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  • GroundUp
    $MJNA Medical Marijuana Inc.'s subsidiary won $250,000 contract!
    Apr 28, 10:48 AM
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    • taltuchman: way than is it 4% down?
      Apr 28, 11:06 AM
    • GroundUp: Because $250,000 is a very small contract. You can chip a nail or find a $100 dollar bills. Doesn't mean it'll be a good or bad day.
      Apr 28, 12:37 PM
      • GroundUp
        $MJNA Marijuana Medical Inc's Hemp Meds product lines are actually selling, even on Amazon.
        Apr 25, 2:34 PM
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        • GroundUp: I heard HEMP takes care of the symptoms (by relieving pain) but since there's no THC, it cannot heal/cure the root.
          Apr 25, 4:23 PM
        • Mikie713: A lot of gray area to exploit. But take $GWPH for example, they're working w/ MJ for their drugs not Hemp.
          Apr 25, 4:43 PM
          • GroundUp
            $BBRY New Z3 phone priced right around $200 for End of April release in India!
            Apr 17, 4:37 PM
              • GroundUp
                $BBRY Why we chose to invest in NantHealth
                Apr 15, 3:47 PM
                  • GroundUp
                    $BBRY BBM rolling out new features in India to monetize
                    Apr 10, 11:06 AM
                      • GroundUp
                        $T $BBRY AT&T got Blackberries back, offering $100 CREDIT to BB users to come on over from T-Mobile.
                        Apr 4, 12:08 PM
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                        • anonymous1234212: ... BBRY customers from Tmobile. So 'obviously', there are enough US BBRY users that it's worth fighting for them.
                          Apr 7, 5:55 PM
                        • anonymous1234212: You obviously haven't been paying attention to the fact that Tmobile regrets their actions and that AT&T is now trying to grab those...
                          Apr 7, 5:55 PM
                          • GroundUp
                            $BBRY BBM skyrocketing to top of apps chart thanks to monetizing through sales of stickers
                            Apr 3, 3:03 PM
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                            • KIA Investment Research: no, I'm still a bear (*rawr*), but this is a start!
                              Apr 3, 9:21 PM
                            • GroundUp: Still got to give you props for the comment though. I am so bias when it comes to BBRY I only see the good news :)
                              Apr 4, 2:34 PM
                              • GroundUp
                                $BBRY BBM shop is up. I just bought some emocons for $1.99 lol
                                Apr 2, 2:44 AM
                                  • GroundUp
                                    $BBRY JC, let's hear about all the new deals made. Ride or Die with you.
                                    Mar 28, 7:57 AM
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                                    • GroundUp: "on track or ahead" short squeeze here we go
                                      Mar 28, 8:07 AM
                                    • Splenosis: JC is oozing confidence
                                      Mar 28, 8:09 AM
                                      • GroundUp
                                        $BBRY 24 hours count down till Blackberry breaks $11 EXCITED
                                        Mar 27, 9:34 AM
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                                        • Energysystems: Waiting until last year to finally go cross-platform was a huge part of the problem. Hell, Whatsapp was started in friggin 2009 lol
                                          Mar 28, 5:27 AM
                                        • Energysystems: $11?
                                          Mar 28, 12:23 PM
                                          • GroundUp
                                            $NSM Kyle Bass increases holding over 300%
                                            Mar 20, 2:25 PM
                                              • GroundUp
                                                $BBRY Blackberry Expanding Research Department
                                                Mar 7, 2:56 PM
                                                  • GroundUp
                                                    $BBRY Bye Bye BlackBerry Z10
                                                    Mar 4, 9:26 PM
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                                                    • stevef1086: HA, this guy is great. Funny how accurate he is though, all BS set aside he's straight up. Probably a reason why he has 2,500 subs.
                                                      Mar 5, 8:20 AM
                                                      • GroundUp
                                                        $BBRY signs deal in South Africa
                                                        Mar 4, 9:15 AM
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                                                        • 1980XLS: $NPSNY
                                                          Mar 4, 9:40 AM
                                                          • GroundUp
                                                            Sold my left kidney to buy another 1,480 shares of $BBRY!
                                                            Jan 29, 12:04 PM
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                                                            • quickflip: sell the right one, you won't regret it!
                                                              Jan 29, 1:32 PM
                                                            • miniplayer: Sold my soul to the devil to buy 2470, long bb. Real shares
                                                              Jan 29, 8:02 PM