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  • Confessions Of A Retired Energy MLP Investor  [View article]
    Thank you and the other replies for your kind words.
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  • Confessions Of A Retired Energy MLP Investor  [View article]
    You may want to spend a few hundred talking with a Certified Financial Planner. "CFP" is the credential. They are not salesmen and they charge an hourly rate. They only advise on what class and mix of investments you should own. Think of it like going to a financial marriage counselor. It is painful to see losses and as I have said previously as have you and others, I despise the term "only a paper loss". For heavens sake if a $100 bill is blown away by the wind it may come back but probably not. A good CFP will advise you on how to construct a portfolio that allows you and your husband to relax and sleep easy. Another thing that helps me with my investment angst is Yoga which emphasizes spiritual rather than material wealth.
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  • Confessions Of A Retired Energy MLP Investor  [View article]
    I too have felt the pain of my MLP investments. In the past I owned individual MLP's but because I wanted this sector in my retirement account I began buying MLP closed-end funds: FEN, EMO and SMM. I also bought a fairly new ETF, AMZA. They have been hammered over the past year. I too drank the cool aid that MLP's would not be dramatically affected by the price of oil the "toll road" argument, so I held tight.

    However, since I didn't have the foresight to sell months ago. I question why I should sell now. Maybe we are not at the bottom of oil prices but logic tells me we are closer to the bottom now. The timing of this article is interesting because on Friday every energy stock I own skyrocketed higher just because oil prices inched higher. What that tells me is just how fast energy can recover. I am 63 years old but I still use a five year rule on any investment, sometimes ten. Before I buy or sell I ask myself if I believe the stock will be higher or lower in five, ten years. I believe sound investing requires patience and a refusal to react to the noise that comes mostly from the "experts" on CNBC or even SA.

    I also wonder how much energy stocks and MLP's have been affected by traders that short stocks. I wish option traders would stick to casinos and be banned from the market. The MLP closed-end funds are selling at historical discounts. An article titled "Why this is a good time to buy MLP's" might be more appropriate at this time rather than suggesting MLP investors exit their positions now.
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  • What I Do When The Market Tumbles  [View article]
    I totally agree bently. I hate the cliché 'it's just a paper loss." The last time I looked a dollar bill was "paper".
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  • Apple: TSMC Partnership A Path To Even Greater Smartphone Dominance  [View article]
    Mark, maybe I'm an exception but I switched from iPhone 4S to Samsung S5 about a year ago and I have been very happy. I love my Google Apps such as Google maps that works better than my Lexus Navigation. I may actually buy a Chromebook because of its security. My Samsung actually seems more "intuitive" than the iPhone. 
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  • The Passive DGI Portfolio: EOY Portfolio Update  [View article]
    I am impressed with your diversification. I look at my portfolio and I am clearly over weight sectors like energy and REITS. Luckily most of my money is in a low fee Vanguard fund, VWENX. I realize investing is a hobby for many of us but I, like RicJensen above wonder if investing in a low fee ETF like VYM or VIG would be more efficient. It seems like a lot of work to manage and balance so many individual stocks. You basically have a mutual fund.
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  • 2016 Investment Themes And Top 7 Picks  [View article]
    Excellent picks, I own JNJ and GILD and have added your other picks to my watch list. I look at demographics and believe JNJ, GILD, and other companies related to healthcare will continue to prosper. The same theme applies to OHI or other REITS focused on healthcare facilities.
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  • Seeking Alpha In Omega Healthcare Investors  [View article]
    Waste, fraud and abuse have contributed greatly to the increase in healthcare costs. We all pay for fraudulent billing. Mike I would encourage you to make a call to Medicare. Here is the link:

    If Medicare can substantiate the allegations you may even be eligible for a reward.
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  • Retirement Frontline: How Safe Is Your Energy Income? Reassessing (Mis)Perceptions  [View article]
    I read SA to get investment ideas but I can't resist responding to such an absurd comment. Suggesting "Obama's failed middle east policies" are related to the drop in oil prices. Did you like Bush's Middle East strategy better? Do you think the world is a safer place since we invaded Iraq? Obama is just attempting to deliver on some of the promises he made that got him elected including getting us out of Iraq and the environment. Incidentally as a self employed person I have also appreciated the benefits of "Obama Care".
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  • General Electric: Scooping Up Halliburton's Energy Assets Is A Good Deal For Shareholders  [View article]
    Why not just buy back shares and increase the dividend? I have been a long-term holder of GE stock but they seem to continue to make dumb decisions.
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  • Why Getting Valuation Right Is So Important For Retired Dividend Growth Investors  [View article]
    Chuck, thank you for another great article and loved the video. In recent weeks I have read articles by contributors I follow who seem to be in panic mode. You are the rational voice of Seeking Alpha and one contributor I will continue to follow.
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  • Why I Will Never Buy An MLP Again  [View article]
    An alternative to buying energy MLP's is a CEF or ETF that owns a basket of MLP's. I too got sick and tired of waiting for K-1's and K-1 corrections. Lots of paperwork. I am holding on to my battered MLP funds.
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  • MLP Meltdown: Perspectives On Energy Transfer Partners And Kinder Morgan Stock  [View article]
    Excellent article. I have owned energy MLP's for years and this sell off seems totally irrational. But we know market sell offs are often irrational. I currently own four MLP CEF's and one ETF. This allows me to invest in MLP's in my tax-deferred accounts. There is an article in this month's issue of Kiplinger basically stating this is a opportunity to buy MLP's at historically low prices. I have felt the carnage in my portfolio but will hold tight and collect my dividends (CEF's and ETF's pay dividends). I believe this is an extraordinary opportunity to buy MLP's for the long-term and patient investor. I am long FEN, EMO, SMM and AMZA. AMZA is a fairly new ETF with 1% management fees.
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  • Retirement Strategy: I Am Selling Chevron From The Team Alpha Retirement Portfolio  [View article]
    RS you are correct about one thing ... you are "taking a lot of heat on this one". When I buy a stock I ask myself will it be higher in five years. I will continue to hold CVX and COP because I believe they will be higher in five years and I will get paid to wait. I follow you. I love your articles but just curious do you have a time horizon when you buy a stock and what is it?
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  • Kayne Anderson MLP Investment Company - A Value Play With A 12% Yield  [View article]
    Another low fee way to invest in a basket of MLP's is a fairly new ETF, symbol AMZA.
    I have invested in MLP's for years and became frustrated with waiting for the K-1's and then the K-1 corrections. Also a CEF or ETF can be invested in a tax-deferred account. I bought AMZA way too early in hindsight and have added to my position on dips. I also own several MLP CEF's but the management feels are high. Needless to say I have taken a hit this year but as a long-term investor I am not overly concerned having lived through these cycles before. I live in Tulsa home of some of the best MLP's. My golf buddies that work in the energy industry tell me it is a great time to buy MLP's in the midstream space. Who knows it could be months or years before we see a turnaround.
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