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  • BlackBerry Short-Sellers Finally Begin To Cover [View article]
    woow, the comments are getting better by the minute, like that... drama is good... and don't forget that Old Greek , he did run the Marathon and now it's the best number on the Olympics and the winners are.. yeah Ethiopians ...
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  • BlackBerry Short-Sellers Finally Begin To Cover [View article]
    @ jballa at yr best, enjoyed that comment - regards
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  • BlackBerry Short-Sellers Finally Begin To Cover [View article]
    " the market is hammering the stock for lack of quick profits ", NO, it's not , Nokia's numbers were worse and their cash is less, yet Nokia has turned and BBRY is yet again sliding ... how come ?...
    bcse Nokia has a game-plan, it has a strategic partner MSFT and the company is changing, it bought out Siemens , it has drastically reduced their R&D, it's overheads and it is tapping out of MSFT's know-how and all this is what investors like, they see a company which has a future and a safety-net, below it's stock price it's called MSFT, bcse they will be back to buy the biz part or whole.

    as far as BBRY goes, investors see nothing, they see a struggling company in complete disarray, a company which has lost control over it's stock price, a company which is not transparent on numbers, on cash, on shipping/consigning/in transit or sold phones, the company is evasive as far as reporting goes and it has a money manager for a large stake-holder, who can bring absolutely nothing to the business, he is in as a pure investment, that's what fund managers do, they enter a biz bcse they like the risk/reward, they bring nothing to the biz as far as input, structure or know how goes.
    BBRY has no merit staying on the exchange and as such for the hedge fund and large spec this remains a short.

    but this is also what brings about opportunity, as the BOD will realize as the stock continues to gravitate lower that something drastic has to be done, the stock will be either delisted, sold or partners with a strategic player, the lower the better and the more likely it happening.
    BBRY is a BUY , dipping in and adding scale-down, the stock price will gain out of pain, the company BBRY as is today, is done.
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  • BlackBerry Short-Sellers Finally Begin To Cover [View article]
    looking at the way the stock behaves, more appropriate heading for this paper should have been " stale long holders finally throwing in the towel " rather than " shorts finally starting to cover "
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  • Windows 8 Is Just Fine, Microsoft's Problem Is Evolution [View article]
    tks for link, much appreciated -

    more questions than answers, but i think it comes down to Management, this article seems to proof MSFT has the knowledge and technical think tank, they just don't have a business mind to turn what they make into a sellable marketing product and for that Management has to take responsibility.

    ps: you were right on PL, i thought he did good for Siemens under tough conditions, but he is asked to leave, maybe he can join his pal at BBRY.
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  • Windows 8 Is Just Fine, Microsoft's Problem Is Evolution [View article]
    @ old indie : i am intrigued by yr comment, bcse it's so opposite to as how i view MSFT, in my humble opinion i see this enormous potential, a fantastic company, been around for decades, full of know how, good structure and a cash generating machine, it's flaw is the management they have failed for a decade to extract the full potential out of this company, they missed out on many opportunities and they have been running after the facts, whereas Apple, Google, Samsung have been very aggressive and inventive or at least on the ball...
    so to me MSFT is in need for new guy at the helm, who can bring about a change in approach, but all the ingredients are available at MSFT is just a question of being pro-active rather than defensive.

    You on the other hand seem to think, if i read you correctly that no matter what, MSFT is on a long term down, the company has a corporate and structural problem, it has not adapted to market changes and now it's all too late, they are miss-firing constantly and eventually their cash will evaporate in paying out dividends.
    are you really as negative on the outlook for MSFT as you come across in your comment, or is it a bit of playing devils advocate, so to say ?

    thanks and appreciate yr reaction.
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  • BlackBerry Short-Sellers Finally Begin To Cover [View article]
    @ Scott, that's excellent news.. are the BOD cleaning-up, preparing to put a sale sign on ?...( no taker is interested in overheads)..
    Jul 28 01:42 PM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • Apple Inc. Shares Are Likely Dead Money For The Balance Of Its Fiscal Year [View article]
    thanks for info Sam, any idea how Apple did in Indonesia, a friend of mine who lives in Jakarta says that BBRY ( the leader) is losing ground to Apple, but he has no numbers to back that up, have you got some info ?
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  • BlackBerry: What Went So Wrong [View article]
    that's what i thought 12 months ago when the stock hit rock-bottom, they failed, unfortunately there is a penalty for this, you can't go back down yet again and think they will get another shot at it, they blew it, the stock is done on the exchange, they have to take it private or sell it, or partner with some strategic major player - on their own BBRY will not succeed there is no future for BBRY on the exchange, the stock will be shorted forever, confidence is shattered, one thing leads to another, suppliers will want upfront payment for deliveries, consignments won't be financed any longer, the Banks will get jittery, there is a huge penalty for when your stock gets decimated so to say twice within 12 months, BBRY is not a Bank where a life-line from the tax-payer thru their governments is given, BBRY has lost it's fight for survival on the exchange, it has to remove itself from all this unjust outside pressure, it has already problems enough in it's business field, there is no option left open to them.

    but that makes the stock one of the most interested buy's on the Board, be it for all the wrong fundamental reasons.

    the stock is a gain out of pain, the lower it goes the more Bullish it gets. ( anyway that's how I see it )

    Long BBRY , adding on the down.
    Jul 28 12:40 PM | 2 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Windows 8 Is Just Fine, Microsoft's Problem Is Evolution [View article]
    MSFT has been ' tight ' on Nokia, they should have bought it, even if they had to pay a premium, penny wise pound foolish - especially considering they took a massive write-off on Surface unsold stocks and blew 25 bio $ in market cap in 2 days, by announcing that - talking about capital destruction for share holders, well done Ballmer, you should have been fired on the spot !

    nevertheless MSFT is an amazing money machine and altho i have little admiration for what they achieved for a decade, i have to applaud them for keep on making mountains of cash.

    it's about time Ballmer is moved to the sidelines and get some new guy at the helm who will take this company forward and build on this company's massive potential.

    bullish on MSFT, the stock started finally moving up, shame it gave so much back, but the stock has turned and it will go higher and they will be back for Nokia and pay more, even more than they envisaged ever paying, now they will really have to get their wallet out to get it. ( are you eyeing BBRY ?, MSFT )
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  • BlackBerry: What Went So Wrong [View article]
    BBRY's products and system will thrive within a major player in the industry, BBRY as a company as we know it today is lost.

    there is one last opportunity to make good money out of the stock and that's to get in prior to a take-over or a delisting from the exchange by it's present or new owners.

    the lower the stock goes the more bullish for something drastic to happen, so whether you are in at 8,80 or 7,80 or 6,80 .. that's just a number, obviously the lower the better, question of timing and greed, eventually the company will be lifted out at 12 to 15$, it's all over and done within the next 9 to 12 months, personally i feel rather sooner than later.
    the stock will continue to gravitate lower, the pressure will be unsustainable the BOD will seek help, they are running out of time, they have no control over the stock price, it's at the mercy of the WS analysts and hedge funds , the next nice Phone or improved system is not going to turn the tide, it's over.

    long BBRY, adding on dips
    Jul 28 06:22 AM | 2 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • BlackBerry Short-Sellers Finally Begin To Cover [View article]
    @ RRocky , volumes and open interest reported as by the exchange can be somewhat deceptive, alto they are reported correctly.

    a lot of institutional investors, funds , large Specs and professional Traders operate in dark-pools and OTC' trades in multiple accounts held by the same owner, as long as these positions are not netted off they remain as an " open-position " as reported on the exchange, there is no doubt that the open short position on BBRY is huge, but on a nett basis it's not as big as reported, so it's more important to follow the trend in change on the uncovered position than basing yr self on the mere outstanding number.
    when WB bought for 5 bio$ stock into Bank of America, that trade did not take place on the exchange it was done off-exchange.

    Dark-Pools have been around for ages, the intention was to allow for professionals to anonymously change big positions around without distorting the price on the tape ( Board)
    or without showing ownership , OTC's ( are also off-exchange trades ) - eventually those institutions providing this service ( Credit Suisse, GS, JPM, Deutsche Bank and so on....) will clear ( report) all these trades on a nett basis to the exchange and then the open-interest gets adjusted.

    in Europe 30% of all trades are off-exchange and the Governments are actually putting a paper forward to get more clarification as to the transparency of these trades, i estimate in the States it's not very different, also abt 30% are off-exchange trades and the number continues to grow.

    as far as BB trading by hedge funds go, they did not add on the recent drop, the BB trading is a long term trading strategy and these shorts have been in there for years not weeks or days, the trend on BBRY has been down for years, it's algorithm numbers trading even last years pop of 6 $ to 15 $ , gave no reason for the long term trend followers to cover, these have been short from well over a 100$, only if volatility starts to increase i.e. if BBRY starts to move very erratic over a period of time, such as whipsawing actions within a range, quick and shapr up-moves, followed by down-moves and that continuously in a short period of time ( weeks) , will the computer tell them to cover and that's something to watch extremely careful, if BBRY starts showing signs of behaving erratic and bottom forming and volatility goes thru the roof, load-up on BBRY because no matter what the stock will spike if the BB hedge Funds are starting to cover.

    for all the wrong reasons, long BBRY and adding on dips, the money is on the UP, there are multiple reasons to get in on the stock and only one to stay short ( and that's BBRY the company)

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  • BlackBerry Short-Sellers Finally Begin To Cover [View article]
    sorry list instead of mist typo, my apology
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  • BlackBerry Short-Sellers Finally Begin To Cover [View article]
    right, yet they take a percentage of the profit and when profits rise above high water mark, they take an extra % of performance fees, there is an entry % upon entering the fund and there is a penalty for leaving the fund early.

    my remark was a bit cheeky, but you are right.hedge funds have performed extremely well in trending markets or stocks, yet very poorly in sideways movements, then they get clobbered, buy too many buy and sell signals and of course if there is government interfering, that also puts them off.
    there is obviously a major difference between hedge funds ( the ones shorting BBRY ) or investment funds such as PW's fund which is investing in a stock, but in the end both are money and risk managers and as such they are known to hedge out of problematic positions and let the profitable ones run.
    i saw yr mist in one of the above comments, i wonder what that would be now up to date on PW's stock holding in BBRY and don't forget they run mutual fund positions, so it's always very difficult to know what the nett exposure is.
    BBRY has been a phenomenal short to them.
    Jul 27 02:07 PM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • BlackBerry Short-Sellers Finally Begin To Cover [View article]
    there is a 3rd one, be a Fund Manager, trade on behalf and for account of someone else, take a commission on the trades and take a percentage of the profit, the loss is all theirs.
    best regards, keep the faith.
    sincerely yours from your devoted Fund Manager,
    oh yes, past performance is no guarantee for future success, but we are trying.
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