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  • High-Yielding Waste Management  [View article]
    owned this one for long time. One thing that has bothered me is that the dividend increases yearly as well as stock buybacks but the debt has been increasing too along with the dividend payout ratio. why?
    cashflows and fcf's have been kinda flat the last 5 years. so the illusion is that things are growing (div) even though they are not (fcf).
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  • High-Yielding Waste Management  [View article]

    were a few tipped off to a downgrade?
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  • Government Debt: A Gentleman's Wager  [View article]
    In all this discussion no mention of the shadow market abs markets and how it played a role in this massive misallocation of assets and fraud loan and money printing.
    The abs market has shrunk considerably. The massive deficits at the fed govt level are offsetting the plunge in the shadow banking sector.
    According to the Fund flow report total debts are still growing and are higher than 2008.
    page 14, %'s
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  • Government Debt: A Gentleman's Wager  [View article]
    Wages in high inflations do not keep up. The adjustment process lags behind.
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  • Government Debt: A Gentleman's Wager  [View article]
    Agreed that total debts are over $54 trillion and exploding at the fed govt level.
    The standard of living is tanking for pensioners, retirees on fixed income, middle class and the poor.
    Excellent article.
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  • Second Quarter 2012: The Beginning Of An Earnings Collapse  [View article]
    <<35% of S&P 500 revenue and near 50% of S&P 500 earnings come from non-US sources.>>
    I'll take your word on this so earnings will be deflating.

    Also profit margins will be falling too.

    What happens when global bond vigilantes take away the Bernank's printing press?
    How much does 1.3 trillion in deficit spend contribute to gdp growth?
    The tsunami is heading this way it will just take time for euro land first.
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  • Telefonica: A Compelling Investment Or Value Trap?  [View article]
    CV Outstanding work.
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  • Gold's Technical Picture Is Broken; Collapse Coming  [View article]
    what do you call fha loans or sub-prime auto loans or $1.3 trillion in deficit spending or student loans?
    It's all juice to prop up the economy.
    Credit is still growing in totality not contracting. look at fund of flows report. Total debts grew 4.7% q1 2012
    Consumer credit up 5.8%
    But the biggest bubble of them all Fed govt up 12.4%.
    Total credit market debts highest ever!
    Do agree the shadow fraud market has been obliterated, but it was fake anyway ie. uneconomic lending anyway.
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  • Gold's Technical Picture Is Broken; Collapse Coming  [View article]
    Things/services that matter are inflating. I do agree we probably will have another bout with deflation on non-necessity things again.

    Healthcare, food, insurances, energy, car repair out of sight. Necessities.
    Japan is not a good example. Closed society, not reserve currency, most japanese buy govt bonds. the dollar will be pearl harbored at some point by our global competitors. Warfare by financial engineering.
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  • Gold's Technical Picture Is Broken; Collapse Coming  [View article]
    what gold bubble?
    I did a random survey of close to 100 people about gold silver investing--buying. Of the 100 about 3 own some investment gold and silver or miners. real Big bubble.
    Remember quite well a real bubble in condos when spec deadbeats were standing in a line a block deep to scoop up a few condos with fraud loans. That's the sign of a bubble.

    Also what about the treasury BUBBLE. 2.70% 30 year??? Even by the fraud govt reporting inflation is about 3%. This is the look of a real bubble. And the Treasury BUBBLE is over 30 years old??
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  • 4 Oil & Gas Stocks To Buy Now Instead Of BP  [View article]
    <<This pipeline, should it be approved, will be a major step forward for Occidental Petroleum>> Why is this pipeline a major step forward for Oxy?
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  • Stockton, California could this week become one of the biggest U.S. cities to file for bankruptcy with debts of $700M. Stockton, which has already defaulted on three sets of bonds, got into trouble due to high retiree costs for municipal workers, spending on a revitalization effort, and falling property-tax revenue.   [View news story]
    Lots more coming in the next few years. As fed aide/subsidies dry up to the states, more pain coming. USA=Greece at it relates to excessive govt bloat and entitlement spend.
    We are doing so great cuz the Bernnak is propping up asset prices and giving the illusion of growth via $1.3 trillion in deficit spending/FHA fraud loans/student slave loans/sub-prime auto loans and the govt bailing out the banks so banks halt foreclosures/freeloaders living in houses for free for 3-4-5 years. Real free market capitalism at work. These crony capitalist talk a good story about free markets.
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  • Drilling Down For Profits With Seadrill  [View article]
    no mention of massive debt at sdrl. anyone know if sdrl pays back debt interest only?
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  • The Housing Market Has Definitely Turned The Corner  [View article]
    The economy is so addicted to record low interest rates that when they back up and they will, when the sovereign debt crisis comes to the USA, shtf will slow this economy to an absolute crawl. the Fed printing press will be shut down since everytime the Bernank opens his mouth interest rates will jump higher. it is coming just matter of time.
    Housing is an overrated engine for growth and has bankrupted the country. The housing market probably is the most manipulated/subsidized market besides healthcare.
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  • Why I Think Western Digital Is A Good Buy  [View article]
    can you explain what this article in simple terms how it would impact hdd, stx or wdc? thanks
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