanada by name."

    Or the other way around.. because if this test is a failure, it would be much better to just not say a word.. oh like the China testing.. LG Partners deal.. Elektra..etc..etc.. Silence is golden.

    ", and works with TransCanada engineers while they evaluate the device"

    This is key.. because up until now, STWA has had their finger in every "independent" test to date. Finally we will see the validity of this once and for all. I'm in the camp that says it's gonna turn out like the last 7 devices. The best indication of the future is often the past.

    "In field tests, the technology was successful."

    This is repeated often. Obviously the Japan test wasn't, or it would have been mentioned. Obviously China wasn't, or it would be ongoing or mentioned. But there is a simple way to to do some DD and find out about this much touted RMOTC test.. mentioned a lot because it just sounds so darn good.. DOE and all.. it's pretty simple to call up Michael Whelan, the guy in charge of the testing funded by PRCI at the RMOTC. So I did just that.. I was curious about the testing in HIS words. First, like the author here, Michael thought STWA was a 'startup'... nothing could be further from the truth as they have been around for 16 years. But my main concern was why on gods green earth would there be a test with no baseline set of the line WITHOUT the device in prior to testing??? how could you determine if it did anything? That was my main question to Michael.

    MW- And ah.. if that in the way the test came together.. um.. I’m still not sure why a baseline wasn’t established because it was supposed to be.. but ah.. I think some of the DOE folks up there might have dropped the ball.. umm.. taking some of the basic.. just a.. of a.. recording some of the basic instrumentation and setting it up so actually.. you know.. tell what happened before you threw the switch…
    ME - YA…
    MW- …And what happened after

    Funny.. so I asked why the test wasn't changed since good money was being thrown at it to get better results..

    MW- well they were.. each test was pretty expensive. And we didn’t have the um.. general support of our board to go back and basically ask again for another round of financing.
    ME - Well.. I mean they just raised… (me trying to make the point STWA raised a ton of cash and COULD HAVE maybe financed a better test)
    MW- The board didn’t.. the board didn’t react to any um.. particular results.. it.. there just wasn’t a nice discrete clear compelling project to put together because they kept changing save the world… um kept changing their design and and a.. moving it around and.. basically ahh.. changing where and how you’d be able to test it so.. um.. things would have gotten pretty expensive pretty quickly so we..

    Now doesn't this sound like STWA went in to test, didn't have a clear objective, then started to change things during the testing.. why? So I asked why then didn't members step up to continue financing the testing..

    MW- Members.. members have shown an interest that’s why we were involved in the first place… they said.. hey.. check this out for us basically.. so umm.. and that led to that project that they um.. that.. they decided the one in Wyoming.
    ME - And after that even the members weren’t even interested in continuing or?…
    MW- Well it’s been a… protracted process to try to figure out what’s next if anything because if you.. and I think your analysis of that first test is.. is pretty good.. I mean it’s a lot of holes in it..
    ME - Ya
    MW- And um.. to try to plug some of those holes.. ah. is just going to take a um.. level and amount of time and effort that presently um would be difficult to get in our program.

    Now to be fair to Michael and STWA, he did say they were only interested in moving from RMOTC to an active line after this. However, it hardly sounds like a raging success or validation of the tech like the author and others try to make it as. To me it sounds more like TCPL held out a grain of hope that this might work in spite of the RMOTC gong show and are doing further field testing. It's up to investors to think for themselves if this will turn out good, or like the past 7 failed devices and laughable 'tech'. A funny thing is as well, is that STWA and it's followers like to post stats on how long this supposed effect lasts.. when the RMOTC test was a closed loop.

    More DD can be done by anyone on the NR's.. Call Joe Berns.. find out the testing STWA touts was done with Joes ex-partner on a venture that never panned out... and that Joe really doesn't know what the testing was or what came of it, because it was done with his partner... but to take STWA's NR at face value, was certainly a success and Elektras to be installed in a factory... Easy stuff to research if you care to.

    "It is also crucial to note where the AOT is being placed."

    Yes it is.. Cushing is the refinery at the end of the line. Quite obviously this is not far enough upstream to cause issues, but right near the end. So "the middle of nowhere in canada" probably would have shown greater faith. In fact the aerial pictures show the unit quite isolated, and not close to the active line per se. My guess is this is a temporary test facility off-line. So obviously the idea that there is 100% faith in this and it's a "slam dunk" couldn't be further from the truth.

    "This, along with the fact that it moves oil at lower pump cost makes it a clean technology for oil companies who may want to brandish their "green" credentials."

    Only in the mind of STWA followers does moving more oil to be burned become a 'clean' thing.

    "a decade ago, it booted bad management"
    Actually it was halted by the SEC over the promotion of a device that was to become the ZEFs, a device that was pursued by the company even AFTER the halt. Quite a thing to simple call the episode "bad management". The device was a joke, yet the investors, probably knee-deep in stock in the thing after Mueller, decided to keep on with the same 'as seen on tv' device.. how noble of them. So what to do? Hire RAND to seek out a guy that could validate your tech.. not find a guy with tech you could produce.. nah.. easier the other way.. and thus they found Tao. In spite of what the average STWA 'belieber' will try and tell you, Tao has been behind and pumped and promoted every device that was made.. how many? ZEFs, ZEFs MK, ZEFs MKII, CatMate, Cat Flap, Eco Chargr, Mag Chargr, Electra..etc. Should anyone believe Tao after all the previous claims?

    "It says it is under nondisclosure agreements with seven companies"

    It has said this for a year.. yet in every quarterly report, they still say "increased from 5 to 7 over the year" to make it sound like this quarter.. something new happened... when the truth is they haven't signed another in that long.

    "Fortunately for STWA, the agreement it signed with TransCanada was non-exclusive."

    So then where is Japan? China? In fact, maybe the author can shed some light on where it is at with LG Partners? No-one else can.. laughably the company doesn't even seem to exist, yet the news release stays up on STWA's site. Most of the promotion of the AOT and Elektra leading to now is pretty questionable... oh ya.. Elektra.. what's that? Don't see that mentioned anywhere!

    "a little-known oil tech start-up called STWA Inc. (OTCQB:ZERO), "

    Tech START UP? STWA has been around for what.. 16 years? Blown close to 100 million on failed device after failed device and it's called a startup?

    "TransCanada is STWA's first client, "

    Funny.. if any reader goes back over the history of NR's on the STWA website, they will see they supposedly had contracts for every one of their products over the last decade plus.. rave reviews for others, and "unsolicited interest' on the elektra from industry beating down it's doors.. yet not a dime in revenue from sales? The real question is, is if the AOT will be any different.

    For bonus points, the author left out such exciting developments as Energy Tech Africa.. a company hastily set up by an England DJ, and an impresario named Tim Nimmo. Who is Tim?
    What makes this guy qualified for STWA to give away the rights to Africa on the device? Why would they do such a thing? Ever wonder how STWA raised so much off warrants, and why they were mostly sold in England/Africa? People attending the England meets put on by Cecil will know Tim.
    Maybe the author should do some real DD on this company before spoon feeding out the pablum following the company line. Plenty more I could post, but i've grown tired of following this and am waiting around for the testing to put the final nail in the coffin of this thing... although with them getting TCPL to sign an NDA that will limit the info coming out if that happens, and the recent increase of liquidity of 50%, I think that will be a long time away.
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  • Camtek Launching First-Ever 3D Printer For Printed Circuit Board Industry [View article]
    A laser printer is additive to the paper as well. Not to beat this dead horse anymore, but its obvious "3d" is used for the marketing edge and nothing else. And when you talk differentiation, i think it would be equally important for you to state that the estimated market number you gave is for pcb's, not the 'just' solder mask market.
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  • Apple's Expanding Ecosystem Will Help These Stocks Triple [View article]
    Mark, China is supposed to lead the 4k uptake next year, however, it is in the extremely low cost space. I have yet to read a ces article that mentions pixelworks, but instead all the bigger players like Sigma..etc. What does pixelworks have over the larger players that you see as an advantage? In this low cost space, what do you forsee as their possible revenue? Your thesis on pixelworks always just centers around 'hd on portable devices will be big, 4k will be big, therefore pixelworks will be big', but you have never really delved into why?
    thx in advance.
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  • Apple's Expanding Ecosystem Will Help These Stocks Triple [View article]
    Everyone was a genius in the dot com era too. See how the picks go when the market is in a different direction. The posters points are there have been many, many triples. However, on sheer mono alone it pays to read Marks articles.
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  • Why You Should Sell 3D Systems And Buy Organovo [View article]
    How did the author get from (in his link) "It also adds cells from the lining of a blood vessel to allow the liver cells to receive nutrients and oxygen." to saying they can print blood vessels? Even if they printed vessels, you would still need something flowing through them to provide any value. Honestly think for a second about what you write.
    And as for complete organs, a liver has a viability time outside the body of 8 hours.. to a max of around 18 hours. So they would need to print it off in this timeframe. Take a look at how long some of the non-organic models take to print. Not gonna happen in this lifetime.
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  • Why You Should Sell 3D Systems And Buy Organovo [View article]
    Funny no comments by the longs..
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  • Uni-Pixel: Production Progress Is On The March [View article]
    RxR and realtime, thanks for the reads and background. Reading some of this reminds me so much of another i am watching to see collapse, ZERO. 15 years with many promises, contracts, deals, distributors... 82 million spent on lofty salaries, massive warrant packages and god knows what else under "other", with a massive $69,000 in revenue over the entire time. Recent ASM stated they were now "finally transitioning from an r&d company to sales" in spite of years of obviously trying to do the same on 7 other scam products.... 'honestly.. This time we REALLY are'.. Lol. Even the wording used by unxl is so similar its uncanny. Amazing these things can continue for so long with the easily researched nr history they leave behind right in front of peoples faces.
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  • Makism 3D Corp. - Why This $75 Million Company Could Drop By 75% Or More [View article]
    Cosmo, it's done.. Finite..
    What else would their IR firm say??? As I pointed out above for example, ZERO has blown $82,000,000 over 15 years with $69,000 of revenue to show, with 8 products that were "the one". After a while with one being promoted, a newer "better" one comes out so it can be perpetuated. These companies can say what they want. What defines if it is 'legit' or not in your opinion is if guys are showing up in the morning and getting a paycheque? A person with an idea doesn't make something legit on it's own.
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  • Makism 3D Corp. - Why This $75 Million Company Could Drop By 75% Or More [View article]
    Cosmo, as MG points out, ALWAYS read the fine print on those. And for future, keep in mind a penny can make ANY claims and say they are 'working' towards that, but never get there. ZERO gas been doing it for 15 years. CHMR claimed a new fracking tech, and even showed a signed deal with Pemex. Go to YouTube and search 'chimera pemex' to hear recording of someone calling to try to verify..funny. Best to go in 100% skeptical first, and work back with pennies than the other way around.
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  • Makism 3D Corp. - Why This $75 Million Company Could Drop By 75% Or More [View article]
    You don't need a crystal ball.. This one was pretty obvious.
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  • Makism 3D Corp. - Why This $75 Million Company Could Drop By 75% Or More [View article]
    Exactly onvo.. Newsletter today backpedaling on that lol.
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  • Makism 3D Corp. - Why This $75 Million Company Could Drop By 75% Or More [View article]
    How's that good trade working out?
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  • Makism 3D Corp. - Why This $75 Million Company Could Drop By 75% Or More [View article]
    Cosmo, you say they have an actual, affordable product. Where is it? Where can we see it?
    you say they have a presentation in January. How much you want to bet that never happens, and thus is done long before then?
    do you understand that these science parks are basically pre-business incubators, mainly for broke startups with an idea?
    why go public? You know why companies do? Why then agree to a deal where you can't sell stock?

    and finally, you do understand there are other companies that make 3d printers don't you? You do know you can buy kits to make your own don't you? Tell us all how these printers are any better or do something different than what is out there?
    please, invest in this. Come back in exactly 1 month and we'll see where you are at.
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