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  • TommyQuantum
    $SKTO/$AEGY sign definitive agreement to merge, and provides some details on price and dividends
    Apr 4, 9:09 PM
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    • TommyQuantum: it worked after I posted it, might just be gone from MMJ index now. Just get on their ticker news and you should find it.
      Apr 7, 6:34 PM
    • Chemist_2175: How does one get on their ticker news?
      Apr 7, 9:59 PM
      • TommyQuantum
        had an order for 80k $HIMR @ .0003 since open this morning and it didn't get filled...why?
        Mar 31, 3:53 PM
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        • armstka: Grabbed 1 million price, $1.00 :)
          Apr 1, 2:11 PM
        • TommyQuantum: That's a nice grab, think I'll be adding to mine. Hope we see that price soon!
          Apr 1, 5:18 PM
          • TommyQuantum
            For those of us holding $USEI lets enjoy the ride and lets watch out for those damn short articles!
            Mar 27, 10:05 AM
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            • TommyQuantum: Agreed. Sounds like they are getting things up and running very quickly with this product line in CO
              Mar 27, 10:19 AM
            • dannyusf: So happy. Very curious to see how far we go. Maybe a run like XTRM to 6 cents?
              Mar 27, 10:54 AM
              • TommyQuantum
                that's what's up, $UTRM. Glad I got in on Fri before close. $ERBB too...good start to the week
                Mar 24, 10:08 AM
                  • TommyQuantum
                    Anyone foresee a dip in $CBGI...I fear I've missed the boat for this run, I'll see if I can't secure a spot in the upper .30's at least.
                    Mar 17, 1:42 PM
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                    • riveja2: riffat - you little dip buyer you, good call it held well. The buyers came in big on the dip and helped it hold.
                      Mar 17, 3:20 PM
                    • riffat: I am glad to be of service. LOL.
                      Mar 17, 3:30 PM
                      • TommyQuantum
                        For anyone still hanging on (like me) $AEGY $SKTO Merger has been announced.
                        Mar 4, 12:15 PM
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                        • sarahfriend: question is where to next?
                          Mar 4, 1:02 PM
                        • Loerke:
                          Mar 4, 1:54 PM
                          • TommyQuantum
                            Yahoo's homepage has the most cannabis stories listed that I've seen lately, this is the best one. $XTRM
                            Feb 13, 2:18 PM
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                            • ben377: i read. i bought $XTRM as well. jim crammer the mad money guy said at least 26% growth in 3 months.
                              Feb 13, 4:10 PM
                            • William Z: 1 It's controversial so that makes things interesting 2 I'm not a Cannabis advocate or anything..from ground up they have a solid business
                              Mar 18, 2:31 AM
                              • TommyQuantum
                                What a beautiful day for $HEMP
                                Feb 3, 12:08 PM
                                  • TommyQuantum
                                    Got $NVLX today during a dip @ .1340, will be looking closely early on tomorrow at $EDXC, $FITX, $CBIS, $HEMP, $PHOT before making a buy
                                    Jan 14, 9:58 PM