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  • Apple Is Dirt Cheap And Should Be Bought [View article]
    okay, fair enough , like yr paper.
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  • Apple Is Dirt Cheap And Should Be Bought [View article]
    although i cannot disagree with what the author is writing and i strongly believe the stock is now getting some support direct or indirect from the Board thru Goldman and i also feel that if there are any shorts left ( i admit i covered yday after hearing Goldman) the odds are turning against them and the downside is now likely to be limited, i fail to understand the authors comment that he is willing to buy the stock as a trade for i presume a fast recovery bounce, i wud hv thought it's now time to buy as an investor who are stock holders ( the word says it exactly ' holding stock' ) but for a trade it's a bit different, although i also see the stock stabilizing i don't envisage an immediate strong recovery towards your fair value level of 700 or thereabout, i think the stock took on real damage by dropping this low and the road to recovery is going to be a healing process and not a quick fix , but i also have changed my mind and i do agree that from now dips are to be seen as a buying opportunity.
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  • 4 February 'Feel Good' Factors For Apple Fanatics [View article]
    it's a 2 way street, i give my opinion sometimes with a twist and wait to see the reactions and as most private investors are passionate abt investing their reactions and comments tell me their sentiment and hence the position they are likely to take or have taken, i am not a contrarion, but if markets/stocks suddenly diverge i try to be amongst the first out or take the opposite side of the herd. i am retired so i can do what i want, whilst working by company rules most traders are not allowed to contribute or react to any news, so they won't come on these forums, unless they are independent. the main difference is i am a trader and not an investor , investors an average get better returns out of a certain stock, traders make far more money out of the market, they go from one play to another, done with Apple move to Exxon, or AMZN or commodities whatever... now to be honest i feel contrary to many that the Trade and Investment funds who got out of Apple have all that cash still on the sidelines waiting to get back in, the question is , are they waiting for one more leg down or are they abt to come in ? one thing for sure if i was Long now, even above the market i hold on even if it moves down further, the stock will recover and one will be able to get out above present levels.
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  • 4 February 'Feel Good' Factors For Apple Fanatics [View article]
    this mng i covered all my remaining shorts on Apple, i was not going to be i got very scared of the news from Goldman, i believe they are hired by Apple to step in and support the stock as i mentioned on other blogs, i am not going Long as yet, but i may very soon if i feel this is for real.
    AMZN is meant jokingly, i am short the stock, but i must say Bezos is amazing, i don(t know any CEO here in Europe or in the States who is able to come across so convincingly, i admire the guy, if he was not there i would really sell the stock more aggressively.
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  • How I Plan To Buy Apple To Limit Panic [View article]
    i have an arbitrage position: Long MSFT @ 27$ i feel they have had their dip and i actually really start to like the stock ( main weakness there is the CEO) i am short Google thru long puts MCH 2013 @ 720 and 740 ( time is running out for me, but i delta hedged this position , this is likely to end in a loss - and i am short AMZN thru being long puts April 2013 260 and July 2013 270 so far i am OK on those, i hope AMZN will get hit at some stage just as Google a few years ago and Apple recently, but AMZN i must admit is difficult, it's bloody good at making new highs all the time. i must say the difference must be the leadership, if Bezos wasn't in charge i wud go full blast bear on the stock, but that guy, he is magic ! ..... i mean you can be in admiration of Jobs or Buffett but they show you some fantastic numbers, Bezos is achieving all this and more with nothing to show for , if Bezos was at the helm of Apple the stock wud be after this sell-off well on its way back up to the highs, maybe even new highs.
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  • How I Plan To Buy Apple To Limit Panic [View article]
    hi Scott , i just wrote on another blog that i am getting out of my shorts and so i have, i am not going Long Apple, but i am out.
    the reason is that i did not like Goldman coming out and making such a strong case for Apple, that does not smell right, is not Goldman's style, they keep things close to the chest. i think is Apple starting to defend the stock and they are hiring Goldman to do it for them, they will not push the stock , but it's all too much of a coincidence Apple looking for support from their shareholders to get approval for changes and what better way to do that than to put some underlying support on the stock yr most loyal shareholders got clobbered on. anyway i am out and i am moving on to another stock.
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  • Why Apple's Margins Will Continue To Decline [View article]
    I think it's time for the shorts to get out, cover now. Apple is starting to defend the stock, they are hiring Goldman to do it for them - i wud not go Long, but i am getting out of my shorts. ( this Bear is leaving the arena , i am moving on to another stock)
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  • 4 February 'Feel Good' Factors For Apple Fanatics [View article]
    the only way Apple is ever going to be a 1 trillion $ company is if they fire Cook and hire Bezos, the only guy who can show a balance-sheet upside down and all share-holders stand up and give him a standing ovation.
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  • How I Plan To Buy Apple To Limit Panic [View article]
    @ Piero: i don't think Apple is disappointing, Apple is correcting after having gone up in a very short period from 100 bio company to 700 bio company, it's now giving some back, that this is much more than most people thought has to do with the fact that most of the selling besides the shorts, was liquidation by the professionals, the typical investor is still in there and some have even been adding, most of that adding is usually done on the first move down from 700 to 600 and then the rest of the ammunition is wasted between 600 and 500, now they are all talking their book and give all the likes ( thumbs-up) to whoever comes with a bullish story, but in the meantime they are gasping in pure amazement at what is happening and it's those guys who are going to give this last final push on the down for Apple and than the stock is clean and it is going to be a fantastic stock to own. patience.
    Feb 5 01:42 AM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • How I Plan To Buy Apple To Limit Panic [View article]
    undervalued says who ? the few shorts left don't think it's undervalued, they think the stock is going to have a 3 in front of it and they may well cover from now on their shorts, but that does not make them go Long. it's the guys who own the stock who have been saying from 600 down to here it's undervalued and they will continue to say so and as scott trader remarks correctly have they got any buying power left, i doubt it, it's all talk, they used all their ammunition at 550 when they thought the stock was a steal.I also feel that Apple is going to be a buy, but not as yet and it's not so much the price could be 425 or 375, but to me it's more the moment i feel that the tired Longs will give up and we are not too far away from that, everybody is talking abt scale-down buying, this stock goes down another 25 $ and we will see some scale-down selling. it's not the Bears who will take the stock down to 400 or 375 , it's the Longs.
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  • How I Plan To Buy Apple To Limit Panic [View article]
    Jack, MSFT became a defensive stock a nice dividend payer and for me a stock with some nice upside potential and limited downside, i admit i am long MSFT looking for a 12 month target of 32,50/35,00 $ if the overall mkts remain strong, if mkts tend to go lower, i see strong support at 25, MSFT already had it's dip.
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  • How I Plan To Buy Apple To Limit Panic [View article]
    you have written down a lot of palaver - unless you can prove that big money going out of Apple moved into AMZN, GoogLe , MSFT and so on... to diversy into other tech stocks, i take that as pure guess-work.
    it's not because Apple came down and the others remained steady that the steadiness came out of Apple money, for crying out loud the Dow is at highs and so is the Nasdaq, Apple just got sold off.
    as far as your scale down buying goes with an 80 lot target and you start at 500 and you leave room down to possible 375, assuming you did well yr average would be 435 or thereabout, coming from 375 if that were to be reached you need a 16% bounce to breakeven, for a stock which just got murdered and it's confidence shattered that' not such a hot proposal. in my experience scale-down buying never works, scale-down short covering does. if you want to go Long it's better to wait for the stock to turn and then get in, you entry level will almost always be better than your scale down buying average and if you really want to be in the game, but safe, it's better to buy out of the money calls and sell out of the money puts, sorry i am not impressed with yr paper, altho i appreciate it has been a lot of work.
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  • 4 February 'Feel Good' Factors For Apple Fanatics [View article]
    @ madcolumbus: yeah, i feel the same, question is timing - i am following it closely and noticed that AMZN attracts more buying when it moves to " new highs " ( which it is bloody good at doing) i wonder however if there would be a lot of buying on the way down, i doubt it , i think the stock is ready to get hammered, i see same objective 200 $.
    i suggest pay attention to the call option positions and call-spreads at the money, the same for puts at the money, if the open interest starts to increase, that is a sign the Trade is granting calls and buying puts, they would like the option-makers on their side if they bear-ride the stock, the option-makers would have to start delta-hedging their positions and that gives additional pressure., i really feel the buying won't be there if AMZN comes down, it's a typical stock which gets supported by plus signs , rather than minus signs. we'll see.
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  • 4 February 'Feel Good' Factors For Apple Fanatics [View article]
    @ venting : thanks for sharing your thoughts with us, i for one pardon your French, but here in Europe most will not buy a car with a name we cannot pronounce a Huyiandai whatever sounds like a karate kick or a Korean take away meal. ( i know you hv a tough time pronouncing my name, but it's no French swearing )
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  • 4 February 'Feel Good' Factors For Apple Fanatics [View article]
    reading thru all the comments on all of Apple's articles, the Bulls still outweigh the Bears 9 to 1 and if they all put their money where their mouth is, the stock may well stabilize/reverse after a 35% drop, but it is not going to gallop away unless the Trade decides to come in and take the stock, but i think they are focusing on better options, i feel AMZN is the one they are watching, the Trade is not interested in Long term plays, they don't give a toss abt 2,5 % dividend return and they will only go for a stock which is either well overbought or oversold, Apple although it came down a hell of a lot is not oversold, there are no shorts of any substance to spike the stock if they take it, AMZN on the other hand must be tempting for them to Short, don't forget these guys are in for the fast money 3 to 4 months at the most.
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