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  • GONJA Pro
    $GLCO news cancelation of 150 million shares!!! $GLCO $PHOT $MJNA $HEMP $CBIS $ICBU $XTRM $TRTC $NTRR $ERBB $PLPL $GRNH $DEWM $FFFC $PMCM
    Feb 25, 9:07 AM
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    • Suzannecarnline: New at that good or bad they have cancelled shares? Want to add to stock sold GLCO an add
      Feb 25, 9:33 AM
    • CASPER1984: Saw your recommendation last week, looked into them and jumped on board. Hoping this turns out well.
      Feb 25, 9:35 AM
    • BuyToSell: I THINK he means that since there are fewer shares, the price should move more easily up. And yes, it's an add.
      Feb 25, 10:06 AM
    • Suzannecarnline: Thanks
      Feb 25, 11:29 AM
    • BuyToSell: honestly i'm not liking the action i'm seeing yet, though
      Feb 25, 11:34 AM
    • CAKoumentakos: I'm watching GLCO, but I'm not seeing it either right now. That's not to say thT it doesn't double tomorrow.
      Feb 25, 12:58 PM
    • BuyToSell: whack a mole!
      Feb 25, 1:14 PM
    • Suzannecarnline: me either..still looking for more to buy today
      Feb 25, 1:21 PM
    • GONJA Pro: Penny Picks sending out emails for GLCO! Jump on this guys/girls news looked very promising today! Also Check out $BMSN and its sub $ENTB.
      Feb 25, 5:07 PM
    • BuyToSell: Good action in GLCO at the end of the day. Hope tomorrow is a good follow through.
      Feb 25, 5:50 PM
    • ferryc2: Penny Picks - check out the 'picks' then look at the charts. Its not been good.
      Feb 25, 8:28 PM
    • GONJA Pro: Ferryc2 I've made profits on about 95% of their picks and bought PHOT/CBIS a year ago when they posted PHOT/CBIS alerts. Suit yourself.
      Feb 25, 11:14 PM
    • GONJA Pro: Not saying inbound because their alert I bought before their alert just more fuel to the fire!
      Feb 25, 11:15 PM
    • GONJA Pro: Inbound = I bought
      Feb 25, 11:15 PM