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  • Buy Three Shipping Stocks and Slowly Step Away From the Rest of the Market [View article]
    The Teekay Group - which includes several different stocks - is the one to buy if you think Oil is going up on geopolitics or otherwise.

    It is closely connected to Statoil and Petrobras and through them to Lukoil, Sinopec, and Sasol.

    US shareholders don't understand this important web of connections, but others - such as HSBC and Goldman - do. Goldman loves Statoil - it is one of their highest conviction plays - and has initiated the Teekay stocks recently largely because of the STO connection, I believe.

    I trade TNK, because it is the "banker" stock for the Teekay Group and therefore the safest and the most sophisticated, with a largely institutional constituency. Very good dividend, too, although it tends to vary by a few pennies during the course of the year.
    Jan 30, 2011. 02:34 PM | 3 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • China's Construction Boom Drives Metals and Commodities [View article]
    All we need to know about the China Crash Propaganda, which has been Botnet "spread and paid for" by the Black Hat Asian HFTs, is that reports say Manuel Asterisk and his puppets are right dab in the middle of it, naked shorting like there's no tomorrow.

    He's disgraced in the West, so he just can set up shop in the East?

    How's that for a demonstration that a crackdown on dirty derivatives has to be worldwide, not just nation by nation?

    And it WILL be. Very soon now.

    If you want to help put a dagger in the Naked Shorters' hearts - and other body parts - do some basic DD and figure out which of their Malice Short plays are most vulnerable to major squeezes dead ahead. Everyone knows my pick, but I am sure there are several others.
    Jan 29, 2011. 04:52 PM | 3 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • What Will Gold Do Next? Predictions for 2011 [View article]
    Mineweb's price consensus contests have been right on the money year after year, because they're entered by veteran Gold shareholders and money managers who actually understand and like the sector and are not swayed one iota by Propaganda from the likes of Dennis Gartersnake and Doggie Kass - soon to be Doggie Kastrated.

    And the results are just in - during, not ahead of, the Faux Turn.

    The average estimate of Gold's price at the end of 2011 was $1779.

    I'd like to add that I tried to enter the contest, and my browser wouldn't let me - a cookie thing, probably. But it is truly amazing, because the Target guess I tried without success to put in was $1780. I kid you not.

    So we So Strong We're Etched in Concrete Longs are all at just about the same place.

    John Embry, of course, is confident about $2000 POG, which Chuck Jeannes and some other Gold company managers have also called for.

    And a few hours ago, Eric Sprott called for $50 Silver in 2011.

    Jan 29, 2011. 04:42 PM | 3 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Gold's Correction Might Be Longer Than Expected [View article]

    Chinese markets open again on February 9th after the Lunar New Year's holdiay.

    And word will leak out that Asian Gold and Silver buying over Lunar New Year's was the highest in human history - that's going to be fact, not hyberbole.

    On the 14th, the Canadian XAU and TSX Gold contingent starts reporting what will probably be truly fabulous earnings.

    Jan 29, 2011. 03:21 AM | 7 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Gold's Correction Might Be Longer Than Expected [View article]
    As I've said before, some good ole fashioned M&A is all the incentive we need in the stocks.

    There could conceivably be some deals made at or after the African conferences - two biggest of the year - next week. Unlike mostly-talk US conferences, these are deal-making events.

    Or everything I read about Senor Slim leads me to believe he is shrewd enough to make his big desired Silver deal before prices run too high.

    IAG wabts to make a Niobium deal - they've said so. But is someone or other - I have my ideas - takes that as a signal to make a hostile bid for the whole kit and kaboodle, it WILL spur a bidding war right at the heart of the XAU - which will possibly spur others to get off the sidelines.
    Jan 28, 2011. 09:22 PM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • Gold's Correction Might Be Longer Than Expected [View article]
    Other than the Africans, the entire XAU and TSX Gold contingent are going to have spectacular earnings.

    If you are Short anywhere, you shouldn't be.
    Jan 28, 2011. 05:22 PM | 5 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Shares of tankers and shippers surged today as investors bet on a shutdown of the Suez Canal: GMR +10.3%, FRO +7.7%, OSG +6%. But Dennis Gartman has his eye on the entire Middle East, with early unrest in Yemen and potentially spreading to oil-rich Iran. He thinks Canada could benefit, with Suncor Energy (SU +3%) the "best play" on Canadian oil.  [View news story]
    For CNBC to pretend to discuss Gold or commodities without mentioning the CRB rebalancing two days ago, the contract turnovers on Monday, the weeklong Lunar New Year's break, or the fact that the international Big Oils report next week, with the Big Golds not far behind - both groups should have stellar earnings - demonstrates that CNBC doesn't really care to reveal anything of importance and that it has immense disrespect for its viewership.

    The utterly momentous possibility is that the Great Commodity Takedown Attempt - which factored in a Chinese rate rise over Lunar New Year's, after which the spectacular reports about New Year's Gold and Silver buying, leaks about who will get the Chinese shale concessions, and the aforementioned excellent earnings reports would make it too late for the Shorts to get more traction - has now been thwarted by developments in the Middle East.

    It would be the perfect punishment for the Anointed Ones of Bubblevision. Most Market participants would cheer.
    Jan 28, 2011. 05:17 PM | 4 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Is the Selling Over for Gold? [View article]
    I don't believe that Rogue Trader story for one minute!

    We all know who's responsible for this nasty Malice Takedown, and look at the difference between the TSX Gold Index and the XAU at the finish.

    They actually perpetrated a downgrade of the European Oils today, right before earnings, when they should be soaring.

    What may happen in the Middle East is neutral for the United States.

    But it could be very bad for the DOGs and their bleep bleep Script.

    It's about the ability - or inability - of a tight-knit group of obscenely wealthy Media Oligarchs and the privileged group of lackeys and hangers on who parrot their every thought to take control of the entire planet and its economies and its markets.

    Some think that was never a very good idea - especially when the Anointed Ones are not remotely as bright as they think they are.
    Jan 28, 2011. 05:03 PM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • The Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission's findings provide a defense for executives who might be accused of wrongdoing: Basically, it was everybody's fault - and "if it's everybody's fault, it's nobody's fault," says FCIC dissenter Douglas Holtz-Eakin.  [View news story]
    We all know it's Larry Kudlow's fault.
    Jan 28, 2011. 02:24 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Is the Selling Over for Gold? [View article]
    I won't elaborate further on specific names, but if you despise Doggie and his discredited but still pulling strings Puppetmaster Manuel, please join me in precipitating a glorious coming Short Squeeze in FSIN.

    There's Malice, and there's Stupid. Doggie and Manuel have been both Stupid and Malicious in FSIN, whose management is finally fighting back hard.
    Jan 28, 2011. 02:18 PM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • Is the Selling Over for Gold? [View article]
    The Middle East is literally falling apart.

    Any other time in the calendar year, it would be impossible to keep up the Malice Takedown of Gold and Oil in the face of supportive geopolitics like this.

    They want to try to keep up the pressure until the Chinese market is closed for the Lunar New Year's holiday - this year February 2-9th, because after that, the news will be unrelentingly good.

    But starting about now, there are reports of rioting so widespread in Egypt, the country has had to shut off its Interent access.

    There are also reports of unrest spreading to Yemen, which essentially means the Saudis on high alert.

    It is LUDICROUS not to let both Oil and Gold bounce on problems like these.

    At the very least, they should let the Gold stocks bounce - the Oil stocks are already doing very, very well.

    It's long past time, anyway, for Gold Stocks to trade on their own merits and news irrespective of short-tern fluctuations in the Gold price.

    The energy stocks have now more or less completely been allowed to escape the tyranny of day-to-day fluctuations based on the daily Oil fix.

    Gold stocks are even more worthy than Energy stocks of uncoupling from short-term prices. As everyone knows, the key metric for the Gold stocks is the average price realized over the quarter.

    Supplies of real - as opposed to Paper - Gold have been so tight recently, many companies contract for delivery of regular supplies on a medium to longer term basis. Others trade in the spot market, but they employ very competent traders to do so and are likely to sell at the highest, not the lowest, price point in the quarter whenever they can.

    And responsible companies make their assumptions for forecasts using lowball - sometimes very lowball - price assumptions.

    So why should shareholders in the Gold stocks continue to be punished for these volatile short-term moves in the underlying metal, especially when they are largely based on game-playing among the ETFs and their Momo Boy holders?

    By all mean, "punish" the ETFs. But the stocks should truly be more, not less, stable than the ETFs are, with share prices based on the news stream and earnings and all the things stock prices in every other sector of the market are based on.

    Make the stocks less volatile than the ETFs - as they should be - and we will see the Momo Boys gravitate even more dramatically towards the ETFs, which they should, while Gold shareholders, who tend to trade less frequently but with extremely high conviction should be allowed our "world apart."

    Yes, this is not the Gold sector that has existed up to now.

    But until recently, Energy shareholders were Short-changed - pun intended - and subjected to unnecessary volatility, too.

    That is thankfully no longer the case.

    Let's change the pattern in the Gold stocks, and you'll see them attract even more intelligent and competent investors and traders, who thrive in an above-average environment of volatility - but are sick and tired of too much of a good thing.
    Jan 28, 2011. 04:06 AM | 4 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Will Gold Respond to the Fed's Pledge to Keep Printing? [View article]
    Manuel apparently thinks he has a secret camera on my computer.

    I doubt it, unless, of course, he works for Amdocs.

    I have no doubt they have acres of film on every single human being on the planet - plus millions of cute little green men elsewhere in the universe.

    The Propaganda assault this time is, indeed, unrelenting. The worst since late August, which, you will remember, was a superb time to initiate or increase your firepower in commodities and Gold.

    To be frank, I am still angrier at the in-Sector Gurus who are pushing it to the limit in the STOCKS.

    The underlying metals will take care of themselves. The ETFs are a pain in the neck, and many of the staunchest Gold and Silver Bulls would never go near one under any circumstances.

    But it is just nasty and malicious to go this heavily against the stocks just prior to their best earnings reports in many years.

    Notice that the Oil and Gas stocks are being bought heavily, against the apparent takedown of Oil, pretty much PROVING that everyone acknowledges the Brent-US spread is insane.

    If the Oil stocks are permitted to be judged on how well they are doing, rather than on the temporary fluctuations in the so-called Oil price, isn't it high time the Market allowed the same kind of decoupling for the Gold and Silver stocks?

    The Gold and Silver ETFs are the province of at least some Ninnies, Newbies, and Rank Amateurs.

    I strongly maintain that the better Gold and Silver stocks, including the best small ones, are decidedly NOT.

    They are the province of veterans of the sector - including at least half of Canada - who chose carefully, trade conservatively, and know our stocks as well as any other group of investors.

    We don't deserve to have to put up with these blatant Baby Games over and over again.

    We will probably get a "break" - if you can call it that - because of the rapidly deteriorating situation in the Middle East.

    But what a pity that geopolitical disruption is what we will have to hang our hat on, because our in-Sector Short-coddling cadre is willing to play ball with the worst kind of Malice DOGs, like Gartman and Kass, rather than finally swtiching sides and favoring the sector's loyalists.

    We should be at a more advanced stage in this war by now - with somebody other than "General Mishka" winning.
    Jan 27, 2011. 08:36 PM | 4 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Will Gold Respond to the Fed's Pledge to Keep Printing? [View article]
    So which side is running scared?

    I just had to turn off a "debate" about Gold on Fast Ninnies without any mention of the CRB rebalancing last night or the contract turnover on Monday.

    Nor, of course, of the Brent-US crude Paper Spread. Of the high premiums being paid for Spot throughout Asia. Of sky high sector earnings starting momentarily.

    And not a little whisper about the geopolitical situation and how it is a potential tinderbox any ole second.

    Don't they realize that if they simply refuse to display even the teensiest bit of honesty on this subject so important to world markets, it's hard for other than the most naive audience to respect anything they say on ANY subject?

    They're cheapening themselves right now with their Herculean efforts to save some of their own on-air friends with shaky positions.
    Jan 27, 2011. 05:39 PM | 3 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Will Gold Respond to the Fed's Pledge to Keep Printing? [View article]
    On the other hand, the capital Y's are very cute.
    Jan 27, 2011. 04:31 PM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • Will Gold Respond to the Fed's Pledge to Keep Printing? [View article]

    It may not be the Gold sector, but you and all your dirty little devil puppies are about to get pulverized in a certain Chinese Hybrid stock.

    And I do hope it's just the beginning.
    Jan 27, 2011. 04:30 PM | 3 Likes Like |Link to Comment