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  • BlackBerry Short-Sellers Finally Begin To Cover [View article]
    yes - as far as perception goes for the majority of the people involved, from there on it depends how good you are at reading the stock based on it's fundamentals and technicalities, that's why people who have an edge on information and use this to their advantage ( insider trading) should be extremely harshly punished.
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  • BlackBerry Short-Sellers Finally Begin To Cover [View article]
    no, today for today it's right here @ 36 $ and if you don't agree with that price, you can sell it, just as you could have bought it @ 24$.... the question is did you then and will you now...

    so, the question is can you outsmart today's market for where it will be in 6 months, but in the end the market is right, because either the tape may be at 45 for FB or back at 25 , that's the beauty of the business we all try to figure out where the print will be in 6 months from now, otherwise we might as well put our cash on a interest bearing account, none of us is in this came for the 3% dividend we are getting, we are all in for the 20% swing factor, up or down who cares as long as we call it right.
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  • BlackBerry Short-Sellers Finally Begin To Cover [View article]
    not at all, i actually think it's good to look back how one did, for me is no emotion involved and i am no better than the average guy, what i have learned over the years is to be disciplined , the market is always right and there are plenty of times i have been stopped out of a position, what i won't allow is for a position to get out of control and the loss mounting so that it influences all my other trading and that i end up sacrificing good profitable positions to subsidize losses.

    no problem and that goes for all, i love reading what others think and i pay more attention to the ones with a different view, they often have an insight which i lack

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  • BlackBerry Short-Sellers Finally Begin To Cover [View article]
    correct, the stock never cleared the 16,50 level and the shorts never got squeezed out, i was Long BBRY and got clobbered on that trade, but i was luckily out before the data was released and the stock tanked, i do use options to protect my positions, it's often been an expensive insurance premium but in the end it pays-off to reduce a big loss to an acceptable loss
    i have and i am today for today at a loss on the stock, hey i am the first to admit i am often wrong, what i try to do is confine the wrongs to acceptable levels and let the profits run.
    i am no better than any other player on the exchange, what makes me perhaps different is as i did this my whole live for a living, is that i get out and take my loss... it's not a gift, it's what i learned when i traded other peoples money, it's called discipline.
    You remember when we first talked about stocks last year, i was extremely bearish on Apple and Gold, now 10 months later I am one of the biggest Bulls on Apple and Gold.
    can I be wrong, you bet I can -
    do i lose money, absolutely, but hey as long as i make more than i give , i stay in the game.

    but i totally agree i got very much carried away by that massive short position and i thought the shorts were at far greater risk getting pushed out than the Longs liquidating, it was not to be

    but I trade stocks , i am not an investor, so when i have a loss , i take it and i get out, i know i will get another shot at it.

    I am still convinced BBRY can't make it on their own.

    but now it's a different picture we are 50% lower and the stock is out of control, that's what makes it interesting.
    but is it a guaranteed win, never, it's bloody risky, that's why it's also possible extremely rewarding.

    people like buying plus signs, they all say the like to buy on the decline, but the seldom do... i like buying minus signs.

    good luck to all and take care.

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  • BlackBerry Short-Sellers Finally Begin To Cover [View article]
    that's why you have to think differentially on this one - irrational, logic does not come into play, than you should run as far away from the stock as possible.
    remember this stock is getting destroyed because it's on the exchange, a lot of the damage is self-inflicted, we all know the company is in troubled waters, but it is giving " the market " the opportunity to kill it, if the stocks delists or becomes a division within a larger strategic player, the company will do very well over time, the exchange is not giving BBRY any time or any credit, they will sell it into the grave.
    Prem Watsa is a money manager, he knows the guys on the other side of the Trade inside out, he will not go down without a fight, he will not stay put and see his investment go up in flames, he will either hedge out of the stock or he will take it by surprise, i am putting my money on the surprise, he is making a fortune in Ireland, he will fight.
    i hope we will 7, but i fear we won't, i want to own the stock, preferably as low as possible, but i am scared of an overnight announcement, which may put the stock in one trade at the buyers level and then i miss out, so i am dipping in and adding and i intend to step-up the buying program from now..
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  • BlackBerry Short-Sellers Finally Begin To Cover [View article]
    woow, the comments are getting better by the minute, like that... drama is good... and don't forget that Old Greek , he did run the Marathon and now it's the best number on the Olympics and the winners are.. yeah Ethiopians ...
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  • BlackBerry Short-Sellers Finally Begin To Cover [View article]
    " the market is hammering the stock for lack of quick profits ", NO, it's not , Nokia's numbers were worse and their cash is less, yet Nokia has turned and BBRY is yet again sliding ... how come ?...
    bcse Nokia has a game-plan, it has a strategic partner MSFT and the company is changing, it bought out Siemens , it has drastically reduced their R&D, it's overheads and it is tapping out of MSFT's know-how and all this is what investors like, they see a company which has a future and a safety-net, below it's stock price it's called MSFT, bcse they will be back to buy the biz part or whole.

    as far as BBRY goes, investors see nothing, they see a struggling company in complete disarray, a company which has lost control over it's stock price, a company which is not transparent on numbers, on cash, on shipping/consigning/in transit or sold phones, the company is evasive as far as reporting goes and it has a money manager for a large stake-holder, who can bring absolutely nothing to the business, he is in as a pure investment, that's what fund managers do, they enter a biz bcse they like the risk/reward, they bring nothing to the biz as far as input, structure or know how goes.
    BBRY has no merit staying on the exchange and as such for the hedge fund and large spec this remains a short.

    but this is also what brings about opportunity, as the BOD will realize as the stock continues to gravitate lower that something drastic has to be done, the stock will be either delisted, sold or partners with a strategic player, the lower the better and the more likely it happening.
    BBRY is a BUY , dipping in and adding scale-down, the stock price will gain out of pain, the company BBRY as is today, is done.
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  • BlackBerry Short-Sellers Finally Begin To Cover [View article]
    looking at the way the stock behaves, more appropriate heading for this paper should have been " stale long holders finally throwing in the towel " rather than " shorts finally starting to cover "
    Jul 29 03:20 PM | 2 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • BlackBerry: What Went So Wrong [View article]
    that's what i thought 12 months ago when the stock hit rock-bottom, they failed, unfortunately there is a penalty for this, you can't go back down yet again and think they will get another shot at it, they blew it, the stock is done on the exchange, they have to take it private or sell it, or partner with some strategic major player - on their own BBRY will not succeed there is no future for BBRY on the exchange, the stock will be shorted forever, confidence is shattered, one thing leads to another, suppliers will want upfront payment for deliveries, consignments won't be financed any longer, the Banks will get jittery, there is a huge penalty for when your stock gets decimated so to say twice within 12 months, BBRY is not a Bank where a life-line from the tax-payer thru their governments is given, BBRY has lost it's fight for survival on the exchange, it has to remove itself from all this unjust outside pressure, it has already problems enough in it's business field, there is no option left open to them.

    but that makes the stock one of the most interested buy's on the Board, be it for all the wrong fundamental reasons.

    the stock is a gain out of pain, the lower it goes the more Bullish it gets. ( anyway that's how I see it )

    Long BBRY , adding on the down.
    Jul 28 12:40 PM | 2 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • BlackBerry: What Went So Wrong [View article]
    BBRY's products and system will thrive within a major player in the industry, BBRY as a company as we know it today is lost.

    there is one last opportunity to make good money out of the stock and that's to get in prior to a take-over or a delisting from the exchange by it's present or new owners.

    the lower the stock goes the more bullish for something drastic to happen, so whether you are in at 8,80 or 7,80 or 6,80 .. that's just a number, obviously the lower the better, question of timing and greed, eventually the company will be lifted out at 12 to 15$, it's all over and done within the next 9 to 12 months, personally i feel rather sooner than later.
    the stock will continue to gravitate lower, the pressure will be unsustainable the BOD will seek help, they are running out of time, they have no control over the stock price, it's at the mercy of the WS analysts and hedge funds , the next nice Phone or improved system is not going to turn the tide, it's over.

    long BBRY, adding on dips
    Jul 28 06:22 AM | 2 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • BlackBerry Short-Sellers Finally Begin To Cover [View article]
    there is a 3rd one, be a Fund Manager, trade on behalf and for account of someone else, take a commission on the trades and take a percentage of the profit, the loss is all theirs.
    best regards, keep the faith.
    sincerely yours from your devoted Fund Manager,
    oh yes, past performance is no guarantee for future success, but we are trying.
    Jul 27 11:57 AM | 2 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • BlackBerry Short-Sellers Finally Begin To Cover [View article]
    @ hz06 .. woow.. you need some balls to be involved in that one , your play entirely depends on the ego of the 2 guys taking each other head-on, there is much more involved here than just money, it's envy, it's a complete dislike for one another, so it's not just a question if the one getting it has a good deal, it's also a question of they want the one who get's it to suffer, even if that means they lose money on it, this is a dog-fight, fun for the spectator on the side-lines like me, but i take it sleepless nights if yr in the stock.
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  • BlackBerry: Shut It Down [View article]
    @ herr Hansa , a loss is only accounted for when the position is closed or sold ? Horse-shit, a loss whether realized or unrealized is accounted for in their improvement numbers and shows in their p/l account and in their monthly and yearly numbers . I have worked my whole life for a large commodity and hedge fund company as a Trader and we reported monthly improvement numbers , if only closed positions were to be reported as improvement numbers traders would never liquidate a position at a loss and would always make money.

    Msft just took à 900 Milo write-off on unsold, stocked tablets, not à löss hè ?

    Wat are you taling about, a löss is a loss , realized or unrealized.
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  • Apple Inc. Shares Are Likely Dead Money For The Balance Of Its Fiscal Year [View article]
    what common sense ? Apple over a 5 year period went up by a 1000 % and yes over a 12 month period it's down 35% to 40% from the TOP, but for the whole move it's still up a staggering 450%, this stock may be putting you to sleep, but people like me are wide awake, this is an opportunity, trade the range from the Long side and add more on dips as time goes by and then sell less on the rallies, it's getting more and more dangerous selling the rally, the stock is building momentum for a major move, but that takes time and the stock needs to bottom and it's right here working at it.

    you sound extremely frustrated in yr responses and you have been calling many stock wrong in your latest comments, be that BBRY or MSFT or Apple, that can happen, we all win some and lose some, the only one defending his insight is you, all other people are fine and relaxed. I have been short and long this stock and so have many, not everybody has been hanging on to this stock in a 300 $ decline over a 12 month period, people trade the stock, but there comes a time when you decide to take a stand and i believe for Apple that's right here and whether that's at 400 or 435, that difference of 35 $ is a mere ripple in the ocean.

    long Apple , buy dips , take the dividend and wait, be patient, this stock is the still one of the best money machines on the planet and it just came off 35% from the top, the stock is clean -
    zzzzzz... back to sleep for the sheep....zzzzz go Intel ...?....
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  • Which U.S. Activist Is Best To Make BlackBerry Lemons Into Lemonade? [View article]
    yeah , hence the question, he is a Fund Manager, that's what they do for a living , they hedge out of problems and let their profits run -

    nevertheless, i think on BBRY he is a true believer, he may repent his position, but I think he is still on board, hopefully fully committed , he is the one who can force things to happen, for him BBRY is not a job, it's an investment, but
    unlike Einhorn who was able to force Apple, when his investment went sour and made Apple increase the dividend and do a hefty share buy-back, so Einhorn could keep his investors in his fund at least to stay put and hold out for better times, Prem has no luxury position he has got nothing to give his share holders on their BBRY investment, BBRY can't afford a share buy back and can't afford a hefty dividend, his investment is 100% for share improvement and that's looking very ugly he is in at 17$, so he is looking at abt 50% loss that will not fare well with his investors.

    no fund Manager can afford to see people pull their money out, that's why i am slightly worried to as where he really stands in all this, they trade through so many different accounts that it's quite easy for them to hide their hand.

    Prem is actually facing huge pressure, there is him being on BBRY advisory Board and than he has to answer to his investors.

    this is happening more and more that Fund Managers having a large holding in a company, which does not perform according to expectations, they want a say, look at MSFT they will give this Fund Manager a seat on their Board, that's good news, these guys are in for the money and not job preservation, they want share holders return. Look at Sony, same thing.

    these guys have the power to force things and even break-up the company.
    they will not let their investment go up in flames, they can be wrong, but they don't go down without a fight and they are definitely not the last one out , they won't go down with the ship, they will take their loss .
    Jul 20 05:33 AM | 2 Likes Like |Link to Comment