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  • Apple And Me: Why I Finally Bought Some Apple Shares [View article]
    "The ONLY way anyone is going to beat Apple is by being better. Do that, and you have a chance. Talking the talk won't do it, mind. You've got to walk the walk, because people see through the flim-flam. They're not as dumb as some people make out. "

    steftheref, even that may not work at this point. I bought my first Apple product, an iMac, in 2008. Now I'm fully in the Apple ecosystem with iMacs, iPads, and iPhones. My experience has been so great that I'll never switch, when I need another device I don't even consider a non Apple product, and I don't think I'm alone. I have a couple of friends who also switched to Apple a few years ago and now they are totally hooked. I believe the population of committed Apple customers is growing and Microsoft, Nokia, Samsung, you name the company, would have to pull an incredible miracle to win them over. I also bought a bunch of Apple stock in 2009 and held on to it. I don't plan on selling any time soon.
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  • Buy The Rumor, Sell The News On Apple's New Watch [View article]
    The author makes the mistake of pinning the future success or failure of Apple on the success or failure of the iWatch; that's immature and silly. Whether the iWatch is a hit, just an OK product, or a flop will make little difference for Apple in the long run. Apple's long term health is more tied to the iPhone, iPad, and the overall continued refinement and improvement of the ecosystem and user experience. I don't know if the iWatch will be huge or not, and I'm not overly concerned one way or the other. I am confident that Apple's future is very rosy regardless of the success or failure of the iWatch.
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  • Apple Bulls: You Win [View article]
    "And while $500-600 is a lot for a phone, it's really incrementally only $200 more than the alternatives, and has every feature/status/quality... of use/ecosystem sticky ness advantage."

    Fear the cow, I second your comments but would like to point out that given the high resale value of used iPhones, the out of pocket cost to the user is sometimes $0 when they upgrade. I upgrade my iPhone every 2 years, last time I did it my new iPhone 5 didn't cost me a penny because I sold my iPhone 4S for over $200. I'll be buying an iPhone 6 in the fall and don't expect to pay more than a few bucks.

    I never had an Apple product until 2008 when I bought my first iMac, now I am a certified Apple junkie-I have a new iMac, an iPhone, and an iPad and wouldn't even consider getting a non Apple product in any of those categories. The quality of the products and customer service and the way the devices all work together seamlessly makes the Apple ecosystem/user experience uniquely incredible. I hope Apple stock makes or exceeds the price targets you suggest, good luck investing.
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  • Apple Tries To Be Cool Again [View article]
    hko2012, Apple didn't invent it, they improved/perfected it and made it easy to use and reliable.
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  • Apple's Newfound Glory [View article]
    Andrew, a large number of these so called analysts are buffoons with an agenda. Apple is the most profitable company on Wall St with a phenomenal balance sheet,
    had a great quarter and a has a huge second half of the year coming, yet analysts timidly set its price targets in the mid 500s and low 600s. At those prices Apple would still sell at a P/E well below the average and median of the S&P 500. Yet these same analysts have price targets for Amazon in the mid to high 400s, this for a stock now at 305 with a P/E over 500 that has announced it will likely lose money this quarter. Something is wrong with this picture.
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  • Apple: Saving The Best For Last? [View article]
    keallen, yes, they have their parents money. Look around, how many teens do you think can afford iPhones with their own money? How many teens bought their cars and pay their car insurance with their own money? A very large percentage of these teens are getting a free or highly subsidized ride from their parents. I even know of a couple of grammar school kids whose parents bought them iPhones. Times have changed from when I was a kid for sure.
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  • Apple: Learn From Andy Zaky's Mistake [View article]
    Stephen, I second your comment. Andy, please get back to writing some articles for SA, I enjoy your analysis. Regards
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  • Apple: Different Quarter, Same Prognosis [View article]
    "And about $300/share overpriced. TC too smart to buy this dog. "

    GRJ, bullseye. NFLX is in serious bubble territory at these levels, buying it would be a horrible waste of money.
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  • Why Apple Stock Is A Long-Term Investment Opportunity Right Now [View article]
    "Apple stock is ranked sixth among S&P 500 companies according to Portfolio123's powerful ranking system "All-Stars: Buffett". This ranking system is based on investing principles of the well-known investor Warren Buffett, and 15-years back-test has proved that this ranking system is extremely useful."

    And yet Apple is selling at a significant (50%) discount to the average P/E of the S&P 500. As of today Apple's P/E is 13.52 (much lower if you count the cash); the S&P 500 average P/E is 19.77, the mean P/E is 15.51, and the median P/E is 14.53. So Apple is in the bottom half of the S&P 500 from a P/E perspective. This leaves no doubt that Apple is a screaming buy at it's current price.
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  • Mapping Out Apple's Content Distribution Opportunity [View article]
    "Finally, with US440b in cash and short-term securities, an increase in dividend payout could attract investors that are looking for long-term yield. The current 2.4% dividend yield can hardly act as a catalyst, in my view."

    I think you meant US140b. Regarding your view that "At 12x FY14 P/E, the stock looks expensive given its 6% revenue growth and 8% EPS growth.", I find it difficult to perceive the notion that Apple is expensive when it is selling at a significant (over 50%) discount to the average P/E of the S&P 500. As of today the S&P 500 average P/E is 19.78, the mean P/E is 15.51, and the median P/E is 14.53.
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  • Apple's Future: iPhone Replacements? [View article]
    garysund, I'm in the same boat as you and most of my friends are as well. My At&T contract ends this summer and I'll definitely wait for the iPhone 6 and get it. I've upgraded my iPhone every two years (trading in or selling the old phone) and will continue to do so, the great resale value of iPhones makes replacement easy and inexpensive. When you consider the growing population of iPhone users that comprise a great iPhone replacement market with the large population of Android big screen users that may jump ship for a bigger screen iPhone, I believe the stage is being set for huge iPhone 6 and then iPhone 6S sales over the next couple of years.
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  • Apple Significantly Undervalued Compared To Google [View article]
    "I have been in the tech industry for decades and can't remember any company being as hyped up as Google."

    Gary, I agree with the fact that Google is incredibly hyped, but one other company that's over hyped at least as much is Amazon. Amazon barely makes any money at all and yet is valued at about half of Google and over a third of Apple. Yet last quarter Apple earned about 7 times the money that Amazon has earned in its entire history. Think about that. Amazon's free cash flow is a fantasy garnered by paying it's suppliers over 70 days out. Look at the hype that was given to that stupid drone idea and now the media is hyping a possible Amazon set top box and a possible smart phone. Apple has the most substance, solid earnings, balance sheet, pays a handsome dividend-Google and Amazon have the hype and love from Wall St. and the valuations to prove it.
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  • Will Apple Emulate Gold's Plunge? [View article]
    "WILL APPLE EMULATE THE DECLINE OF THE GLACIERS?" will be the title of my first article. Brief summary: glaciers once dominated the earth, but they eventually started to recede and melt away. Similarly, Apple dominates the high end of the smart phone, PC, and tablet markets on earth. Will Apple eventually recede, melt away, and become nothing but an occasional tourist photo opportunity like glaciers are today? I'm gathering my data and will publish soon :)
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  • Apple: Buy The Dip And Go Long The 2014 Product Cycle [View article]
    GRJ, I agree with you completely, especially when you consider NFLX's currently incredibly inflated valuation. Apple would have to buy at a premium to that inflated valuation making it even more inflated. NFLX is a bubble.
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  • Apple's Intrinsic Value And The Market's Irrational Valuation [View article]
    risleuf, another way of looking at it is Amazon's market capitalization of $185 billion is about 40% of Apple's market cap of $450 billion (figures are as of the close on 30 Jan). If someone had $185 billion to spend would they rather own all of Amazon or 40% of Apple? Given Apple's earnings and the fact that Apple's valuation includes $150 billion in cash only a crazy person would opt to own all of Amazon vs. 40% of Apple.
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