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I am a pianist who seems to be on permanent jazz-festival tour. As an R&D specialist with the Korg synthesizer company, I’ve been involved in some of the most interesting technology the world has ever seen, and I continue to embrace that in my life and work. As an investor, I use my knowledge of computer product design to inform my options and stock holdings.

I try to operate at the highest frequency I can and do good work - regardless of the form I'm working in - art, technology, commerce or design.

That's basically it.

  • Description: CEO. Trading frequency: Monthly
  • Interests: Options, Stocks - long, Tech stocks
Visionsound, Inc My name is Ben Dowling and I'm the President of Visionsound, Inc. My background and reputation is mostly in the musical arena, since I've been a jazz piano player for most of my life. But I've also had another life in the world of high technology. Over the years, I've worked with musical instrument companies ...More
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