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  • Tesla Motors: Secondary Offering For The Solyndra On Wheels [View article]
    To svenhh

    "hydrogen is safe even in case of a crash (only water will be left)"

    You must be kidding. H2 is highly hazardous. Never heard about the Hindenburg disaster in 1937 killing 100? Hydrogen is really not the kind of fuel I would carry with me. I feel much more secure with a lithium battery.
    Oct 4, 2012. 08:44 AM | 2 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Tesla Motors: Secondary Offering For The Solyndra On Wheels [View article]
    I am getting tired of all these posts and I am truly thinking about unsubscribing. But before doing so, I want to give it a last chance with this very first post of mine…
    I am from Europe and there are two things I quite frankly do not understand from you Americans (the majority on this forum).

    1) How can the finance industry (i.e. the majority of readers and contributors here) possibly think it can judge and will have any impact on the death or life of EV industry or on Tesla?
    Look at where finance brought the “Western” world since the end of the cold war. While powerful computers are trading indecent numbers of stocks daily in what looks more like gambling then true capitalism, the financial industry is bringing zero value to the world. Post-2008 world is just as rich (or as poor) as pre-2008 world. The rest was just vapor to be released at some point (remember the dotcom years in the late 90’s, did it really affect the world? No, not even did it affect the growth of Internet).
    As opposed, Tesla and other car makers (all of them not just EV’s, also ICE’s) are bringing true value to the world and Tesla is to be especially commended for bringing real progress.

    I personally would feel honored (and to some extend I am feeling honored) to participate to this great venture paved by people like Elon and other great American pioneers.

    2) How can you people be so worried about the tax money being spent on EV industry development (cars, markets, infrastructure, etc.)?
    Tesla has received $ 450M in DOE loans equivalent to $ 1.50 per US capita. So what? Where is the problem? Isn’t the US government spending over $ 1 trillion (i.e. over $ 3,000 per American citizen) on Defense? I guess some will even consider this to make the defense industry more attractive for finance to gamble and make profit bringing no added value to the world (to the contrary since military products tends to destroy things).
    It is all about perspective. In my opinion, politics and government have as much responsibilities in keeping territories safe as giving their people a solution to their long-term mobility (BTW Gulf war was a short-term decision, probably more like an election term…)
    Remember the Mad Max movies, it is the oil shortage that triggered the violence not the red devil in the cold war years nor some extreme turbaned nowadays…

    Oh, BTW, my opinion may be biased. I hold Tesla shares (and plan to keep them long term) and I am 10th in Belgium’s reservation list for the Model S. I can’t wait to be delivered and I already know the payback will be great (fuel cost in Europe are 4-6 times those in US and are, in my opinion, much better reflecting the reality of oil shortage). The sooner delivered, the better but even 6 month delay will not change my enthusiasm.
    And you know what? I am even more biased and I don’t give a dam to all the discussions by all these finance experts about future failure or success for EV’s and Tesla. I am just driven by convictions. Wasn’t that the very root of capitalism? I think so and many may have forgotten that…
    Food for thoughts…
    Oct 4, 2012. 07:33 AM | 12 Likes Like |Link to Comment