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  • Apple Needs To Succeed In BRIC Countries To Grow, But Its Chances Seem Slim [View article]
    one day you will be right so keep going, I recall you were extremely negative on BBRY when it traded at 6 $, now at 10 $ you are long calls, so maybe you need Apple to go above a 100$ to become positive, however I do agree that there is massive competition out there and although I do feel Apple is diversifying , we all realize that the Phones are extremely important to Apple's numbers and yes they are vulnerable on that front, but still for profits and that is what counts Apple is unbeatable.
    Apple is still the best tech stock to own for risk/reward, if you like risk than Lenovo is probably the best stock to own for growth in share value.BBRY although the stock is good and merits to be here, is now becoming somewhat risky as they are still not showing any profits.
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  • 3 Reasons Apple Is Set To Take Down $100 [View article]
    thank you for the article, I however feel Apple may have done enough for the time being and I have been a big Bull on the stock

    I can see the stock over time move to again higher ground, but for now I feel the bullish concensus is hitting the roof and Apple has a tendancy of retracing when everybody is getting extremely bullish

    I feel it is time to take some money out of the stock and move to the sidelines for a while, i also want confirmation Apple is really coming with new products , rather than updates.

    ( sorry for any grammar mistakes, the spell control is not on )
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  • Raising My 2014 Apple Price Target To $101.28: $223 Billion In Sales For Fiscal Year 2015 [View article]

    I would rather read someone's report on Apple for where it is going prior to the move, not when it's already there for 90%

    this is just jumping the bandwagon, Apple was a screaming buy below 450, now that we are almost back to the previous highs it's time to take some money out of the stock and see what Apple has going for us over the next 3 to 6 months.

    the stock may well move much higher, but for today , it's time to take some profits.
    aren't you the guy who turned bearish on BBRY right below 6 $ and got complimented on your view by MB ?
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  • I Was Wrong About Apple [View article]
    Apple should buy Lenovo as a hedge for the future, other than that Google and MSFT are as and maybe even more vulnerable for future profit decline than Apple. Apple is building the worlds largest tech conglomerate, they are already hedging on that front, diversifying  from where they are today.
    today for today Apple may be getting somewhat overbought and a correction towards 85 $ is well possible, but that will just be a pull back to gain momentum for a higher stock price, 100$ is possible by year end, but for now Apple may just need to pause or retrace a little
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  • 2014 Will Be The Tipping Point For Apple [View article]

    quote " i am short the stock, short calls and long puts "

    what a disastrous call and that after having been bearish on the stock already from 400 up to 550

    you have written nothing but bearish articles on Apple

    it is not too late to short Apple , another great article, i sincerely hope you did not suck in all those followers , first on BBRY and now on Apple
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  • Apple's Newfound Glory [View article]
    dear Author , thank you for your very clear and well written paper.
    I agree Apple is now moving back to a growth stock, I Always expected Apple to be able to return to it's previous high of 700 $ in 18 months, now with the stock-split forthcoming and with these truely impressive numbers, without new products as yet hitting the market, I believe we will achieve the equivalent of the highs in 9 months and in 24 months Apple may well be on it's way to become the first trillion USD company.

    Long Apple as a Buy and Hold Stock, enjoying in the meantime the upped dividend.
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  • Dispelling Market Misconceptions Of Apple [View article]
    just devils advocate : the buy backs by Apple are done through Goldman and JPM , if I recall correctly

    could these 2 be trading "the buy backs " i.e. in the end they end up being Nett buyers, but in the meantime they are using this buying power to trade the stock and that's where the selling comes from maybe even with Apple's concent or for Apple's account.
    maybe to push activist like Einhorn or Icahn out of the stock, I don't know , just guessing.
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  • Dispelling Market Misconceptions Of Apple [View article]
    @ Lambretta, I understand that, yet that does not answer the question , how come Apple is so undervalued compared to it's peers .
    the buying may not be there as yet by Institutional Investors, but the selling seems to be abundantly available by whomever, each and every time Apple fails to hold a minor rally.

    with less stock available because of the buy backs by Apple, Institutional Investors must be aware that if they decide to re-enter the stock the price will be pushed up considerably by them as there are simply less shares in the system

    if there are less Institutional Investors in the stock now, Apple is reducing the availability, committed money men like Icahn and Einhorn are holding/adding on to the stock, the private investor is not willing to let the stock go below 600/650$, I am as yet to read the first argumentated bearish comment on Apple, there are no big shorts reported in the Apple stock, why are we here and not at 650/700 ?

    so who is doing all the selling ? and as such the stock puzzles me, but I am Long convinced of better prices and holding, but I am extremely surprised the stock is trading closer to 500 than 600 and it has taken 2 years for Apple to recover from the lows and we are still way below the highs of 700$, all other major tech stocks have actually moved to new highs the last 2 years and are just now ( recently) retracing somewhat.

    where Apple makes more money than anyone else, has eps higher than anyone else, has done more buy backs than anyone else and yet is still trading 25% below the high of 2 years ago.

    something just does not make sense and that is slightly worrying.

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  • Dispelling Market Misconceptions Of Apple [View article]
    thank you for this clear, well written paper.
    I am long the stock , patient and confident it will move back to the highs of 2 years ago , but I am also puzzled
    why with all the buy backs, the vast amount of monies Apple is able to generate like no other company on the Globe, the increased dividend, the low valuation, employing the worlds best, creative and inventive people, the ability to buy anything they want and need to build he best High Tech conglomerate in the world, the endless possibilities of moving towards health, transport, banking and so on, having as share holders committed long term investors, smart entrepreneurs like Icahn and Einhorn

    why has this stock so much trouble moving up , who are the sellers , who are the people selling this stock day in , day out when it so clearly undervalued for its earning power, is it the sheer size of the company, is Apple just too big in market cap and is that what is keeping a lid on the stock ?
    Apple has a tendency of losing 3 to 5% once it slides from a certain level in a few days, where it takes weeks to move 3 to 5% on the up side.
    the stock feels like there is continues liquidation every time it fails to hold a level, where there is actually little supportive buying under the stock, unless the buy back kicks in.
    I find that strange, maybe Apple should consider floating their divisions separately,in order to receive the right multiple it deserves.
    anyway Long and holding, trusting Apple will be rewarded correctly for being the best money earner on the Globe and that in time we will witness that in the stock price.
    Apr 17 09:44 PM | 4 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Cash Is King At Apple [View article]
    in former times a cash rich company would command a premium on the exchange, however since Governments world wide are using cash as a medicine to solve all kind of problems and are printing money at Leisure, cash is now perceived as evil

    so, Apple should just let the stock do whatever WS decides to do with it and continue to buy their own stock as much as they can, Icahn is absolutely right, keep enough cash for R&D and acquisitions and for the balance buy your own stock, reduce the amount of shares outstanding in the end it will pay off.

    Apple is still unchallenged for raking in money and just because of it's sheer capital size it is being penalized, ridiculous, Apple trades at 13 x earnings , with 1/3rd of it's worth in cash, how safer a stock do you need to have to invest in ?

    patience, Apple will be trading back towards the highs in 18 months, in the meantime enjoy the dividend.
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  • Apple's Post-Earnings Buyback Fails To Sway Growing Negative Sentiment In The Stock [View article]
    personally, i would just hold, the stock is really under priced for its earnings capacity, once the stock moves to 600$ , i think that would be a good strategy, but really anything below 600 is giving it away, with Apple you need patience.I for one have just put my total holding in Apple on ice for 12 to 18 months, I am convinced it's only a matter of time before we are back at the highs of 700$ look at Samsung they for once tried to beat Apple at something so they came with their smart watch a disaster, they sold only a 100.000 world wide and have over a million in stock, now they don't even talk about it anymore and are waiting for Apple to come with the iWatch and than copy it.this just shows you how far ahead Apple still is, but they learned their lessons with the maps, they cannot afford a slip, people expect from Apple the best, but than the stock will be rewarded generously, we will get rewarded for our loyalty holding the stock.

    good luck
    Mar 19 01:58 AM | 2 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Apple's Post-Earnings Buyback Fails To Sway Growing Negative Sentiment In The Stock [View article]
    Apple are not here to trade their own stock, or improve sentiment for the share price.

    Apple is doing exactly the right thing they are the best cash machine in the world, monies continue to pile in, so they buy their own stock, whether that is at 450 or 550 does not matter, it's not a price improvement game, it's an earnings game, by continuing to buy their own stock they reduce the amount of shares available, so even if earnings would drop somewhat as a total number, earnings per share improve.

    In the meantime Apple continues to accumulate other businesses and they are slowly building the company into a tech conglomerate, but it's all well thought through, it is not buying to own, but its buying to expand into a future we are as yet not able to see, but in the end it will all make sense.

    there is no other company on this globe which is able to generate so much cash, its the analysts/WS who are impatient and knocking the stock, simply because they believe after no 1 you can only become number 2, they are betting against Apple, they will repent it

    Icahn is correct, Apple is undervalued, so if WS does not like the stock, Apple should just continue to buy and reduce the amount of shares available, for the owners of the stock that will mean better earnings per share, better dividend and also in time a better stock price , just buy the stock on dips.

    long Apple.
    Mar 2 10:29 AM | 6 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Apple's Valuation: Thoughts On Price And Value [View article]
    well said and that's why they should continue buy their own stock, just take more shares out of the system , if they are note being rewarded fairly for all those profits, just up the EPS by reducing the amount of stock, by the time WS figures out they are still the best money machine on the planet and they want the stock, they either have to pay up or pass.
    Long Apple,  for risk/reward best stock to own
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  • Apple's Valuation: Thoughts On Price And Value [View article]
    Good sensible paper, thank you
    A little conservative for valuation , but realistic under the circumstances as Apple is getting unjust valued by the market compared to others, this is because Apple is just very slow at pushing new products out of their think-thank and TC repeating every quarter that Apple is working on some very exciting stuff is now a stock killer, he should show us something instead of working on everything

    Anyway, Apple is and will remain the worlds best money machine for quite some time, so although the stock price at times feels disappointing, it will catch up, 600 by the end of the year and 700 in 24 months are soft targets
    We are on our way back to the highs be it at a slow pace, if they would up the dividend a little , I would be a very happy long term holder
    Feb 26 08:16 PM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • Apple's Prognosis: Range-Bound [View article]
    unfortunately a lot in stocks has to do with the charisma of the guy at the helm and here we are not getting any bonus points with TC, although i have no doubt the guy is an excellent CEO as the company is performing fantastically, impossible to do better, no other company on the Globe is able to accumulate and generate so much cash, but the man lacks any buzz, he is boring and that wears down on the stock

    Apple should be valued closer to it's past high of 700 $, but it is not, that does not mean it will not get there, I think it will, Apple had it's sell-off and clean-out 2 years ago when it dropped from 700 to a low of 385, now the stock is back on track for higher levels, it will just take time, but there is no other  stock on this Globe that is so secure to hold than Apple, there is no hot air in the stock, it's actually deflated for price , not inflated, it is the best cash machine on the Globe, that's a hard fact, not a prediction like the people knocking Apple stating their earnings will slow, will slow from what ? Apple made more money than anyone else, so they make a little less than before, they are still light years ahead in earnings than other stocks, yet the share price is already been valued as if they are turning in poor numbers, other companies can trade at 25 x earnings with no cash and Apple loaded with cash trades at 13 or without the cash at 8

    the Author is right for now it seems range bound, but that's because there are so many bear articles around predicting Apple's imminent gradual decline, but all the stock has done for the last 12 months is move from 385 to 525.

    Icahn knows value , much more than these analysts, he is the billionaire not these guys knocking the stock

    Long Apple, looking for Apple to continue it's recovery trend towards the previous high of 700 $
    Feb 23 11:07 AM | 7 Likes Like |Link to Comment
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