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  • Microsoft Windows 8 Fail: Now What? [View article]
    strange, i actually feel the MSFT/Nokia Alliance is gaining momentum

    for you to conclude that MSFT at 32$ and Nokia at slightly over 4 $ are both strong sells, I would have to disagree, i feel MSFT is neutral to bullish looking for the stock to move in the 30 / 35 $ range, with a tendancy for the up, and as far as Nokia goes, i think it's a BUY looking for the stock to trade at or above 5$ wihtin the next 6 to 9 months.

    if, you ar so convinced that both are strong sells, give us a target-price.

    oh, yeah ... i forgot, you are the guy never responding to questions or remarks , you just express yr view and that's it.
    Aug 11 05:43 AM | 34 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • BlackBerry: Why No One Is Going To Top The Fairfax Bid [View article]
    I am a Dutch share holder and I want the BOD of BBRY and Mr Watsa to know that I intend to seek under Dutch and Benelux law, protection of my vested interest in BBRY stock as Dutch law protects minority shareholders and see whether this is applicable to overseas investments.

    I actually want the opportunity to be able to participate in the Fairfax -BBRY deal on the same conditions as Fairfax, I own 50.000 shares of BBRY stock @ 9,35 $ , i will also pledge my share holding in full to ' newco ' and I am willing to even top that with 35% i.e. 17.500 of purchases of new shares in newco @ 9 $ a share, so I bring in my existing shares and fresh cash, that will be my additional contribution for Mr. Watsa putting this deal together as I obviously have neither the connections nor the means to make this work.

    I want to reserve all my rights, sans pre-judice to take action against BBRY and Fairfax as I feel i am being put at a gross disadvantage to BBRY's main share holder and I want the option and opportunity to be treated on equal terms at equal conditions and with equal risks, pro-rata on the stock I own.

    would a Canadian lawyer being a share holder in BBRY willing to go that route ?

    Sep 29 08:09 AM | 23 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • BlackBerry: Strong Buy On Plunging Sales And $4.4 Billion Loss [View article]
    dear Author, thanks for yr paper, I agree - BBRY is not for the faint of hearth, but anyone who survived this year, will be able to stomach anything going forward

    you got the pecking order right, first the stock price changes, than the sentiment for the stock changes and than they turn the company around

    Chen knows this, the only way to regain some of the severe loss of confidence in BBRY BOD and the Company is to stop the bleeding on the stock price, well he has got the momentum going for him, I wish him the best of Luck and I am with Chen.

    Long BBRY
    Dec 21 04:41 AM | 19 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Apple: Don't Panic [View article]
    this setback is perfect for the stock, it will make some of the Longs take profits, get a few shorts on board and the stock can move sideways for a bit take a breather and than build up momentum to go back to the highs of 2 years ago, 700$ is on the cards, the stock is very cheap, profits are still amazing and Wall Street has a tendency to overrate Apple on earnings or sales so they can knock the stock, where as all other stocks like AMZN, FB an Tesla can trade at ridiculous multiples, all on expectations what they are going to make sometime in the distant future and Apple is getting punished for hoarding cash now immediately.
    Nuts, Icahn is right, just buy the stock.
    Jan 30 12:30 PM | 18 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • BlackBerry's Foxconn Partnership - A Match Made In Heaven Or Hell? [View article]
    @ mvermaak, don't worry, the bashing will soon be over, the main shorts , the large Hedge funds are abandoning the stock, the covering has started and that's ongoing till they are out, they will not come back to BBRY, that play is over, they made millions on this stock being short, some for more than 4 years.
    they will be going after another play, same goes for the analysts, they are very close to the Funds, most of them are part of the Hedge or Investment Fund Industry .

    as the stock stabilizes and starts to move to a higher range, they will adapt their outlook from sell to hold and eventually buy.
    analysts are 10 % about  anticipating change or diverge and 90% price followers, the share price turns, they turn - no magic there -
    they would like the public to believe they call the stock right for anticipation, but the reality is,  they don't, they let the share price determine their outlook.

    I am even ' guessing' that some analysts owned by large Investment houses or investment Bankers are only changing their forcast or outlook once the  house position has been established/positioned correctly.
    Jan 2 05:52 AM | 16 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • BlackBerry And Carl Icahn: Time For A Short Squeeze? [View article]
    if your bet is for someone else to come to the rescue of yr position to flush the shorts out, you are in a sorry situation.
    anyway if anyone takes a meaningful Position in the stock it wud have to be reported, so if that's the case in time we will know.

    I however agree with the author that the massive short position on BBRY stock must be getting very tempting to large Traders and Specs to see if they can make some fast money on a short squeeze spike - BBRY is holding well with so much selling the stock had to absorb and so much negative news being spread, it's a miracle it's not at 10$

    also with Nokia showing signs of wanting to run for the upside and shorts reducing their exposure, BBRY may well follow in sympathy.

    from a technical aspect the difference between Nokia and BBRY is, that on Nokia all the buying still meets selling, so the increase is trending, with BBRY i feel , if the buying were to come in, the selling will get pulled and the stock may just explode.

    i bought some BBRY stock for this reason last Friday, but it's purely for a technical play, nothing to do with fundamentals, chart-wise if BBRY cracks 16,50 and holds it will fly -
    i think within a very short period, one cud see a dramatic price hike, to me it's worth a punt.
    even if the shorts are long term believers and banking for much lower levels, they may well want to cover a chunk of their shorts and establish them again at higher levels, no professional is going to sit and watch this thing move 25% against them, without doing some damage control.
    Long BBRY, patiently waiting for take-off.
    May 12 01:35 AM | 16 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • BlackBerry's Funeral May Have To Wait. It Seems To Have Returned From The Dead [View article]
    never sell Canadians short, toughest people on the Globe - we know they liberated us.
    Jan 9 11:52 AM | 15 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • BlackBerry: Why No One Is Going To Top The Fairfax Bid [View article]
    @ Author , A ) if a lower bid is coming in from another potential Buyer the BOD should not accept that immediately, but consider that as a stop-loss and as such still proceed with Fairfax and see if they can come up making good on the deal.
    if BBRY pulls on Fairfax offer prior to expiry we share holders are to pay the penalty-fee and that makes no sense. Fairfax should cancel the deal, not BBRY, unless a higher bid emerges, definitely not a lower.

    and B) I feel the BOD is here to preserve share holders value and interest and NOT the future of BBRY the company if is it's taken away from the present share holders.
    if the break-up value is higher than selling the biz as on ongoing concern, they should break-up the company and sell out.

    I as a share holder am not interested whether BBRY survives owned by someone else at the expense of my investment, unless I have the option to participate also in the "newco"

    sorry, I am not interested presently whether the world can buy BBRY phones in the near future, I want most of my money back.

    this is about cash at risk, not about being a BBRY fan.
    Sep 29 06:44 AM | 15 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Apple: Inside Icahn's Indecent Proposal [View article]
    the short play on Apple was 12 months ago @ 700, now having gone down to a low of 385 $, the stock had its correction, it's gone sideways and formed an excellent base from where it is improving.

    the company is still making more money in it's business field than any of it's competitors and that without having brought a new product.

    the author should realize that the share buy-back is not to pump-up the stock price for a quick-fix, it's a plan , overtime more and more shares are taken out of the system, as earnings keep on a very healthy basis that is pure share holder improvement.

    Apple had it's much deserved rest for a stock which in 5 years went from 70$ to 700 $, it needed a breather, it got it, the company needed to get adjusted also to it's own success, no company in the world ever witnessed what Apple went through.

    Icahn knows exactly what he is doing, he is buying value and he is doing it big.

    Apple has been a fantastic money earner for all investors and will continue to do so and it's also been a phenomenal trading stock.
    Now it's also became a good dividend payer.

    you guys can keep on knocking this stock, but it's a Long play not a short play after it's huge and much needed correction..
    Aug 17 05:39 AM | 15 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Nokia's Problem Is Not Microsoft's Problem [View article]
    Nokia looking good, there are enormous amounts at stake, MSFT has a hidden agenda and Nokia knows it, Nokia's share holders are wide awake on MSFT's intentions, it's a bizarre Alliance, but it has turned Nokia's stock around - the relation is now far more tense than before Elop is a go-between , he has got Nokia handcuffed to MSFT, but it has not all gone MSFT's way, they were really out to get Nokia on the cheap, Elop played this one extremely well he bought his distressed partner out and got it on the cheap as Siemens was a distressed seller and now he has got a poison-pill in place, MSFT is not going to, get Nokia on the cheap, no-way.
    Elop for having done a miserable job at first for Nokia and looked like a "planted - marionette " by MSFT to run Nokia MSFT's way, is now actually a very shrude and clever business man and Ballmer has a contract, but has no control over Nokia, Elop has outsmarted Ballmer and MSFT will be back to buy the business in part or whole, in the meantime Elop is getting the biz actually on the rails, i totally misjudged the guy and was wrong for selling him short, the more I see of him the more I believe he is pulling it off, he may well turn to Google if MSFT is not willing to play ball.
    Nokia has turned and MSFT blew a fantastic opportunity getting it on the cheap, 12 months ago they could have put this whole thing to bed at a snip, now they will have to pay up and they will.
    Aug 1 10:28 AM | 15 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Apple Inc. Shares Are Likely Dead Money For The Balance Of Its Fiscal Year [View article]
    you have to got to differentiate what this Author writes about, very well and detailed at times and what he claims to have done

    the author was very Bullish on BBRY, but he was out when it tanked, he was extremely bullish on MSFT, yet again he was out when it tanked and he was bearish on Apple and again he was out before it spiked ( a little )

    so he is Always coming out right, whilst being absolutely wrong, it's called magic.
    Jul 24 04:44 AM | 15 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • BlackBerry's Foxconn Partnership - A Match Made In Heaven Or Hell? [View article]
    dear Author, thanks for your paper.

    when I read yr conclusion I have to say with these kind of " over-punished" stocks , such as BBRY you cannot wait for the confirmation if the Management has been able to turn the company around, by the time one gets that confirmation the stock has already had most if not all of it's share price improvement.
    by the time BBRY is a confirmed, solid, profitable business the stock is at 12 $ plus and it's time to sell, the share price will than have adjusted for all the good news.

    No, if you are in stocks to make money on these "high risk " shares, you have to be in now and put your money on the fact that BBRY will survive and that BBRY will find a reason to exist in whatever form or shape be that on it's own, or in a partnership or still be ultimately purchased by some strategic partner.

    you have to bet on the turnaround now, not when it's confirmed and done.

    Long BBRY looking for a step by step higher range, 5,50/7,50 will soon be upped to 7,50/9,00 when it gets to 10/12 it's time to let go.
    Jan 2 05:12 AM | 14 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • BlackBerry: Yes, Things Can Get Worse [View article]
    just as a general remark, nothing personal against one or the other Author, but the sheer amount of papers being pushed out on BBRY is so overwhelming that for most readers it is becoming a joke, comments are not even answered on one paper as the next one is already coming out.

    so some of you Authors may well see no future for BBRY, it sure as hell gives you plenty of reason to write about

    oh yes and by the way, Long BBRY, I like the stock very much at present prices and feel the company will turn in whatever shape or form Chen feels it can survive and prospour.
    Dec 23 03:18 AM | 14 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • BlackBerry: So You Think This Is Bad? [View article]
    BBRY has no floor, the stock obviously trading at 9 $ has limited downside, but a stock which came from over 140 $ 5 years ago and now trading at 6,5 % of it's value, is reduced to the equivalent of a penny-stock, it's no longer a stock for investors, it's a stock for speculators and for the large stock owners, whom are all stuck with their investment.

    BBRY's share price behavior is no different than Drexel Burham, or Enron or MF Global, the company may survive if it's taken off exchange, but who dares ?
    BBRY will burn it's cash and the Banks will pull the lines, the present large stock holders will have to give guarantees for the Banks not to abandon the stock.

    when a stock after having been savaged comes back yet again close to it's all time low, it's no longer a buying opportunity, it's a warning sign, all alarm bells should be ringing for the Longs.

    It's beyond me how anyone can continue to look for Bullish arguments on this stock, the solution for BBRY is to take it private, get it away from the Hedge Funds and analysts, get it away from quarterly reporting and then try to build it into a nice profitable niche player, but who dares ?

    a bottom ?.... every bottom has a hole in it... , for BBRY the hole is bigger than the bottom.
    Jul 6 03:38 AM | 14 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • It Feels Like The Dotcom Craze All Over Again [View article]
    Jan 25 04:13 PM | 14 Likes Like |Link to Comment