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  • Is BlackBerry Making A Comeback In The United States? Some Data Suggest It Is [View article]
    @ Andreas: forget the data, i wished i had paid notice to that German Article on TH's catastrophic running of Siemens Mobile.
    then one thinks , he must have learned., I knew it when he started to be evasive on that sold/shipped/consigned/in transit sales number... and when he used that opening sentence " these are challenging times " whenever a CEO says the word challenging, he means we are f....d
    gd night
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  • Why BlackBerry Is Worth More Than People Think [View article]
    @ Marcap - tks very much

    two questions in yr opinion : 1) the half a million smart phones that Telefonica took on consignment from BBRY and which was financed by the Canadian Government for account and on behalf of BBRY - it's being rumored that BBRY is pushing to get Telefonica to BUY these phones at a special discount, but Telefonica is hesitant bcse they do not know who BBRY may have for new owners and if the new owners are working thru ATT who has a deal with Carlos Slim, which is Telefonica's head on competitor not only in Latin America, but also in Europe as Carlos is buying Dutch Telecom operators KPN, would the Canadian Government eventually recall the loan on BBRY ?

    and 2) if Pacific Crest is correct on their info that 5 bio in deferred payment is outstanding, could that be that back in March/April when Thorsten Heins was convinced they would sell 10th of millions of Z10 and Q10 phones that they upfront their suppliers, as to speed up deliveries so that BBRY could manufacture at full swing and now that BBRY sees those sales estimates collapse they are possibly not paying/taking delivery of their ordered components from their suppliers and that there is a problem on the horizon ?

    anyway this is to me becoming an impossible situation to Judge, i still feel the company will be bought, but i am done with BBRY.

    good luck to all
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  • Apple: Inside Icahn's Indecent Proposal [View article]
    I live in Antwerp, I get my dividend abt 3 working days later, but then they credit me back for those 3 days , at present there is no difference bcse I get no credit on the $ interest.

    Apple should actually pay overseas owners their dividend out of their off-shore cash balances, if that's possible.

    if Apple could do that European dividend players would pile into the stock, bcse as payment is coming from the States we pay double tax, pay 15% at yr end and 25% here on dividend.
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  • Apple: Inside Icahn's Indecent Proposal [View article]
    @ Michael Blair, totally disagree, I think this is exactly what Apple needs a clever money Manager, who will not intervene at all as to how Apple should run it's biz, but they are completely on the ball as how Apple can extract maximum value out of all that cash they have parked off-shore and it's working, it's a match made in heaven.
    I am sorry it does not coincide with yr bashing Apple, shorting the stock every time at a different level, but hey if you are one of the guys who are looking to continuously short the stock you should welcome Icahn getting involved with Apple as you are so convinced that he attributes nothing to Apple the company...

    so Icahn.... a perfect reason for you to add to your shorts...

    good luck and let's see in 24 months where the stock is, i say it's on its way back to the highs and you new low at 300 ? and in the meantime i will take the dividend and enjoy the ride.

    good luck.
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  • The Week That Icahn Bought Apple [View article]
    @ purpleboarder: with all due respect, you are completely misreading my comment.
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  • Why BlackBerry Is Worth More Than People Think [View article]
    it may also have to do with pre-order supplier obligations for goods that BBRY has to take on material/stock they need to pay for and have as yet to manufacture their phones for.
    if TH really counted on selling so many phones and now sales disappoint there could be a logistical hole between what BBRY actually is taking and what it is committed to have to take from their suppliers.
    god knows what is happening there.
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  • Why BlackBerry Is Worth More Than People Think [View article]
    according to Pacific Crest who went through BBRY's latest filing have found off-balance sheet items for deferred payment obligations that BBRY has still outstanding to the tune of 5 bio $, this must be that BBRY must have found an "accounting " way to have payments to suppliers and the consigned Telefonica deal which is being front financed by the Canadian Government, to keep that off their balance sheet and as such that 3 bio $ cash in hand they have is not cash surplus, it's just planted on their accounts as an asset, it's as i feared and said before a moving accounting target, it's there but it's not freely available.

    as such no matter how low the stock would have gone thru that 9 $ level last month, they would never have done a stock buy back, that cash is just "planted " in their accounts as sweetener to suppliers and investors that they are cash rich, but in the meantime they own more than they got, obviously that has to do with "shipped " phones rather than " sold " phones and as such as long as those phones are not sold and they are able to have others finance that and keep if off their books we all think BBRY is full of cash.. what is all this ?...

    and then this author together with Mr. Blair feel that on a buy-out or bidding war the stock may hit 30$,

    this stock is a stinker, i am selling on Monday while i am still in the money

    if Pacific Crest is correct and there are issues being carried off-balance sheet, even if that can be done for accounting purposes, i feel BBRY is pulling the wool over investors eyes.
    I have had it with this stock, don't follow my advise, bcse i am only going by what i hear, but i am done with BBRY

    i have read 10th's of articles on this stock and nobody, including me has a f.....g clue what's going on in Waterloo.

    i would like all yr commentators to thank you for yr input, again don't do what i am doing, but i have had it with BBRY

    good luck to you all, i would however appreciate the author looking into this Pacific Crest news:Rumor.
    Aug 17 11:47 AM | 4 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Is BlackBerry Making A Comeback In The United States? Some Data Suggest It Is [View article]
    if what Pacific Crest has read in BBRY's filing is correct, you better buy puts at the market.
    Aug 17 10:34 AM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • The Week That Icahn Bought Apple [View article]
    yes, I agree, i like SA very much, there is nothing to be compared on my side of the pond, but at times it looks like a damn popularity contest -
    Aug 17 08:53 AM | 4 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • The Week That Icahn Bought Apple [View article]
    yes, it's about time SA starts selecting Authors for how accurate their predictions are , there are Authors giving their view on each and every piece of news coming out from the news services and giving their explanation to why and how and although at times very well analyzed , some are dead-wrong on calling the stock each and every time and they keep on coming back especially on Apple, BBRY, MSFT, INTEL and most of them wrong but not giving-up with a bit of a twist they come back and yet again with more of the same, sure "one day " they will caal it right, but if they had put their money where their mouth was , they be dead in the water long time ago.

    I love this ' the author has no position and intends not to take any position within the next 72 hours " yes , and we all know why.
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  • Apple: Inside Icahn's Indecent Proposal [View article]
    the short play on Apple was 12 months ago @ 700, now having gone down to a low of 385 $, the stock had its correction, it's gone sideways and formed an excellent base from where it is improving.

    the company is still making more money in it's business field than any of it's competitors and that without having brought a new product.

    the author should realize that the share buy-back is not to pump-up the stock price for a quick-fix, it's a plan , overtime more and more shares are taken out of the system, as earnings keep on a very healthy basis that is pure share holder improvement.

    Apple had it's much deserved rest for a stock which in 5 years went from 70$ to 700 $, it needed a breather, it got it, the company needed to get adjusted also to it's own success, no company in the world ever witnessed what Apple went through.

    Icahn knows exactly what he is doing, he is buying value and he is doing it big.

    Apple has been a fantastic money earner for all investors and will continue to do so and it's also been a phenomenal trading stock.
    Now it's also became a good dividend payer.

    you guys can keep on knocking this stock, but it's a Long play not a short play after it's huge and much needed correction..
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  • Is BlackBerry Making A Comeback In The United States? Some Data Suggest It Is [View article]
    everybody knows that the leaking of recent news by BBRY's board was to stop the slide in the stock-price and they achieved that, the shorts are getting out -

    company wise , BBRY is in chaos , there must have been some real panic at Board level and they have now raised the white flag, they acknowledge they need help and they need it fast.

    i feel it will come and it will result in a buy-out , but i am not looking for much more than 15$

    the danger is that if it takes too long to have a deal done, the stock may come down again.

    there are plenty of stale Longs in there, holding, praying for a "fair price ", but all the recent buying besides short-covering have been the "punters " every Spec from around the Globe is entering this stock Long or Short and that will make the price very volatile, as such the Author is right by buying options and going Long volatility, even if they are way out of the money, one can make money, the stock does not have to hit the strike price, one can make buckets by being Long volatility, especially as this stock is going to be hectic and totally influenced by news until a buyer emerges.

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  • Is BlackBerry Making A Comeback In The United States? Some Data Suggest It Is [View article]
    volumes only impress , if they bring profits

    bottom-line in this business of smart-phones only 2 companies make money Apple and Samsung and maybe, but a big maybe the Chinese manufacturers, but they may work with different accounting practices.

    even when Nokia and BBRY where ruling the mob world, they never even came close to 1/4 th of what Apple and Samsung made and are still making.

    there are plenty of companies on this Globe in all lines of business, who go one year for growth and then the next for profits, their philosophy first take market share and then push margins.
    but if you are a manufacturer unable to take market share and unable to make margins than that is called a dying biz, unfortunately BBRY falls into that category, the BOD knows it hence the " for sale ' sign.
    they are not prepared to take the decision to become a good profitable, niche player as their main investors have too much money at stake, that would imply taking a huge hair-cut on their investments and for big players that's unattractive, so they came to the conclusion let's sell or partner so that somebody else can take the costs of turning this biz around and slicing it to the bone, so to get it profitable again, the one buying BBRY will besides the purchase price have to put in lots of monies to restructure the biz.
    the present owners have no appetite for that, they feel it's better to sell at break-even or a small loss, PW is not looking for 30$, he is looking for 15 to 17$, he is a money manager, takes it on the chin and moves on, plenty of better deals out there in the market than hang on to this headache.
    he had so much cloud at BBRY's board that he could easy have instructed to use that cash to do a buy back when the stock tanked thru 9$, if he believed BBRY was worth 30, he did not, on the contrary he left the board to free himself from being restricted and have to report, he still has an obligation to report any major change in his holdings, but he has no obligation to report what he is in the process of doing.

    this Author recently wrote a paper " smart-money is going short " , well he was spot on for BBRY when it was back than trading at 15$

    ( or was he referring to Apple , trading at 425 $, suppose Icahn is not smart )
    Aug 17 01:48 AM | 4 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Is BlackBerry Making A Comeback In The United States? Some Data Suggest It Is [View article]
    we had some super high volume trading days of 50 to 90 mio shares, so there was selling -

    as far as PW goes or other major investors, anybody owning above 3% in a public stock needs to report, however one does not need to sell to get hedged.

    if BBRY continues to trade between 10 to 12 $ and someone organizes a buy-out or the stock is sold, one can expect in all reality no more than a 25 to 50% mark-up over the last quoted stock price, believing in multiples of 2 to 3 x stock on close, only goes for business that are not for sale and someone does a hostile take-over bid and than the takes often already has a position in the stock of over 30% and secured thru merchant Bankers another 30 to 40%, so the multiple only has affect on the last available 30 or 40 %

    in BBRY's case we are not talking abt a hostile bid, we are talking abt a distressed seller , at best yr looking at 15$, if the stock trades were it is now 10 plus some change.
    anything above 15 would be a super bonus, 30$ is totally out of whack compared to where the stock trades now.

    what the BOD did is try to put an end to the slide in stock price, so far they have achieved that, bcse we saw massive short covering, as far as the company goes it is still as sick as a pig.

    Long BBRY, looking for 15$ as a take-out price.the longer it takes to find a buyer, the more likely the stock will gravitate lower again, unfortunately
    Aug 16 10:39 PM | 8 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Why BlackBerry Is Worth More Than People Think [View article]
    thanks for advise , much appreciated - i am however hedged so that's not the issue

    but that's what this is not about:

    what i am referring to is that i want to make sure that in a buy-out or a sale the share holders get absolutely the best and fairest price possible, that is the obligation of the BOD of BBRY they are there to run the business and as there is virtually no biz to run, they killed that one, they should now concentrate on a sale to get 100% possible best return for the share holders in BBRY and as this is probably turning out to be the most complicated of all deals if and i say if it happens to be that the new owners are also the majority of the present owners and the price is disputable than that may be called price-fixing , if and say again if the Board is giving in , where they should actually fight for better prices

    and hence my question is there minority protection on stocks in the US and Canada

    that's all i am saying, you don't have to feel sorry for me being Long, i am Long below the market to start with, i got burned twice on BBRY before and i don't intend to get a 3rd strike against me.

    I and many others are fully aware of buying shares in declining stocks and some can turn out bitter, but all in all .. and i have done this for close to 40 years, it's buy on dips and sell on rallies.
    and all people here ion this site involved in stocks are fully aware of the risks and if we have to take it on the chin , so be it, but to get screwed , that's something else, then we should fight.

    but thanks for yr advise and good deed, go enjoy that glass of wine and watch this spectacle on the box.
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